machine learning machine learning methods and analysis artificial intelligence machine translation deep learning data mining svm (support vector machines) feature selection natural langauge processing nlp internet of things big data computer vision support vector machine random forest classification education networks wireless network heart disease cryptography ai platform natural language processing graph neural network social media blockchain iot convolutional neural network automation engineering software development covid-19 data science k-means clustering neural networks classification tree decision tree data streams incremental decision tree image processing emotions sentiment analysis wrappers filters ensemble education technology. svm linear regression rubert multiclass text classification on-hold scripts call center monitoring nlp applications education and training higher education gradient boosting ensemble learning pupillometry emotion recognition network pharmaceutical classification techniques weka tool tumour detection cancer breast tumour bitcoin price cryptocurrency random forest classification yogurt preferences prediction supervised feature selection food quality isolation forest detection fraud credit card spectral classification computer science natural language computing speech to text multilingual speech recognitio self-attention pooling bilstm drug-target affinity k-fold cross-validation multi-layer perceptron naive bayes kepler dataset clustering exoplanets identification data commuincation networking infromation retrieval information technology communication social networking performance nvidia intel hardware accelerators gpu fpga deep neural network cpu asic multi-branch convnets face recognition cnn control theory database software support vector machine. restricted boltzmann machine hybridization deep belief network automatic summarization mediapie flutter catwalk scoring runway model lightweight network. geometric consistency monocular depth estimation monocular video neural nets construction visual editing coronavirus outbreak sarscov-2 correlation pandemic prediction crime prevention crime prediction learning in knowledge-intensive systems applications computational applications. aspect ratio cerebral aneurysm simulations cfd se (3) lie algebra absolute pair&support vector ma joint angle quaternion human action recognition absolute joint position self-driving car autonomous navigation policy iteration value iteration mdp reinforcement learning fin tech time series forecasting vehicle model spatial local features texture features shape features co-hog cs-lbp traffic vehicle tracking k-nearest neighbors decision tree (c4.5) backpropagation high speed data streams. complex recognition problems word sense disambiguation sentiment lexicons features metainformation. opposition-based firefly algorithm svm classifier cardiotocography k-anonymity l-diversity privacy bagging parkinson disease k-fold cross validation minimum redundancy maximum relevance ddos security botnets microarray data. mic roarray data synsets. lexical analysis corpus semantics co-occurrence similarity measure futurology innovations futuristic studies technological revolutions loan risk feature extraction enzymes svmrfe mt-quality estimation naïve bayes classifier kneser ney smoothing post editing content based image retrieval hog indexing sift gene expression data. cancer classification microarray data decision stump additive regression crime pattern
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