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Jorden IrvineAssignment 1


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Published in: Education
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Jorden IrvineAssignment 1

  1. 1. Education Queensland policy•Responds optimistically and constructively to the needs of educationallydisadvantaged/ marginalised students•Uses diversity as a rich resource for building a connected and intellectuallychallenging curriculum in the classroom•Ensures that students, teachers and community members from diversegroups feel safe and free from discrimination, bias and harassment•Respects students voice and ensures that all students learn throughdemocratic processes•Promotes locally negotiated responses to student, family and communityneeds through effective community engagement processes and cross agencycollaboration•Ensures that all Education Queensland policies and initiatives recognise thecentrality of inclusive education practices to quality education.
  2. 2. Issues Strategies Potential OutcomesThe physical education The physical education The physical educationteacher does not teacher should invite the teacher develops a broaderunderstand school counsellor to understanding of thethe nature of a students observe students disability, is abledisability. the students participation to plan and implement in his/her class, review the developmentally students IEP with the appropriate activities, and school counsellor, and seek the suggestions from the school student with the disability counsellor regarding the experiences some success. nature of the students disability.The physical education The physical education The physical educationteacher has a concern with teacher should talk with the teacher learns practicalregard to how to best group school counsellor about ways in which to best group(i.e., instruction best practices pertaining to and/or teach the studentmodification) grouping and/or teaching of with the disability witha student with a students with specific his/her peers withoutdisability with his/her peers disabilities; Invite the school disabilities; The schoolwithout disabilities. counsellor to his/her class counsellor develops an to observe the student with understanding of the GPE the disability group context in which the student
  3. 3. Differentiation •Know the learner•Assessing the learner•Instructional strategies
  4. 4. Adapted Physical Education Clip
  5. 5. Reference List:Ashman, A. [. (2012). Education for Inclusion and Diversity. Frenchs ForestNSW: Pearson Australia.Ellis, K. [. (2009, February 12). Using Differentiated Instruction in PhysicalEducation. Retrieved April 10, 2012, from American Printing House for theBlind, Inc:, J. (2009, September 15). Differentiation in Health and PhysicalEducation. Retrieved April 08, 2013, from Differentiation in Health and PhysicalEducation:, D. [. (2011). Physical Educators and School Counselors Collaboratingto Foster Successful Inclusion of Students with Disabilities. . Physical Educator, Vol. 68 Issue 3, p124-129. 6p. .Photo of soccer by ultrashawnPhoto of beach ball by jaypranks