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Using Dashboards to Understand Spatial Data


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Presented as a brief talk at MAC URISA's Spring 2015 meeting.

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Using Dashboards to Understand Spatial Data

  1. 1. Using Dashboards to Understand Spatial Data John Reiser Rowan University
  2. 2. Giving it all isn’t always helpful. Your users don’t want to use GIS to understand your data. They don’t want to drink from the fire hose.
  3. 3. Dashboards An interactive view into key indicators and metrics your audience needs to understand quickly.
  4. 4. Tab Tableau Public Data Fields
  5. 5. Rowan University Student Enrollment
  6. 6. 2012 Land Use
  7. 7. Code Available on Github Instructions on how to modify the Land Use data to prepare it for use in a tool like Tableau. Feel free to adapt and use for your own purposes.
  8. 8. Feel free to contact me: ● / ● @johnjreiser on Twitter, Github, others ● 856 256-5117 (work) ● 856 347-0047 (cell) ● Thank you for listening! Discussion