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PeoplePRINT Pitch Deck for SydStart

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  • Hi I’m John Weichard CEO of Peopleprint, I ‘ve just returned from the Global Launch of PeoplePRINT at TechCrunch Disrupt in New York to tell you about a technology driven disruption and opportunity in the massive global printing industry.
  • Except if you had choose between Susan Boyle and the Printing industry I know you would choose Susan Boyle. I’m not here to defend the printing industry which is 95% SME, mostly poorly run and fragmented but at a turnover of 700 Billion dollars per annum is massive. I’m here because there is a window of opportunity to grab a huge market share as our first in world breakthrough finally provides print customers with a viable online service The small but very noisy Newspapers section probably has you shy of printing. They’re B2C and yes they are in the toilet. But I’m talking about the other 93% of the printing industry which is mostly B2B and globally is growing.But you still probably feel misgivings about the printing industry.
  • That’s okay I understandYou’re a print addict and it makes you feel dirtyBecause printing is like crack to business. And business has a 500 year old habit that isn’t going to kick anytime soon. Even at massive geek fests like SydStart orTechCrunch you are surrounded by printing.Yeah I know I’ve heard it before. Hey man I’m going straight, I’m getting my shit together and my life back on track. I’m kicking printing. I’m on the paperless office program and it’s really working out for me. Then before you know it you’re off scoring some business cards or brochures or even worse you score a birthday card for your daughter and get her hooked.Face it you’re a printing junky and you ain’t never gunna get clean.
  • And that’s the problem no matter how hard it is to score printing, how bad the print dealers treat you or how much they make you pay you have to keep going back and you hate yourself and them for it. It’s mostly not the printer’s fault as there hasn’t been an alternative until now.PeoplePRINT will deliver the online benefits other industries have enjoyed for ages And bring standards and savings to printing by bringing all the transactions online,
  • You must be thinking surely there are already Online Printing or web 2 print systems out there and you are correct. In fact I travelled to the largest printing show in the world in Germany last May to review 52 of them. I can tell you they all have one fatal flaw and share the same dirty secret.Web 2 print developers sell their systems to printers. They deliver what the printers will pay for and that is exclusivity one system – One Printer. What the web 2 print industry won’t tell you is the print customer usage of their systems is abysmal like really terrible and they either don’t know why or don’t want to know why.But we know. Anybody who buys a reasonable amount of print must use different printers for different jobs and will not use a system that commits them to one supplier. So the very customers the printers want to catch won’t use the systems for love nor money.
  • Customers need comparative choice of supplier To verify they are receiving the best price from the best supplier for their jobOne standard system to use no matter what the print jobThe assurance theprint job they receive will exceed their expectationsWe launched the first ever Online Printing Marketplace earlier this month and it is open for business in Australia.It is called Brochure Printing Online. Yes it has taken a long time and no there aren’t any others because it is bloody hard to do. Which means there is a significant barrier to entry for competitors.
  • This is the core of the team and features a background with some of the Global Giants of the industry. Like Kodak,Showads, Agfa, EFI and HeidelbergI have been delivering Online solutions to the Graphics Industry for 15 YearsAlastair retired as the GM of Heidelberg Australia (The Mercedes of press manufacturers) after 40 years on a Friday late last year and started with us on the Monday. No printer joins us without Alastair’s nod. David counts the beans Meeka has been the pleasant face of my exploits for the last 14 years And Darren has spent over a decade helping drive the flow of the masses of print files ad agencies and publishers produce everyday
  • We had the global Launch at TechCrunch Disrupt at the start of the monthWe are back and now focussed on driving as many jobs as possible through the system with vertical and horizontal expansion. Scale is our focus now and we need help to grow the business quickly
  • This is the equation we think you can get really excited about. In 6 months we will have an established model and will be looking for $10m to become the gorilla in the market. Our budget says we can use the $10M to become $1Billion company in 12 months in the Australian market alone.Then about the middle of next year we will be back to the US to stay with a hardened business model and a big enough war chest to ensure it is successful.That is a very quick overview of the opportunity we have plenty of supporting information if you are interested
  • PeoplePRINT Sydstart pitch deck

    1. 1. The Next Massive Online AggregationVideo Game Industry - $33BToo TeenyOnline Advertising - $47BInfinitesimalMusic Industry - $67BMinisculeSocial Media - $17BOhh PleasePrinting - Yes, Printing! - $724BJohn
    2. 2. Printing Industry• $724 Billion / year• B-2-B and Growing• Printers 95% Poorly Run SME• Gorilla in the MarketNewspapers• 6.6% of Printing -
    3. 3. Delusional, Addict, In Denial• Printing is crack to business• 500 year old habit• Buying Print is Difficult - Costly• 30% extra
    4. 4. Customers are not Junkies• Stop Offline Transactions• Drive Online Transactions• Standardise the UserExperience• Clean up the
    5. 5. Web 2 Print Industry• 52+ systems, same Fatal Flaw• Customers won’t be locked in• Staff feel threatened• Systems stand
    6. 6. What Customers Need• Comparison -Choice -Competition• Standards –• High Barrier to
    7. 7. Years of Printing Experience• Blue Chip Industry Background• Printers Hand Picked• Intimate Industry Knowledge
    8. 8. May 2013 to October 2013• Global LaunchTechCrunch Disrupt New York• 500,000 Visitors• 25,000 Print Jobs• $12M – Printing Revenue• $1M – Production
    9. 9. October 2014• 250,000 jobs• $119M Printing Revenue• $10M – Production Budget:July 2014• War Chest• Battle Hardened Business Model• The