ISI TICs - SENAI INSTITUTES and status - english version v3


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ISI TICs - SENAI INSTITUTES and status - english version v3

  1. 1. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies - ISI-TICs Sergio Soares - Executive Coordinator Jones Albuquerque - Chief Scientist
  2. 2. Brazil's trade balance Brazil reported a trade deficit equivalent to USD 50,6 Billions in 2012* Brazil has an export-oriented economy* The main exports are iron ore, soybeans, footwear, coffee, transport equipment, automotive parts, autos, machinery Brazil imports machinery, electrical and transport equipment, chemical products, automotive part and electronics with medium and high technological value- added High demand for services with high technological value-added Dilemmas faced by Brazil Manufacturing Industry Products per Technological Intensity High Medium-High Medium-Low Low Transformation Industry Products Source: IEDI 2012 * only on the industry view
  3. 3. Enhance infrastructure Spread intellectual property culture Focus on qualified human resource formation Enhance the legal landmark to support innovation activities Internationalization of Brazilian companies as well as support to their R&D activities abroad WHAT IS NEEDED TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS? Source: Corporate Mobilization for Innovation
  4. 4. Source: Corporate Mobilization for Innovation Articulation between innovation policy and the foreign trade policy Innovation and R&D for SMEs Support structural projects and R&D in large scale Sectorial innovation programs Pre-competitive R&D projects WHAT IS NEEDED TO IMPROVE COMPETITIVENESS?
  5. 5. SENAI Program for Supporting Industrial Competitiveness Professional and Technological Education Innovation Generation Technical and Technological Services Expansion of the network of services by the creation of SENAI Technology Institutes (IST) Duplication of the amount of vacancies in professional education Creation of a network of SENAI Innovation Institutes (ISI) SENAI Strategies
  7. 7. Specialization in relevant industrial sectors Physical structure aimed at the provision of technical and technological services Situated in regions of high industrial density SENAI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY
  8. 8. SENAI INSTITUTES OF TECHNOLOGY (63) AC - Wood and Furniture 1 MT – Bio-energy MT – Food and Beverage 2 GO - Chemistry GO - Automation GO - Food and Beverage 3 MS – Food and Beverage 1 PR – Petrochemistry PR – Information Technology PR – Wood and Furniture PR – Food and Beverage PR – Civil Construction PR – Metalmechanics PR – Paper and pulp 7 RS – Wood and Furniture RS – Leather and Environment RS – Mechatronics RS – Refrigeration and Food RS – Oil & Gas/ Energy RS – Footware/ Logistics 6 SC – Food SC – Environment SC – Logistics SC – Metalmechanics SC – Electroelectronics SC – Automation and IT SC – Materials SC – Textile and Clothing Design 8 RJ – Environment RJ – Food and Beverage RJ – Design and Media RJ – Soldering RJ – Automation and Systems DN – CETIQT – Textile and Clothing 6 ES - Metalmechanics 1 MG – Food and Beverage MG – Automotive MG – Metalmechanics MG – Mining MG – Chemistry MG – Environment 6 DF - Construction 1 BA - Construction BA - Chemistry BA - Electroelectronics3 PE - Chemistry PE - Automation PE – Food and Beverage3 PB – Textile and Clothing / Food PB – Leather and Footware PB – Industrial Automation and IT 3 CE - Metalmechanics RN – Oil & Gas 11 MA – Civil Construction 1 1 AL – Plastics SP – Textile and Clothing SP – Civil Construction SP – Leather and Footware SP – Food and Beverage SP – Energy SP – Metalmechanics SP – Environment SP – Electronics 8
  9. 9. SENAI INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION Specialization in transversal knowledge areas Physical structure aimed at advanced services Pre-competitive applied research National coverage: partnerships and innovation network
  10. 10. LOCATION OF SENAI INSTITUTES OF INNOVATION (ISI) Micro- electronics 1 Mineral Technologies 1 Constructive Technologies 1 Renewable Energy 1 1 Information and communication technology • Conformation and Welding • Production Automation Systems 2 • Surface Engineering • Metallurgy and Special Alloys • Extra high electric power3 2 • Virtual production systems • Applied Chemistry Logistics 1 Biomass 1Electro- Chemistry 1 • Laser Technology • Embedded Systems 2 • Integrated Solutions in Metal- Mechanics • Polymer Engineering 2 • Ceramic Engineering • Biotechnology • Micro-Manufacturing Technology • Defense 4 Business plan concluded and submited
  12. 12. Pre-competitive research Pre-competitive setting Competitive setting Fundamental knowledge Knowledge application Technological validation Demonstration Prototypes Product definition Product development Demonstration Production SharingofIP Time scale FUNDING MODEL Embrapii FRAMEWORK PROGRAMMS
  13. 13. Overall Project Objectives Industry Segments Capacity Building  Systematic methodology & tools  Knowledge transfer based on international best practices  Organizational planning and management  Innovation and technology management  Evaluation of R&D performance Basic Research Innovatio n Institutes Industry Ability to transfer Innovations to Industry  Applied Research as mechanism to transfer innovations to industry  Sustainable development of the Brazilian economy through innovation  Promotion of national and international competitiveness  Increase of value added and productivity  Increase of highly qualified human resources National Innovation System  Strong and diversified research landscape with 23 Innovation Institutes (ISIs) focusing on individual research fields  Intensive collaboration among the ISIs in terms of resources, customers and comprehensive research topics  Guiding support by a competent and enabling headquarters Sustainability ResearchApplication Education National Wealth Know-how Innovation
