Latest PeoplePRINT SydStart Pitch Deck


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Latest PeoplePRINT SydStart Pitch Deck

  1. 1. The Online Printing SupermarketCompare – Print – SaveAlastair Hadley COO
  2. 2. Print is certainly not deadA$15 Billion paspent onCommercialPrint.
  3. 3. What is the problem ?• Printers are generallynot easy people todeal with.• It always takes toolong to get pricing.• Only a smallpercentage of Printershave Online orderingfacilities.• Single Printers are notable to do everything.
  4. 4. What have we done to fix it?• Built the 1st “Many to Many”W2P system for Print buyers -reducing the steps from 52 to 7.• Provided an easy way forthe buyers to get an instantcomparative price and orderonline.• Obtained better pricesfrom the Printers viaimproved workflow and YieldManagement.• Provide assurance to thebuyer by using only selectedaccredited Printers.
  5. 5. For the Printers we will...• Utilise their existingsurplus productioncapacity?• Win NEW business forthem without the normalhigh COST?• Take advantage of therise in Online ordering.• Find work that bestsuits their productioncapabilities, ie: their“Sweet spots”.
  6. 6. Most searched for Products• Banners• Booklets• Brochures• Business Cards• Docket Books &Forms• Envelopes• Flyers & Leaflets• Folding Cartons& Boxes• Labels & Stickers• Letterheads & WithComps.• Mailing• Notepads• Plastic Printing• Postcards• Posters & Pointof Sale• Presentation Folders
  7. 7. Our PeoplePRINT ProvidersPerthAdelaideMelbourneCanberraSydneyBrisbaneAliceSpringsDarwin* 5,000 Printing Companies in Australia Tasmania
  8. 8. The pricing calculation is...The Printerprovides us withtheir very “best”priceWe add 13%and FreightchargePublishedOnlineselling price
  9. 9. The milestonesCOMPLETED Sept 2012 - Initial announcement about the PeoplePRINT concept. ✔COMPLETED November 2012 - Received 260 registrations from Print Providers. ✔COMPLETED December 2012 - Obtained first round Investor funding ($250k.) ✔COMPLETED Jan – May 2013 - Building version 1 of the PeoplePRINT website. ✔COMPLETED Feb 2012 - Obtain and enter pricing from PeoplePRINT Printers for 1st site. ✔COMPLETED April 2013 – Attend and Techcrunch in NYC ✔COMPLETED May 2013 - Launch 1st website – ✔IN PROGRESS May 2013 – Commence building further websites to cover additionalcategories.IN PROGRESS May – Jul 2013 – Develop version 2 of PeoplePRINT.
  10. 10. The
  11. 11. Select your Product type
  12. 12. Example: 6 page DL
  13. 13. Choose paper weight
  14. 14. Choose style and quantity
  15. 15. Choose best price
  16. 16. Upload your file
  17. 17. Proceed to checkout
  18. 18. The job is now on the press
  19. 19. Then delivered to your door
  20. 20. Australia is $15 Billion pa
  21. 21. So why support us?• We are first to market with a “Many toMany” W2P system for Print buyers.• We have over 90 years of Industryexperience.
  22. 22. What are we after?• For you to give us a go next timeyou are buying PRINT and for you tospread the word to others to do thesame.• But really it all comes down to the factthat despite being nice people witha great concept, we still need furtherfinancial investment to help build thebusiness.
  23. 23. The Online Printing SupermarketCompare – Print –