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awosam presentation on technopark

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  1. 1. Group members Zia-Ul-Islam Reg#Sp10-Bs(TE)-009 Aqsa Sardar Reg#Sp10-Bs(TE)-016 Aqib Javed Reg#Sp10-Bs(TE)-002 Aqsa Masood Reg#Sp10-Bs(TE)-011
  2. 2. Topic of presentation “Techno park”
  3. 3. Agenda
  4. 4. Introduction By Zia-ul-islam•Definition•History•Vision & Mission•Purpose•Benefits of techno park•How differs from other parksDubai Techno park
  5. 5. Introduction: Techno-parkDefinition:“A techno park (researchpark, science park, or science andtechnology park) is an area with acollection of buildings dedicated toscientific research on a businessfooting.”
  6. 6. History:• The worlds first techno park in the early 1950 near Stanford University, and foreshadowed the community known today as Silicon Valley.Why different names:• Usually the Park different names depends on the type of science and research in which the parks entities engage.
  7. 7. Vision & Mission:• location in which Government, universities and private companies cooperate and collaborate.• Enhance the development, transfer, and commercialization of technology.• live-work-play environments for students.
  8. 8. Vision & Mission:(continue)Launching new companies • To attract new companies to towns, and to expand their tax bas. • About one-quarter of graduates from park universities remains in their park for jobs.Sharing of ideas•Creativity is born through the exchange between industrial,scientific, philosophical, and artistic mind.
  9. 9. Purpose:• Economic development.• Competitiveness of cities and regions by creating new business.• knowledge-based jobs.
  10. 10. Technology developing Zone:• Techno park is a center where Universities, research institutions and industrial organizations work together to make their Research/Development activities and innovation researches.• In this places economical and social structure combines and by the cooperation of these organizations efficiency of technology production increases.
  11. 11. Differs from other parks:• More organized, planned, and managed.• Concerned with future developments in science and technology.• Focus on product advancement and innovation.
  12. 12. BENEFITS OF TECHNOPARKS:• Increasing the export.• High valued product production• Decreasing the outsourcing needs for high- tech products for the country.• Foundation of high-tech organizations.• Transforming the relations between Universities and Industry to cooperations.
  13. 13. BENEFITS OF TECHNOPARKS(continue) :• By research and development activities supporting the local economical development.• Bringing the foreign funds to Zone.• Creating modernization.• Creating entrepreneurship.• Job opportunities for well qualified people.
  14. 14. Existance of Technoparks:Found all over the world, but are mostly concentratedin developed countries.140 are found in NorthAmerica alone.•Techno park Zhiguli valley, Russia, Samara region,Togliatti•Techno park, Trivandrum, at Thiruvananthapuram,Kerala, India•South Bank Techno park, London South Bank University,England•Techno park Stellenbosch, Stellenbosch, South Africa•Montreal Techno parrk•Techno park (Metro), a station of the ZamoskvoretskayaLine of the Moscow Metro
  15. 15. “Dubai TechnoPark”
  16. 16. Dubai TechnoPark (Location) westof Jafza in Dubai
  17. 17. Dubai Technopark:• Techno Park was established in 2003 as a science and technology park to further Dubai’s economic development by Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashed Al Maktoum• Dubai has allocated a 21 Million SQM plot for the project located to the west of Jebel Ali Free Zone
  18. 18. Vision in Dubai:• To lead Dubai’s technological development strategy by providing the appropriate environment that would attract and enhance direct investment in manufacturing and ‘research and development’ facilities with key focus on appropriate advanced technologies related to water desalination, energy, and environment
  19. 19. Technopark Mission:To ensure •Establishment of clusters of similar technology oriented industries in Dobai. •Collaboration and partnership among tech-oriented companies. •Contribution to the advancement of science & technology in the region.
  20. 20. The Dubai Advantage:• Since 2000 real GDP of Dubai has been growing at a compounded annual growth rate of about 15%. The growth was largely driven by non-oil sectors, a unique differentiator in a region where economies are dependant on oil incomes.• In 2009, 95% of Dubai’s GDP came from non-oil sectors.• Positioned at the edge of the world’s second largest desert, Dubai is considered an icon of entrepreneurship and modernity in the Arab world. As the second largest emirate behind Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is globally recognized as the Middle East region’s international business hub.
