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Kitenga - Enabling Insight Through Analytics


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Kitenga - Enabling Insight Through Analytics

  1. 1. Kitenga Analytic SuiteEnabling insight through analyticsWritten by Author Joey Jablonski, Director of Product Management, Kitenga Analytics, Dell, Inc.AbstractOrganizations today have a lot of data. To make the mostof it, they need the right tools—tools that can be deployedrapidly and that make it easy for both IT staff and less technicalemployees to turn that data into information meaningful tothe business. This tech brief explores analytics and introducesseveral powerful tools that make it easy for you to rapidlydeploy a powerful analytical environment in your organization.IntroductionToday, companies focus greater and greater resources toensure they are able to respond to changing market conditions,customer preferences and competitive threats in a timelymanner. Today’s analytic technologies enable companies torespond to these changes faster and more effectively.Analytics is about transforming data into meaningful thatdecisions makers can use to make appropriate changes tohow they operate the business and respond to the market.Analytics is a collection of technologies that align with businessneeds and enable deep visibility into corporate data assets,while allowing iterative feedback to re-create reports based onneeds, questions and market conditions.Kitenga Analytics Suite from Dell Software is an advancedanalytics toolkit that brings together natural languageprocessing, machine learning, search and advancedvisualization, connected by an integrated workbench meant fornon-developer staff. Kitenga is a business enabling technologyto provide access to big data to more staff who are closer tothe business and the decision-making process.How analytics can help organizations like yoursExactly how can analytics benefit organizations today? Let’slook at two examples of how analytics can help organizationsimprove their operations and their bottom lines.
  2. 2. 2Healthcare organizations can providebetter care by analyzing patient data.Every time a patient arrives at amedical facility, an intake assessment iscompleted. This assessment includes avariety of standard questions, such as thereason for the visit, symptoms, previousvisits and current medications. Thisassessment enables the medical providerto quickly determine the severity leveland the appropriate place within thefacility to route the patient.With the right tools, though, intakeassessments can be even more useful.By automatically comparing the currentpatient to previous patient populationsand discerning patterns, the healthcarefacility could improve patient care, andthe organization’s bottom line.Kitenga enables these proactive, advancedanalytics. It automatically analyzes patientdata and provides recommendationsto medical staff based on patterns thatmay not be obvious at the time of initialconsultation with the patient.Financial services organizations canbetter assess transactions and risk byperforming contract valuation.Companies that buy and sell basketsof contracts (such as mortgages andinsurance policies) must complete adue diligence process to review thosecontracts for errors and discrepancies,and to price and model the riskassociated with them. The pricingand financial default models for thesebaskets of contracts are often assumedbut not verified, despite the risk of thesecomplex transactions.Kitenga can compare both structuredand unstructured data, enablingorganizations to review large groupsof contracts and access externalinformation (such as credit scores,payment history and bankinginformation) for validation whenassessing a complex transaction.Kitenga Analytics Suite delivers theadvanced analytics organizationsneed today.Today’s business problems require theintegrated analysis of a multitude of datatypes, from a variety of sources. Kitengaenables users to analyze, compare andreport on unstructured, semi-structuredand structured data from the same tool,using the same algorithms, withoutaccounting for the data type or source.This single source enables analysts toquickly find meaning in complex datasets and make decisions about the bestcourse for the business.Core technologiesKitenga contains four core technologies,integrated for use from a singleworkbench, and flexible in the workflowrequired by the data analyst:• Natural language processing (NLP)—Kitenga can extract meaning from rawtext, including information about peopleand places, as well as relationshipsbetween entities.• Machine learning (ML)—Kitenga has theability to “learn” from a given data setand be trained over time to increasethe accuracy of sentiment grouping,relationships and visualizations.Figure 1. Dell’s solutions enable business users—not just IT staff—to access, analyzeand understand data.Kitenga enablesusers to analyze,compare and reporton unstructured,semi-structured andstructured data—allfrom the same tool,without accountingfor the data typeor source.IntegrationBoomi / ToadCurationHadoopUnderstandingKitengaShare:
