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Getting Back On eBay & PayPal After Being Limited & Suspended


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Have you been suspended by eBay? Have you been limited by PayPal? If you said yes to either question, then you need to watch this now!

Stop wasting time & money, get back on eBay & PayPal and start selling again!

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Getting Back On eBay & PayPal After Being Limited & Suspended

  1. 1. B E E N S U S P E N D E D B Y E B A Y ? L I M I T E D B Y P A Y P A L ? Getting Back On eBay & Paypal
  2. 2. Is There Really A Way Back On? The truth is, yes there is a way back on. Stealth/Incognito is the way. It is intended for the individual or business that has been suspended, limited, or maybe you just want a brand new account with no ties to your old one. You don’t have to be a computer genius to do these things. This guide will teach you the skills you need to get back on anonymously in a simple and detailed fashion.
  3. 3. Why Being Suspended & Limited Sucks! When eBaY gives you the final boot, your listings get taken down, your fees are due, buyers are refunded and your left wondering where your next extra bit of cash is coming from. What is worse is they hang on to the information you used to make the account, and prevent you from making more accounts. They go to great lengths to make this happen.
  4. 4. Why You Should Just Move On Before embarking on this journey, it is time to let go off all the emotional attachments to your old account. eBay & PayPal do not care, nor do they need to give you a reason for suspending or limiting you. It is straight from their terms of service. They have the right to terminate their relationship with you.
  5. 5. What You Need To Get The Ball Rolling Need  Email  Name  Address  Phone number  Credit card  Bank account  IP  Ccleaner  Excel or any organizer Don’t Need  SSN  Drivers License  Documents  Legal mumbo jumbo
  6. 6. Begin With The Name It may seem obvious to not use your own name to create a new account, but eBay & PayPal do not link accounts based on name! They will link more based off address, credit card, bank, phone number & all other unique details. Shocking!
  7. 7. James Madison is ready for the eBay & PayPal fight…well kind of So if James Madison here creates a new account under his name but different address & other details. He is perfectly in the clear! As long as you don’t use your old address, phone, credit card, bank, etc… Your good to go much like the Taco Bell commercial! If you are still hesistant about using your name, try nick names or variations.
  8. 8. Set Up A Business Instead Rather than using your own personal info, you can also opt to create a business either through DBA, LLC, INC or corporation. Setting up paperwork can be costly & time consuming. If you plan to go this route, make sure to read all the laws before doing so.
  9. 9. The Address Will Get Ya Normally when people decide to choose an address, they always worry about having access to it. It is not preferred nor recommended to have access to it as there will be rare occasions when you need to accept mail there. If you happen to get lots of returns on the items you sell, simply have them send it to a different address you have access to. Don’t try to make it anymore complicated then what it is.
  10. 10. Possible Options For New Addresses In any event where you would like to have access to the address, here are some good options.  Local UPS store boxes  USPS postal boxes  Family members  Friends  Neighbors Avoid PO box, eBay & PayPal absolutely hate them like the plague.
  11. 11. USA Canada   http://www.keepmepostedstjoh  http://www.chattanoogaexecuti  http://www.newhavenexecutive  mailbox-rental/  http://www.markhamexecutive l Some Sources For Addresses
  12. 12. Working Not Working  Tracfone  Landlines  Cell phones  Prepaid options (At&T, T-mobile, boost, etc…)  Google Voice  Free phone apps  Text +  Text free Phone Numbers
  13. 13. Choosing An Email Provider Gmail – Automatically disables images in emails, this is great to prevent web beacon tracking. The only downside is that once you make 5 accounts or so, they usually want to verify accounts with a phone number. Yahoo – Offers yahoo, ymail, and rocketmail. If you use ymail, eBaY will give an error stating “Did you mean gmail?” Just click through it and you will be fine. Also offers disabling images in email, but must be set manually. MSN – Hotmail and Live email accounts, works great and has less spam prevention than yahoo and mail (in terms of creating mass accounts) Any email address will work! Get creative!
  14. 14. New IP Address With IP address, you can go either way.  Spoofing your router’s MAC address.  Using VPN’s  Enlist private proxies  Using VPS  Internet dongles  Phone tethering Whatever you decide, just make sure they are not public or open sources.
  15. 15. Which Banks To Use Best banks to use: Chase PNC Bank Worst banks to use: E-trade Ally Suntrust Capital one Avoid drawing attention from your bank by opening multiple bank accounts within a small period. Use different banks and open multiple accounts if you can. If you have bad credit or just unable to open one, prepaid cards can be an alternative.
  16. 16. Credit Cards That Simply Rock By far the best & most widely used card without a doubt is Vanilla Visa. Various prepaid cards and gift cards do work even your own credit cards and debit cards. If you don’t want to buy multiple gift cards & pay $20 to load and an additional $4.95 to activate them. Opt to buy virtual credit cards or VCC’s for short. Check out or for sellers. You can still use your own debit cards even though addresses may not match the billing. Simply add the card, leave the address alone but change the city, zip & state to match the card’s billing details.
  17. 17. Y O U A R E R E A D Y T O K I C K S O M E M A J O R E B A Y & P A Y P A L B U T T ! C R E A T E Y O U R S E L L E R A C C O U N T W I T H T H E D E T A I L S Y O U P R E P A R E D A N D G E T R E A D Y T O M A K E B A N K ! F O R M O R E I N D E P T H I N F O R M A T I O N , B E S U R E T O V I S I T W W W . A S P K I N . C O M / F O R U M S O R E V E N W W W . A U C T I O N E S S I S T A N C E . C O M You Made It!