  21. 21. Government of Dubai P //F P F World World
  22. 22. Target Activities:• High Tech Industries• Research and Development• Consultancy, design and support services• Training• Laboratories and Testing• Incubation of Innovation• Prototypes
  23. 23. KERALA Techno parkTechno park is a technology park in Thiruvananthapuram(Trivandrum), Kerala, India. The park is dedicated to ITventures. It is the first and largest technology park in India.Launched in 1990, Techno park as of 2012 has 4 millionsquare feet of built-up area, and is home to over 270companies, employing nearly38,000 professionals.Technopark is currently on an expansionmode by adding another 37 hectares as part of Phase IIIexpansion and 450 acres (1.8 km2) as Techno city—anintegrated IT township near Pallippuram. During the globalfinancial crisis of 2007–2010, the park saw a period of reducedgrowth in 2009-10, where the exports recorded was only2.8% more than the previous year. As of late 2010, Technopark accounts for about 70% of IT exports from Kerala.
  24. 24. Techno ClubThe club in the campus of Phase I providesdiverse facilities for professionals to unwind.These include a gym, a swimming pool andcourts for badminton and table tennis andbeach volley ball. The Club also has massageparlors. Vaisakha—a multi cuisine restaurantand provides tour operators for organizingrecreational travel of employees and theirfamilies.
  25. 25. Expansion of Techno ParkPhase IITechno park has acquired 86 acres (0.35 km².) of land,for its Phase II expansion.•Out of this, 50 acres (0.2 km².) has been earmarkedfor Infosys and 36 acres (0.15 km².) for UST Global.• Infosys is planning to create up to 2,500,000 sq. ft. (230,000 m2). (233,000 sq. m.) of space to accommodate up to 15,000 professionals in the end. It plans to set up 600,000 sq. ft. (56,000 m2). (56,000 sq. m.) in the first phase.• UST Global is setting up a 3.2 Million sq.ft. campus to be complete by 2015. Eight lakh sq.ft. of space will be complete by January 2012. Work on the campus was launched on October 24, 2007.
  26. 26. Tata Consultancy Services has been allotted 25 acres (0.1 km².)within the campus for their software development center. Thisis in addition to the 14 acres (57,000 m2) of land allotted tothem for setting up their new training Park.IBS Software Services is constructing a 450,000 sq. ft.(42,000 m2). (42,000 sq. m.) office on 5 acres (0.02 km².) ofland. The first phase of the campus was inaugurated onOctober 23, 2007.Tata Elxsi Limited which is the product design arm of the US$68 billion Tata Group, has also taken 3.5 acres (0.01 km².) tobuild its state of the art design and development Centre. Thefirst phase of the campus has been commissioned onSeptember 7, 2007.
  27. 27. Phase III•Techno park has almost completed acquisition of 100 acres(0.4 km².) of land for Phase III expansion. Firms like Larsen& Toubro and the Rahejas are planning major developmentswithin and around Techno park as well. L&T has alreadyannounced its plans to set up a 35 acre (0.15 km².) hybrid IT-and-residential park as part of Techno park Phase III.PatniComputer Systems has already announced that it will set upa Rs 150 Crore ($US 32 Million) Development Centre inPhase III.•The IInd and IIIrd phase of expansion of Techno park alongwith the ramping up of operations of the existing IT unitsare expected to see an investment of around Rs. 3000-4000 Crore ($US 0.75 Billion) and an additional employmentcreation of 80,000-100,000.
  28. 28. Phase IV expansion — Techno city•The Phase IV of Techno park is also referred to as the Technocity project. It involves a mixed use—IT, biotechnology,nanotechnology, commercial and residential developmentspread over 500 acres (2 km².) of land, about 5 km (3.1 mi) fromthe present campus.It will be a self-contained IT township withthe potential to employ a hundred thousand professionals. Theexpected investment in the project is around Rs 6,000 Crores(Over US$ 1.5 Billion), as per latest estimates.•Once Techno citys land acquisition is complete, Techno parkwill have an extent of close to 850 acres (3.5 km².), making itone of Indias largest IT satellite townships, in geographic area,comparable to that of projects like the Mahindra World City inChennai.