  3. 3. 3• Visualization—Kitenga has the ability tovisualize the data that was extracted duringthe NLP and ML phases of data analysis.• Search—Search has become a powerfulenabling technology for accessing large,complex information sets. Kitenga’sadvanced search capabilities enable usersto mine piles of data, and then presents notonly results that match the search query,but also related data that the users may nothave initially thought to search for.Kitenga enables non-technical staffmembers to analyze complex data sets.Kitenga’s intuitive interface enables abroad range of staff to interact with andanalyze complex data sets that werepreviously limited to software developersand IT departments. Some commonusers of Kitenga include:• Medical researcher—Medical researcherscommonly review complex data sets toidentify patterns that were not previouslyknown so that processes can be modifiedto improve patient care.• Business analyst—Business analysts cancreating advanced analysis jobs and viewthe results in a visualizing interface. Kitengamakes it easy for them to take an iterativeapproach, refining the data as understatingincreases and data volumes grow.• Data scientist—Data scientists can createreusable analytics modules, calledextractors, to execute algorithms anditerate over the results using Kitenga’s self-service portal.• Product manager—Product managers canpull together separate data sets into a singleanalysis to compare product information,sentiment and market conditions to plannew products, consider changes andanticipate market conditions.• Legal researcher—Legal researchers canidentify relationships across large, complexdata sets and narrow the set of documentsthat must be manually reviewed by staff,ensuring a higher success rate over manualdocument reviews.Kitenga’s intuitiveinterfaceenables non-ITstaff—includingresearchers,analysts, datascientists andproduct managers—to interact with andanalyze complexdata sets.Figure 2. Kitenga combines four core technologies, integrated for use from asingle workbench.Search VisualizationKitengaTMMachinelearningNaturallanguageprocessingShare:
  4. 4. 4Dell delivers complete analyticssolutions, as well as componentsthat integrate with your existingenvironment.Analytics requires not only data analysisbut effective presentation and interaction.Analytics is more than just a singleapplication; it is a presentation andinteraction layer that empowers users,powered by a strong data integrationlayer and infrastructure. All componentsmust be rapid to deploy and mustoperate together to provide flexibility asbusiness needs change.With Dell, you can rapidly deploy apowerful analytical environment Delloffers complete analytical solutions,as well as components for integrationwith existing environments to ensuremaximum flexibility when deployinganalytical environments (see Figure 3).We have already reviewed the keycapabilities of Kitenga. Let’s look atsome of the other Dell solutions thathelp organizations perform effectivedata analysis.Toad for HadoopIn data analytics projects, most of thetime is spent doing data integration—that is, most of the project is spentsimply getting data into and out ofHadoop. Toad for Hadoop enablesstaff to quickly develop processes toingest data into Hadoop and formatit in a way that advanced tools,including Kitenga, can analyze andvisualize. Toad for Hadoop allows fora set of diverse connectors between aHadoop Distributed File System (HDFS)environment and traditional databases,including MySQL, Microsoft SQL Serverand DB2, along with a growing list ofother data sources and targets.ShareplexShareplex is a high performancesolution for connecting Oracle databaseenvironments to HDFS to enable bi-directional data movement. Shareplexenables administrators to replicate Oracleredo logs into a Hadoop environment foradvanced analysis, recovery and efficientdata storage and archiving.Dell | Cloudera Solution forApache HadoopThe Dell | Cloudera Solution, shownin Figure 4, delivers all the hardware,software, resources and servicesneeded to run Hadoop in a productionenvironment. This end-to-end solutionenables you to be in production withHadoop in a shorter time than is typicallypossible with homegrown solutions. Bylistening to its customers, Dell designeda Hadoop solution that is unique inthe marketplace, combining optimizedhardware, software and services tostreamline deployment and improvecustomer experience.Figure 3. Dell provides the components you need to create a powerfulanalytics environment.In a data analyticsproject, a greatdeal of time isoften spent simplygetting data intoand out of Hadoop.Toad for Hadoopmakes it quick andeasy to put datainto Hadoop andformat it for use byadvanced toolslike Kitenga.Advanced Analytics & Visualization (Kitenga)Business Intelligence (Toad Intelligence Central)Data Integration (Toad for Hadoop, SharePlex)Structured Unstructured (Cloudera)Advanced Analytics & Visualization (Kitenga)Share:
  5. 5. 5The Dell | Cloudera Solution is based onthe Cloudera Enterprise distribution ofHadoop, including CDH4. Cloudera hascreated a quality-controlled distributionof Hadoop and offers commercialmanagement software, updates, supportand consulting services.The server platform for the Dell| Cloudera Solution is the DellPowerEdge™ C or R series. DellPowerEdge servers are focused onhyperscale and cloud capabilities.Rather than emphasizing gigahertzand gigabytes, these servers delivermaximum density, memory andserviceability while minimizing total costof ownership.Dell’s solution includes components thatthat span the entire solution stack:• Reference architecture and best practices• Optimized server configurations forPowerEdge R and PowerEdge C Series• Optimized network infrastructure based onDell Force10 S4810 and S60 devices• Dell Crowbar software framework fordeployment and management at scale.• Cloudera CDH Enterprise software• Hadoop infrastructure management tools• Monitoring with Ganglia and NagiosConclusionAnalytics turn data into insight thatempowers organizations to make betterdecisions. Dell delivers unsurpassedvisibility into complex data sets, enablingyou to identify patterns and discoverrelationships, and then iteratively reviewand understand the data. With Dell’sunique analytic capabilities, you can buildan environment with a single analytictool chain across your unstructured,semi-structured and structured data,giving staff across the organization theinformation they need to improve theorganization’s bottom line.To learn more about Dell’s bigdata solutions, contact your Dellrepresentative or visit 4. The Dell | Cloudera SolutionThe Dell | ClouderaSolution deliversall the hardware,software, resourcesand services neededto run Hadoopin a productionenvironment, soyou can be up andrunning quickly.Share:
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