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U.S. General Services Administration


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U.S. General Services Administration

  1. 1. U.S. GENERAL SERVICES ADMINISTRATION Doing Business with GSA Marketing to the Federal Government Maureen Cruz
  2. 2. Understanding and Entering the GSA’s Multiple Award Schedules System
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION While GSA’s main role in the government is to ensure our buyers have the best choices when spending tax payer dollars, we are also here to help buyers identify small businesses who can meet their requirements. In order to ensure buyers see small businesses as a resource we educate our vendors on GSA programs and initiatives so that they can be prepared for new opportunities. To learn more about the resources GSA provides to small businesses, please visit
  4. 4. GSA’S ROLE IN THE FEDERAL ARENA All agencies play an important role in our governments effort to protect, serve and develop our country. GSA’s role is to make sure those agencies have the tools they need to meet their mission successfully. We design and build the place where they work, provide the technology they use, access to the services and products they need and more. We do all this to achieve efficiencies in the performance of administrative functions as well as savings in the cost of operations.
  5. 5. OFFICE OF SMALL BUSINESS UTILIZATION As GSA’s small business advocate, we engage in strategies to create and identify procurement opportunities for small businesses seeking to do business with the federal government.
  6. 6. GSA’S TWO BUSINESS LINES Public Buildings Service Federal Acquisition Service
  7. 7. Federal Acquisition Service Telecommunication Services and Equipment Information Technology Solutions Products Office Furniture Security Fire & Law Enforcement Facilities, Supplies Equipment Tools Transportation Relocation Motor Vehicles and Travel
  8. 8. PUBLIC BUILDINGS SERVICE Facility Maintenance and Management Services Design and Construction Services Environmental Programs Janitorial Services Real Estate Services Historic Preservation
  9. 9. In order to do business with GSA and other Federal agencies, it is mandatory that you have: Dun and Bradstreet Number (D&B) - Also known as a DUNS Number - www.dnb/com (866) 705-5711 Register your company in the System for Award Management (SAM) Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) in which it is located in SAM - Past Performance Rating – is required by governmental organizations and agencies as part of bid responses. FIRST STEPS TO START DOING BUSINESS WITH GSA
  10. 10. SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT (SAM) What is SAM? The System for Award Management (SAM) is a free web-site which consolidates Federal procurement systems and the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance into one new system. This consolidation is being done in phases. Over the coming years, additional system migrations will be completed. Currently the below have been migrated into SAM. •Central Contractor Registry (CCR) •Federal Agency Registration (Fedreg) •Online Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA) •Excluded Parties List System (EPLS) It is required to do business with the government. You will be required to complete a one-time business registration with annual updates. Now as part of the registration process you will need to provide your DUNS identification number. How will SAM benefit me? The overarching benefits of SAM include streamlined and integrated processes, elimination of data redundancies, and reduced costs while providing improved capability.
  11. 11. SYSTEM FOR AWARD MANAGEMENT (SAM) • For SAM Customer Service, contact: • Federal Service Desk • URL: • Hours: 8am - 8pm (Eastern Time) • US Calls: 866-606-8220 • International Calls: 334-206-7828 • DSN: 866-606-8220
  12. 12. FEDERAL BUSINESS OPPORTUNITY All proposed federal contracts expected to exceed $25,000 are announced on Federal Business opportunities, or FedBizOpps. Businesses seeking government work should register there to be notified of newly posted opportunities in their industries. FBO gives you the option to see what bids are out there. You can then decide if you what to bid on them.
  13. 13. Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Under the MAS (also referred to as GSA Schedules and Federal Supply Schedules) Program, GSA establishes long-term governmentwide contracts with commercial firms to provide access to millions of commercial supplies and services at volume discount pricing that can be ordered directly from GSA Schedule contractors or through the GSA Advantage!® online shopping and ordering system.