  29. 29. A science park is an organization managed by specializedprofessionals, whose main aim is to increase the wealth of itscommunity by promoting the culture of innovation and thecompetitiveness of its associated business and knowledge basedinstitutions.To enable these goals to be met, a Science Park simulates andmanages the flow of knowledge and technology amongstuniversities, R&D institutions, companies and markets; itfacilitates the creation and growth of innovation-based companiesthrough incubation and spin-off processes; and provides othervalue added services together with high quality and facilities.
  30. 30. East Azerbaijan Science & Technology Park (EASTP) was founded in the year 2003.It is located in Tabriz, Capital of East Azerbaijan province, Islamic Republic of Iran.
  31. 31. About Science and Technology Parks Science and Technology Parks are the perfect habitat forbusinesses and institutions of the global knowledge economy.Science & Technology Parks promote the economicdevelopment and competitiveness of regions and cities by:Creating new business opportunities and adding value to maturecompanies.Generating knowledge-based jobs.Building attractive spaces for the emerging knowledge workers.Enhancing the synergy between universities and companies.
  32. 32. Incubator and Pre-incubatorAs the name suggests, an incubator is a place that encourages new businesses todevelop. In this centre, newly--established corporations and companies presenttheir innovative ideas and projects and are then supported by the park to leadthem to success. The Park helps them to achieve their goals through less riskyways, giving them wanted advice and supervision in investing in profit-orientedregions.East Azerbaijan science & technology park’s incubator first began its activity in2003 under topic "incubator of information & communication technology" unit(ICT) by the goal of develop & growth of small and medium enterprises (‘SMEs’).EASTP Activity fields of Incubator are as follow: Mechanic & Automobile parts ( Information Technology (IT (.Information & Communication Technology (ICT Chemical industries & Polymer Electricity& Electronic Commercial & advanced technologies
  33. 33. Pre-incubatorPre-incubators are for non-registered corporations (they are not yetready to be registered) or for those corporations that dont have theneeded qualifications to be in the incubator center. These researchgroups can stay in the Pre--Incubator center for at most one year. Inthis one year they must get their work force together and have theirrequest ready to join the incubator center. The services available forthese groups are limited and free.EAST-park have supported 40 tenant companies and 65 SMEs atincubator and pre-incubator from 2003 and now it consists 23 tenantcompanies and 34 companies at incubator.
  34. 34. EASTP Fields of ActivityThe main fields of activity of East Parks tenants are:1- Chemistry & chemical products2- Plastics and polymers3- Nano technology4- Business5- Information Technology (IT)6- Mechanics7-Automobile Parts8- Electronics and Physics9- Computer Science. Of course, as time goes by, and depending on certain conditions,the Park is ready to work in other unmentioned fields too.
  35. 35. EASTP MissionEast Azerbaijan Technology Park is in the business of transforming thefuture. The main purpose of stabling the park in this area was todevelop communications in researching fields between the industriespresent in the region and the universities of the area, with this hopethat it would lead to innovation, creativity and development.Having the different industries working together in a friendlyenvironment would help to raise the level of technology transfercausing useful competition between them which would then lead tothe growth of this industrial pole and the increase of the nationswealth. Thus, East Park is a good example of maximum revenue fromindustrial capacities.
  36. 36. EASTP Goals:Bearing in mind the potentials of Tabriz, EASTPs goals are:- Promotion and improvement of the nations technology inindustry to expand and develop their competitive power in stateand especially international markets.- Decreasing the amount of time needed in the process ofcommercializing between research and industry especiallybetween newly-established corporations and companies.
  37. 37. - Encouraging the establishment of SMEs relying onhigh technology.- Helping to expand professions between differentfields.- Creating a relationship between industries,governmental organizations, universities and researchcenters.- Creating an environment fit for cooperation betweenpublic and private Sectors.
