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A presentation from Mobile Monday Colorado on Mobile UI Design.

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Mobile Monday

  1. 1. EffectiveUI Juan Sanchez | Experience Architect
  2. 2. Who is this guy?
  3. 3. EffectiveUI?
  4. 4. EffectiveUI is a user experience agency EffectiveUI is an award-winning, user-centered design and development agency that creates and implements custom web, mobile and desktop applications for today’s most respected organizations.
  5. 5. What EffectiveUI does • User Research • Competitive Analysis User Experience and Design • Use Case Development • Interaction Design Mobile Desktop Web • UI Development • User Acceptance • API Architecture API Legacy Systems
  6. 6. 8 criteria for good user experience • provide valuable feedback • behave with consistency • behave in a familiar way • be obvious and efficient • be responsive and perform • help people and businesses accomplish goals • be brand consistent and elegant • be progressive and trustworthy
  7. 7. EffectiveUI + eBay
  8. 8. EffectiveUI + Herff Jones
  9. 9. EffectiveUI + National Geographic
  10. 10. EffectiveUI + Mobile
  11. 11. Lessons Learned Mobile UI Design
  12. 12. Mobile UI Design: Figure out what matters • What’s the “soul” of the app? • Find the true use for the application and what sets it apart from other applications • Mobile does not mean shrinking your website or app down, it degrades the experience • Can it be a web app?
  13. 13. Mobile UI Design: What’s the use case? • How is this app going to be used? • Primary touch point? • Companion application? • Optimized UI for a larger app? • A lot of what's done with a mobile app informs the mobile or web app Image via
  14. 14. Mobile UI Design: Device knowledge • Device prototypes • Made a wooden iPad to test before device was available • Go to Best Buy and play around with the phones, cameras, TVs, etc. They're a great device lab.
  15. 15. Mobile UI Design: Appearance • “Small things” like app icons can make a difference • Metaphors can work • Design can win over features • Maintain focussed views • Don’t overwhelm* • Remember how people interact with devices: fingers • Long processes can be smoothed over with delightful interactions
  16. 16. Mobile UI Design: Design jump starts • Use the native UI • Read the HIG and design guidelines • Follow established conventions • Don't follow established conventions Image via
  17. 17. Mobile UI Design: Help designers see • Get designers as close to the real thing as you can • Get them set up with the dev environment • Test and run on the simulators • Even better, get them loading on to a device • Show them what it means to implement their designs • Even let them add assets and commit :-O ?!??! Image via
  18. 18. Mobile UI Design: Help clients see • Testing your design • Create a simple HTML website with hotspots and send the URL to a client • Email images to a client that they can load in their phone • Great way to show clients what their (and your) decisions mean Image via
  19. 19. Mobile UI Design: Test, test, test • Test interactions • Gestures • UI overload/fatigue • Performance
  20. 20. Any questions?