  14. 14. FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULE CONTRACTS Schedules contracts are: Five year contracts, with three five-year option for approved vendors to provide products/services to any Federal agency Chosen as the “preferred source of supply” by DOD and most civilian agencies Participation:  Minimum revenue of $25,000  2 years in business  Commercial Products & Services only  Contractors required to earn $25,000 after 24 month grace period to avoid removal from program
  15. 15. FEDERAL SUPPLY SCHEDULES CONTRACTS ARE…...  “License to hunt” for opportunities in the federal government  Synonymous with a “GSA number” or “getting on GSA list”  Over 80% of Schedule contract holders are small business owners
  16. 16. MULTIPLE AWARD SCHEDULE FACTS (MAS) Did you know … GSA offers over 20 million supplies and services 39 open and standing solicitations published on FedBizOpps (including 9 managed by VA) Over 19,000 Schedule contracts 80% are small businesses Orders and BPAs can be set aside for small businesses $48 Billion total annual spend (including VA)
  17. 17. WHERE DO I FIND THE APPROPRIATE SCHEDULES SOLICITATION?  FedBizOpps  GSA Subcontracting Directory  GSA Forecast of Contracting Opportunities
  18. 18. SUCCESSFUL SCHEDULES OFFER CHECKLIST  GSA Standard Form 1449 (cover sheet)  Administrative Proposal  Technical Proposal  Price Proposal  Open Ratings Past Performance evaluation (formerly Dun and Bradstreet)  Commercial Sales Practice Format  Representations and Certifications Application (ORCA)
  19. 19. CONTRACT NEGOTIATIONS PROCESS  GSA contracting officer will be assigned to review your offer  The CO will send a deficiency letter if additional information is needed  Pricing negotiations in person or by telephone
  20. 20. CONTRACT NEGOTIATION PROCESS  CO will ask for a written final proposal revision to confirm the terms and conditions agreed upon.  Upon award of contract, the CO will return a copy of the contract to you along with one copy of the catalog/pricelist.  CO will send vendor start-up kit for GSA advantage!
  21. 21. GSA ADVANTAGE!  On-line shopping network that Federal agencies access to buy products/services from FSS Schedule Contract Holders  Vendors can browse by entering a zip code to view pricing of firms already on Schedule
  22. 22. REVIEW OF THE PROCESS…  YOU: Obtain and Complete Solicitation  YOU: Start Past Performance Review  YOU: Submit Completed Offer  GSA: Evaluate/Review Offer  GSA/YOU: Negotiate Offer  GSA: Reject or Accept Offers  GSA: Issue mailing list to accepted offers  YOU: If Rejected, request debriefing within 3 days  YOU: If Awarded, Distribute GSA Pricelist  YOU: Load information to GSAAdvantage  YOU: Market your New GSA Contract Number
  23. 23. EASY STEPS TO CONTRACT AWARD  Obtain Solicitation  or  Start Past Performance Review  Open Ratings (727-329-1184)  Complete Solicitation  See SF 1449 Blocks 7a and b for questions, be sure to sign 30a and b before submitting  Submit  See SF 1449 Block #9 for correct address  Evaluate/Review Offer  Negotiate Discount, Terms and Conditions  Recommend Award or Rejection  If rejected, you have 3 days to request a debriefing  Issue Mailing List for Marketing  Administer requested modifications/changes to your contract  This includes exercising your option years (5-year contract with three 5-year options) Your Part GSA’s Process
  24. 24.  Under $3,000 (micro-purchase threshold) - Order from any schedule contractor  Over $3,000 - prepare a statement of work - Look at 3 price lists or “GSA advantage!™” - Evaluate and make a “best value” selection  Orders over the maximum order threshold - Review additional price lists - Seek price reductions from contractors How Federal Agencies Order from Schedules
  25. 25. BPAs provisions included in schedule contract solicitations. Permit schedule users and contractors to set up “accounts” to fill recurring requirements. Accounts establish terms, period of time, frequency of ordering discounts, delivery locations, etc. Participation: • Current GSA Contract Holders • Compete for Award with other GSA Contract Holders • Annual review of award for Best Value Blanket Purchase Agreements
  26. 26. Two or more GSA contract holders working together to fulfill an agencies needs… Reoccurring Requirements… Total Solutions for Schedule Partners…
  27. 27. MORE BENEFITS… • Reduced Cost • Increased Visibility
