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Proceedings of the International Mobile Learning Festival 2014

Published in: Education
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Imlf abstact

  1. 1. Proceedings of the International Mobile Learning Festival 2014: Integrating Technology, Social Media and Learning Design, June 2-4, 2014, Bali, Indonesia. Social Network Innovation in the Internet’s Global Coffeehouses: Designing a Mobile Help Seeking Tool in Learning Layers John Cook and Patricia Santos Designing for Digital Learners, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK Corresponding author: Abstract: In this paper we argue that there is much that we can learn from the past as we explore the issues raised when designing innovative social media and mobile technologies for learning. Like the social networking that took place in coffeehouses in the 1600s, the Internet-enabled social networks of today stand accused of being so called 'weapons of mass distraction' or worse. However, we point out that modern fears about the dangers of social networking are overdone. The paper goes on to present some of the 1930s ideas of Vygotsky. Part of the Learning Layers project builds on this work; we report on extensive co-design work and significant barriers with respect to the design of a mobile Help Seeking tool for the Healthcare sector (UK). We conclude with an account of how the Help Seeking tool is being linked to a Social Semantic Server and the associated challenges. Keywords: social media; mobile technology; Personal Learning Networks; design based research; social semantic server, Vygotsky