  14. 14. Jan Overview: Project Schedule 2013 External Business Plan (ISI) MayMar AprFeb Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Marketing & Operational Planning Workshops Mgmt. Training Berlin Strategy Workshops Technology Workshops Implementation of Actions (ISI) Stream1: FirstISIGroup Stream2: NextISIGroup Market Analysis & Preparation Phase (SENAI DN/c2i) Refinement of National Market Analysis (C2i) Internal Business Plan (ISI) Support ISI Implementation Plan Add BNDES Information Empower ISIs to Elaborate Business Plan BNDES Feedback Adaption of General Strategic Planning Procedure based on Lessons Learned Development of SENAI DN Business Model Stream3: SENAI Dec ISI Collabo- ration Workshop
  15. 15. Different Collaboration Subjects will be Identified ISI Customer Resource Topic Resource Collaboration  Two or more ISIs that share the same resource (e.g. machinery, human resources, analytics) without any or very little additional effort Topic Collaboration  Two or more ISIs that combine their knowledge and technologies to work together on a transversal research topic which a single institute could not master on its own Customer Collaboration  Two or more ISIs that target same customers through joint activities and/or jointly deliver project to the same customer ISI Collabo- ration Workshop
  16. 16. ISI-TICs Solutions in tailor-made integration of safety technologies Vision The Vision of the ISI for ICT is to establish ICT / Software as the main factor of competitiveness of Brazilian industry and to modify its current competitive benchmarks through innovation in Software. Mission The Mission of the ISI for ICT is to promote the competitiveness of the Brazilian industry by means of knowledge transfer, applied research and innovation. Pernambuco SENAI INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION
  17. 17. ISI-TICs Solutions in tailor-made integration of safety technologies Scenario - Eighth world’s largest domestic market of Information and Communication Technology (USD 140 billion, 8.3% of GDP). - World software and IT service market is currently USD 1.4 trillion (2020 of USD 3 trillion). Service areas of ISI-TICs • We are not a software development institute, but • We are at an ecosystem Porto Digital, Recife-PE • 202 companies, 7000+ positions, R$ 1b, Best Brazilian technological park award (2007, 2011) - Design of new ICT concepts. - Innovation Consulting in ICT. - Prospective Research of new ICT Technologies - Integration of Complex ICT Systems. - Life cycle process management. - Proof of concepts in ICTs Pernambuco SENAI INSTITUTE OF INNOVATION
  18. 18. Normative requirements National Department Regional Department ISI
  19. 19. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies ICT Ecosystem – 1/4 • Porto Digital – Private Initiative + Government + University – 220+ companies – Revenue of R$ 1b (2012) – 6.500+ jobs – Best Brazilian technological park award (2007, 2011)
  20. 20. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies • CIn/UFPE (Informatics Center) – Biggest Brazilian Software Engineering department • 20+ PhDs in SE and 90+ PhDs the whole center – Top-5 Computer Science PhD program in Brazil – Won 2011 FINEP’s Innovation Award • FINEP is the Brazilian Federal Innovation Agency ICT Ecosystem – 2/4
  21. 21. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies • C.E.S.A.R – Private, non profit, Innovation Center nationwide recognized – Created by CIn/UFPE professors – Running for 17 years, 500+ strong • Lessons learned to be used by the ISI-TICs! – Won twice FINEP’s Innovation Award (2004, 2010) ICT Ecosystem – 3/4
  22. 22. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies • INES – National Institute for Software Engineering – A research institute of the Science, Technology and Innovation Ministry – Founded by 9 Brazilian Northeastern Universities – In cooperation with several other national and international institutions (20+) – 70+ PhDs, 50+ PhD students, 80+ MSc students ICT Ecosystem – 4/4
  23. 23. INES – Research Network • 9 founding institutions • 31 institutions – PUC-Rio, UFSCar, UFSCar-Sorocaba, UNB, UNIVASF, USP- IME, UNEB, UEM, UTFPR – Mais 22 internacionais • 69 researchers (PhDs)
  24. 24. International partnership • 22 instituitions: – INRIA, Clemson University, Darmstadt University of Technology, Fraunhofer IESE, IOWA State University, IT University of Copenhagen, NC State, University North Carolina State University, NTNU, Radboud University Nijmegen, Stevens Institute of Technology, Univ. de Malardeen, Univ. de Valencia, Universidad de la República (UdelaR), Universidade de Orléans, CNRS Grenoble, University of Central Florida, University of Edinburgh, University of Hildesheim, University of Waterloo, University of York, USC
  25. 25. Timeline 2008-2013 (1)
  26. 26. Timeline 2008-2013 (2)
  27. 27. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies • Potential to cover the Brazilian and global market • Technology as a differential factor for competitiveness • Competitiveness and innovation investments • High demand for world-class software • With unstructured culture of innovation ISI-TICs Target Sectors
  28. 28. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies ISI-TICs Preferential Segments • Aerospace • Automation • Automotive • Energy • Pharmochemical • Games • Logistics and Transportation • Metal-mechanic • Mobility / Telecommunications • Oil and Gas • Software
  29. 29. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies ISI-TICs Other segments • Food • Reverse Supply Chain (recycling) • Smart Cities • Construction, Naval, etc.. • Creative Economy • Manufacturing / Production • Medical / Hospital / Health • Security and Defense • Technology Services (consulting) • Textiles, fashion, and clothing • Public Utilities
  30. 30. ISI-TICs projects
  31. 31. O CONCEITO The site was defined and granted …
  33. 33. O CONCEITO
  34. 34. The First RFP is on the fly… and it includes “complex systems”!
  35. 35. SENAI Innovation Institute for Information and Communication Technologies - ISI-TICs CONTACTS