Wii u vs ps vita


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Choosing best video game as a gift for your love. Between PS vita and Wii u - what would you like to buy? See more discussion at my site and tell me what you think. More details at :http://www.squidoo.com/wii-u-vs-ps-vita

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  • See it more and get best deal in: http://www.squidoo.com/wii-u-vs-ps-vita
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Wii u vs ps vita

  1. 1. Wii U vs PS Vita Made by Joshen
  2. 2. What ‘s Wii U ?• Latest product from Nintendo, released in 2012, best home entertaiment devices• Curently two version : basic and deluxe set Basic Wii U 8GB Deluxe Wii U 32GB White - $344.00 Black - $379.00
  3. 3. Wii U Technical Specs • CPU- IBM Power®-based multi-core processor • GPU- AMD Radeon™-based High Definition GPU.• Wii U can be connected to the Internet via a wireless (IEEE 802.11b/g/n) connection.
  4. 4. What can Wii U do?• Wii U Users can trasfer data from Wii• Daily records how many times you play.• Play online with friends
  5. 5. More fun when playing games
  6. 6. Easy to set up and playing
  7. 7. Get a new Wii U and enjoy best games
  8. 8. What ’s PS Vita?• PS Vita is a video game console released by Sony Computer Entertainment in 2012• Two options for customer Wifi only-$249.96 3G- $354.99
  9. 9. PS Vita feature• It reaches beyond capability of any handheld console that has come before it with the integration of Wi-Fi functionality, GPS, front and back multi-touch screens, dual analog stick controls, and more.
  10. 10. What can PS Vita do?With PS Vita you can discoverbest way to play biggest and best game
  11. 11. The new PS Vita 3G/Wi-Fi System, powered by AT&TsMobile Broadband Network, will change the way yougame with real-time scores, game ranking news feeds and cross-game text messaging with Party.
  12. 12. Discover the endless ways to manipulate your environment, engage with your characters, and utilize in game tools.
  13. 13. Enjoy best game with new PS Vita
  14. 14. Conclusion• About price of console, PS Vita is better than Wii U (saving more than $20 with version deluxe vs 3G)• About price of games, Wii U has a bit advantage. So, if you looking for the best,just buy Wii U game pad
  15. 15. So, what’s your decision?Visit http://www.squidoo.com/wii-u-vs- ps-vita for more details