  28. 28. WHO CAN BUY FROM SCHEDULE CONTRACTORS? • Executive & Other Federal Agencies • Mixed-Ownership Government Corporation (FDIC, Federal Home Loan Banks, etc.) • The District of Columbia • Cost Reimbursable Government Contractors authorized in writing by a Federal agency (48 CFR 51.1) • State and Local Government for Information Technology ONLY (Cooperative Purchasing)
  29. 29. VA - Federal Supply Schedule Service Overview of the VA Schedules Program 65 I B- Drugs and Pharmaceuticals 65 II A- Medical Equipment and Supplies 65 II C- Dental Equipment and Supplies 65 II F- Patient Mobility Devices 65 V A- X-Ray Film, Equipment and Supplies 65 VII- Diagnostic, Reagents, Test Kits and Sets 66 III-Cost-Per-Test for Clinical Laboratory Analyzers 621 I- Professional and Allied Healthcare Staffing 621 II Medical Laboratory Testing and Analysis Services (Reference Labs) 621 III Home Infusion Therapy Services 621 V Teleradiology Services
  31. 31. Market Your GSA Contract. It is important to remember that your work is not finished once you obtain a contract with our agency. You are now, as a GSA contractor, a preferred source to our federal agencies. However, you are still responsible for letting customers know you are a GSA contract holder and what your capabilities are. Post Award Marketing
  32. 32. MARKETING GSA’S CUSTOMER AGENCIES  Obtain from GSA contracting officer or point of contact a listing of current customer agencies or those who expressed an interest in the schedule  Monitor FedBizOpps website  Obtain information/guidance from Small Business Offices in the agencies you wish to market  Review Forecast of Contracting Opportunities
  33. 33. HINTS FOR BUSINESS SUCCESS IN THE 21ST CENTURY  Make sure your business has more than one contracting vehicle in place  GSA Multiple Award Schedules Contract  8(a) Certified Business  Certified Small Disadvantaged Business  Government-wide Agency Contracts (GWAC)  Woman-owned business  HUBZone Certified  Blanket Purchase Agreements
  34. 34. HINTS FOR SUCCESS (CONT’D)  Business cards should indicate what your company does and it should reflect your new GSA Affiliation  Distribute GSA approved price list  Load contract to GSA Advantage!  Links between your website and GSA Advantage!  Accept the Government Purchase Card  Attend GSA Small Business Outreach events, workshop, seminars, etc.  Network, network, network
  35. 35. HINTS FOR SUCCESS (CONT’D) Advertise in the Federal Supply Service magazine MarkeTips: - Advertising space is FREE - Magazine distributed to all Schedules customer agencies - Published bi-monthly on the first day of the month of January, March, May, July, September, and November - Each Acquisition Center sets deadlines for ad materials (Centralized Mailing List Services)
  36. 36. MARKETING TO GSA (CONT’D) DO: • Know your customers needs • Provide solutions • Read between the lines • Be better than their last experience • Understand every interaction is marketing • Utilize GSA’s Customer Service Directors (,,
  37. 37. MARKETING TO GSA DON’T: • Take a check-list approach and miss the details • Misuse templates and other standard practices • Focus too heavily on giveaways and brochures to shine • Put your trainees on the front line
  38. 38. GSA SMARTPAY CHARGE CARDS How to get access to a $30 Billion Market? Accepting the GSA SmartPay charge card is beneficial to your company because you can maximize your ability to capture government sales. If you are already accept these cards from the commercial sector, there is no additional work to do as the GSA SmartPay charge card operate just like any other corporate charge cards.
  39. 39. VENDORS NEED TO LISTEN UP! What matters to Buyers?  Customers Concerns  Customers Budget  Customers Support System  Customers Resources  Customers Vision  Customers Last Experience Be the Solutions !
  40. 40. ACCESS GSA OSBU! Follow us on twitter: (information and feedback changing small business partnerships) Facebook: GSA, Office of Small Business Utilization (Fan Page with lots of updates)
  41. 41. ACCESS! (CONT’D) (GSA events around the country just for small business) Want all events? Small Business Solutions Group (blogs, discussion boards, and more)
  42. 42. GSA’s Small Business Utilization Center Region 5 General Services Administration Office of Small Business Utilization 230 S. Dearborn Room 3800 Chicago, IL 60604 1-888-353-5383 1-312-353-5384 (Direct)