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Sam registration tips 4-16-13


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Sam registration tips 4-16-13

  1. 1. Updated 4-11-13Tips for SAM -TIP #1 – Make sure you have DUNS, CAGE (if you have one),MPIN, TIN or EIN, Bank Routing Number,Checking Account Number, Phone and Fax numbers, email address of contact people and Zip + 4 zip-code for both mailing and physical addresses before you begin! If you are an existing CCR user andneed to migrate your account, you must update all pages this first time through.TIP #2 - If the Print or Save buttons are not working – push the “compatibility button” in browserwindow or save the page as a pdf or take a screen shot and paste in a word document for proof ofregistrationTIP #3 - Usage Agreement will appear EVERY time you log in to SAM, accept it and move onTIP #4 – You will see this question every time you log in to SAM – “Would you like to migrate a legacysystem account” After you have migrated your account, the hide the message doesn’t work!TIP #5 - If you are registering in SAM for the FIRST time, login and select “Register/Update Entity”, thenclick “Register New Entity”. If you are returning to SAM you will find your account under “CompleteRegistrations” OR in “Incomplete Registrations”TIP #6 - Remember to follow new format for phone and fax numbers on all pages you are about toupdate or enter.TIP #7 – All MPIN and TPIN information has been blacked out. The first time you enter SAM, and youhave just migrated your account, if you cannot remember your MPIN; be safe and create a new one. Besafe and erase what is in the TIN or EIN and add again.TIP #8 – To unlock your IRS page so you can update it, click on the “previous page” button at thebottom. Go to the EIN section on that previous page and erase the entire EIN and then click “save andcontinue”. This will cause you to get an error message about the EIN. Put the EIN in again and then“Save and Continue” to the IRS page. This page should now be unlocked so you can update. You needyour MPIN.TIP #9 - Every time you update SAM, you MUST go back page by page and make sure all circles haveturned green and recheck the FAR “I have read and comply” check box located at the very end of theReps and Certs review section; remember – every page, every line has to be checked off again includingthe “Would you like to continue to the next section” messagesTIP #10 - Points of Contact page – first time in on a migration, correct all first and last name blocks;delete all unwanted Optional Points of Contact; and all phone and fax numbers entered MUST be in theproper format as shown.TIP #11 – It will not be unusual, IRS may be checking your account as you update, especially happenswith new registrations. If your status is only view – you know someone’s looking
  2. 2. TIP #12 – Continually check your status until you receive notification that you are active in SAM. Do thisby logging in and opening your account and clicking on the view button. That will bring you to a pagethat explains in detail regarding the status of your account.TIP #13 – If your status says “Work in Progress” this means that SAM is waiting on you to do something.Just because you got a successful submission doesn’t mean they accept the entries. Keep checking –SAM doesn’t always email you with a problem, especially if it is an error!TIP #14 – Enter SAM in between 7:00 am. – 11:00 am or after 4:00 p.m. (Less traffic)TTIP #15 – When something doesn’t appear to be submitted, or you get an error and you have doneeverything you can think of, back up a page or two and resubmit those again, or try to force an error.TIP #16 – When in DOUBT = REST for a day or two (or more…)! Then try again when SAM is not busy. 3-5days, if nothing has happened yet – call your PTAC counselor and get assistance.TIP # 17 - call your PTAC! Or call the SAM help desk at – 1-866-606-8220