  38. 38. Companies and organizations supportedby the park - Private companies and organizations - University and governmental research centers - Research and Development centers for state organizations
  39. 39. As at 2012, Iran had 31 science and technology parks nationwide. The government of Iran has also plans for the establishment of 50–60 industrial parks by the end of the fifth Five-Year Socioeconomic Development Plan by 2015. Few of those 31 techno parks are given below:Khorasan Province Technology Park Technology parkEast Azerbaijan Province Technology Park Technology parkSemnan Province Technology Park Technology parkGuilan Province Technology Park Technology parkYazd Province Technology Park Technology parkMarkazi Province Technology Technology parkParkIsfahan Province Technology Technology park
  40. 40. Parks name Focus area Location Agro-Food, Biotechnology,Guilan Science and Chemistry, Electronics, GuilanTechnology Park Environment, ICT, Tourism. Advanced Engineering (mechanics and automation),Pardis Technology Park Biotechnology, Chemistry, 25 km North-East of Tehran Electronics, ICT, Nano- technology.Markazi ProvinceTechnology Park ICT ArakKhorasan Science andTechnology Park Advanced Engineering, Agro-(Ministry of Science, Food, Chemistry, Electronics, KhorasanResearch and ICT, Services.Technology)
  41. 41. Materials and Metallurgy, Information andSheikh Bahai Technology Park Communications Technology,(Aka "Isfahan Science and Isfahan Design & Manufacturing,Technology Town") Automation, Biotechnology, Services.Semnan Province Technology Nano Technology, IT SemnanPark Advance Engineering,East Azerbaijan Province Electrical East AzerbaijanTechnology Park & Electronics.Yazd Province Technology Mechanical & Mechatronic Heavy Industrial YazdPark Instrumentation.Tehran Software andInformation Technology Park ICT Tehran(planned)“Kahkeshan” (Galaxy) Aerospace TehranTechnology Park
  42. 42. • Its is the country’s largest Information and Communications Technology Park.• The 17 story building• The first international standard facility in Pakistan• located in Lahore.• Started as “Lahore Technology Park” in 2006
  43. 43. • On January 15, 2012, Lahore Software Technology Park was renamed as Arfa Software Technology Park by Chief Minister of Punjab, Mian Shahbaz Sharif.• Arfa Karim was the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional who died at the age of 16. Chief Minister Punjab announced to change the name of Lahore Technology Park in recognition of her achievements.
  44. 44. Vision & Mission:• Development of an IT industry• To bring technology revolution in the region.• To attract local software companies and foreign investors to start IT and IT-enabled businesses in an expeditious manner.
  45. 45. Advantages: Arfa Software Technology Park (ASTP) is a smart, efficient, secure and functional business venue which provides modern- day business necessities under one roof. ASTP offers an array of high-quality facilities to businesses operating within the technology park like • Tier III Data Center • Disaster Recovery Sites • water-proof pathways • high-tech security
  46. 46. Advantages(continue)• advanced fire protection system• RFID controlled parking for over 1000 vehicles• The plug-and-play facilitie and customized offices ensure business continuitconveniences• medical clinic• food courts• health club/Gym• travel agency are thoughtfully set up within the ASTP
  47. 47. IP based Building ManagementSystem(BMS) within ASTP:To ensure a failsafe and efficient environment, an IPbased Building Management System(BMS) is installedat ASTP which enables• centralization and optimization of the monitoring, operating, and managing of the entire building• The high-performance HVAC digital control system manages the heating, ventilating, zoning, humidification and air cleaning systems of the building while cutting energy and equipment costs.
  48. 48. Facilities at Arfa Software TechnologyPark IT Wide Area Network Wi-Max Technology VSAT Technology Storage Area Network (SAN)
  49. 49. Utilities175 seat auditoriumSpacious conference rooms with Videoconferencing24/7 security surveillanceTriple source power backupRestaurants, Café, Gymnasium, Medical Centreand Prayer HallsBanking and ATM ServicesAmple parking facility for over 1,000 vehicles