Building a great team: power of a nudge.


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Small but powerful ways to Improve communication, promote technical excellence, and encourage team spirit - by using power of a nudge.
Nudging - making a small suggestion in a powerful way. A right setup will help the team communicate better. A good nudge will encourage the customer to share their feelings about the project early and often. There are also small nudges (not orders!) that help everyone enjoy their workday more, and be more creative and productive at the same time.

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  • About the book: Decision makers do not make choices in a vacuum. They make them in an environment where many features, noticed and unnoticed, can influence their decisions. The person who creates that environment is, in our terminology, a choice architect. The goal of Nudge is to show how choice architecture can be used to help nudge people to make better choices (as judged by themselves) without forcing certain outcomes upon anyone, a philosophy we call libertarian paternalism. The tools highlighted are: defaults, expecting error, understanding mappings, giving feedback, structuring complex choices, and creating incentives. - See more at:
  • “ Do as I say, or else!”
  • Chairs on the street invite people to lounge.
  • Wide streets and fresh road signage invite cars, and tells pedestrians to hurry up.
  • Fast foods pump out aroma of fried or baked sweet and salty food – think French fries and cookies – to nudge people to partake in junk food.
  • How is this nudge thing relevant to IT?
  • Training can be in different forms: formal classes and conferences, user group participation, book club, lunch-and-learn, webinars and on-line courses.
  • Make your request visible, easy to understand, and easy to escape.
  • Building a great team: power of a nudge.

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