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Class 38 1 a


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Class 38 1 a

  1. 1. + Class 38 EWRT 1A
  3. 3. +With your purpose and goals in mind,make a quick scratch outline thatincludes the following: a clear statement of the problem your thesis statement, announcing the proposed solution and forecasting your reasons for it your argument for the solution, giving reasons and support anticipation of counterarguments and a response to objections readers might have about the proposed solution your evaluation of alternative solutions
  4. 4. + The Counterargument You anticipated objections for your homework. Now choose the two or three most important ones to acknowledge, accommodate, or refute. Write down objection 1  Acknowledge, accommodate, or refute the objection. Write down objection 2  Acknowledge, accommodate, or refute the objection. And so on.
  5. 5. + Consideration of alternative solutions and their disadvantages You identified alternative solutions for your homework. Now choose those you will discuss in your essay. Write out each solution and discuss the disadvantages of it compared to your solution. Write out alternative solution 1  What are the disadvantages of this solution? Write out alternative solution 2  What are the disadvantages of this solution? Write out alternative solution 3  What are the disadvantages of this solution?
  6. 6. + Restatement of the proposed solution and its advantages  Briefly remind your reader of the problem and your proposed solution and its advantages.  Then, remind the reader of the consequences of failing to solve the problem.
  7. 7. + Remember  Your outline will of course reflect your own writing situation. Once you have a working outline, you should not hesitate to change it as necessary while drafting and revising. For instance, you might find it more effective to hold back on presenting your own solution until you have discussed alternative but unacceptable solutions. Or you might find a better way to order the reasons for adopting your proposal. The purpose of an outline is to identify the basic features of your proposal and to help you organize them effectively, not to lock you into a particular structure.
  8. 8. + HOMEWORK  Post #44 Put all of the parts we wrote today into a single document. Read it aloud to make sure it is in a logical order. Change the order of your paragraphs if that makes sense to you. Post your draft.  Study the rest of the vocabulary words.