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Sps.e book.2012

  1. 1. Heading Focus.Competence. Execution. | next [close]
  2. 2. Don’t Go it Alone, Go Solo! SoloPoint Solutions has been helping engineering and manufacturing firms source, qualify and secure talented employees and other important assets to guarantee the success of their projects and help their companies grow to their full potential. previous | next [close]
  3. 3. SoloPoint Will Help You. Whether you need: • To source, vet and hire qualified engineering professionals; • To secure a flexible workforce for project demands; or • To outsource engineering projects. previous | next [close]
  4. 4. There’sno needto work alone. previous | next [close]
  5. 5. Good Engineers are Always Hard to FindTop engineering talent rarely look for new positions – they’re currentlyworking at jobs they enjoy, for companies that appreciate them, at salaries they’ve negotiated and with which they are comfortable. previous | next [close]
  6. 6. Good Engineers are Always Hard to Find It takes a special opportunity, a great company, and a skilled recruiter to... 1. Find these professionals. 2. Let them know of your opening. 3. Help them decide if the position is a good fit for their career and income goals. previous | next [close]
  7. 7. The“usual”hiring and recruitingtechniques don’t work with topengineering talent.The“same old, same old” isn’tenough to pique their interest. previous | next [close]
  8. 8. Why Hire on Your OwnWhen You Can Go Solo? At SoloPoint Solutions, we already have close relationships with highly skilled engineering talent. We can find you the right person with the expertise, background and qualities necessary to make a clear impact on your projects the day they start at your firm. previous | next [close]
  9. 9. Why Hire on Your OwnWhen You Can Go Solo?Our professional recruiters: • Have a firm grasp on the engineering process. • Strong knowledge of the local engineering industries. • Will source engineering professionals, vet their backgrounds and affirm their skills. previous | next [close]
  10. 10. Engineering talent.When and where you need it. previous | next [close]
  11. 11. Engineering TalentWhen and Where You Need It. Projects and Deadlines: When you’re in the engineering field, these are constantly changing. You need flexibility in your staffing to handle variable demands. SoloPoint Solutions will bring you reliable and skilled engineers for however long you need them. previous | next [close]
  12. 12. SoloPoint Solutionscan provide engineering talent for... previous | next [close]
  13. 13. SoloPoint Solutions can provideengineering talent for: Contract Staffing: When you need talent for short-term or long-term projects or when you’re looking to add skill sets or expertise you don’t have, we’re here for you. previous | next [close]
  14. 14. SoloPoint Solutions can provideengineering talent for: Contract-to-Hire: Avoid making a hiring mistake, and “try out” talent on a trial basis before making a long-term commitment. previous | next [close]
  15. 15. SoloPoint Solutions can provideengineering talent for: Direct Hire: We routinely find, vet and test the best engineers in California. We can do the same for you. previous | next [close]
  16. 16. SoloPoint Solutions can provideengineering talent for: Employee Leasing: Reduce your employee management costs by placing your employees on SoloPoint’s payroll. previous | next [close]
  17. 17. Got EngineeringProjects? We Want Them! previous | next [close]
  18. 18. Got Engineering Projects?We Want Them! When deadlines are looming and you don’t have the resources or expertise on-site to complete critical projects, turn to SoloPoint Solutions. We have the know-how and resources to help you cross the finish line. We can take on all or a portion of your project and can handle any size project you may have. previous | next [close]
  19. 19. Got Engineering Projects?We Want Them! SoloPoint can take some of the workload off your desk. Let us help you: • Put together a scope of work, define the deliverables and timetable, and pinpoint the project cost. • Complete your design, produce the proper documentation, and fabricate the prototype. • Deliver the finished project, assembled, tested and fully documented. previous | next [close]
  20. 20. Stay On the CAD Cutting Edge! previous | next [close]
  21. 21. Stay On the CADCutting Edge.Managing fluctuations in your workload demandsflexibility in not only engineering talent but also in CAD software and workstations. Our exclusive SoloCAD services can: • Deploy highly talented engineers and designers. • Supply CAD workstations of your choice to help your project stay on schedule. previous | next [close]
  22. 22. Stay On the CADCutting Edge. Leverage SoloCAD to ensure that your projects are supported by the latest licenses of CAD software running on the latest workstation technologies – with no sunk cost. We can provide you with software/equipment for: • Pro/Engineer/Creo • Dell • SolidWorks • HP • AutoCAD • Lenovo previous | next [close]
  23. 23. SoloPoint Solutions: We Know Engineering! previous | next [close]
  24. 24. SoloPoint Solutions:We know engineering Since 2006, SoloPoint Solutions has been a partner to California’s engineering community. We have helped hundreds of companies to identify, qualify and secure critical resources to ensure the success of their engineering and development process. previous | next [close]
  25. 25. SoloPoint Solutions:We know engineeringOur team members have a combined 30 years of experience in engineering staffing.And, since we focus solely onengineering, we understand thecomplexities of your projects and development processes. previous | next [close]
  26. 26. SoloPoint Solutions:We know engineering Whether you need us to find an excellent employee, provide support for an upcoming engineering project, or even help you make the next great move in your career, our mission is to help you succeed. previous | next [close]
  27. 27. Don’t Go it Alone, Go Solo! Northern CA Southern CA 900 Lafayette St. 150 Paularino Ave. Suite 603 Suite A166 Santa Clara, CA 95050 Costa Mesa, CA 92626 Tel 408.246.5945 Tel 714.708.3639 Fax 408.244.1328 Fax 714.708.3678 Toll Free 866.626.3322 previous | [close]