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Creative Teams. Equlibrium


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List of concepts for the study of creative teams
Levels of creativity
Creative person
Measure of creativity

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Creative Teams. Equlibrium

  1. 1. huntingmammoths Equilibrium Optimising distribution of roles in a team | Josep Mª Monguet, Alex Trejo & Marco Ferruzca. Updated IX-2017 Team
  2. 2. huntingmammoths Invictus.. 2009 Everybody playing in its best position, … and team becomes much more than the sum. What is a good team? N. Mandela & F.Pienaar. 1995
  3. 3. huntingmammoths Focus of intelligence Person Product Process Place Individual Team Organization Collective Levels of intelligence
  4. 4. huntingmammoths Measuring team characteristics
  5. 5. huntingmammoths 1 2 3 I’m, we need, we’ll do. Analyse the profiles in the team. Identify the roles the team needs, and its profiles. Assign roles to persons according to profiles. Tasks