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M4thodology Lecture on Questioning Techniques


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M4thodology Lecture on Questioning Techniques

  1. 1. BollesM4thodologygeneralsession| jacksonville, florida |21 June 2013Yeap Ban Haryeapbanhar@gmail.comSlides are available atwww.banhar.blogspot.comconstructivist approach problem solving computational fluency theoretical underpinningsdifferentiated instruction number sense assessment small group work multiple strategies journalwriting multiple intelligences lesson structure common core state standards scope andsequence pacing anchor task conceptual understanding textbook questioning technique|questioningtechniques
  2. 2. types of questions|their role
  3. 3. example|1
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  7. 7. example|2
  8. 8. Lesson  Date //The polygon in green has alonger perimeter. Why?The perimeter of one is 10 unitswhile the other one is 8 unit.The perimeter are different – 8 units and 10 units but each has an areaof 4 square unit. The perimeter of the polygon in green is 6a + 2b whilethe square has a perimeter of 8a where b > a.
  9. 9. example|3
  10. 10. Lesson  Date //5,1464,000 1,000 130 162,000 500 40 8Key QuestionHow do we rename 5,146?which can be said in various ways – How do we break5,146 up? Is there enough to subtract?