Proposed Noise Mitigation Plan - Ocean Waterway MHP


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Proposed Noise Mitigation Plan - Ocean Waterway MHP

  2. 2. AGENDA I. Welcome and Introductions II. Noise Mitigation Plan Overview  Overview  Project Boundaries  Project Schedule III. Overview of Acquisition Process  Voluntary Land Acquisition  Relocation Assistance IV. Next Steps V. Q Questions and Comments February 8, 20112
  3. 3. WHY DO WE NEED A PLAN? The Federal Aviation Administration’s (FAA) ROD for the Expansion of Runway 9R/27L provides for noise mitigation for residential properties located in delineated areas where there is anticipated noise impacts from operations on the expanded runway. February 8, 20113
  4. 4. WHAT IS THE NOISE MITIGATION PLAN? It is Broward County’s p y plan for achieving land use g compatibility for areas located within the noise impact areas identified in the FAA’s Record of Decision (ROD) for the Expansion of Runway 9R/27L. February 8, 20114
  5. 5. NOISE MITIGATION PLAN OVERVIEW  The FAA’s Record of Decision (ROD) for the ( ) Runway 9R/27L assessed future (2020) airport noise impacts on surrounding communities  The Th ROD identified several noise mitigation id tifi d l i iti ti measures, including voluntary acquisition of two mobile homes parks (Ocean Waterway and Marshalls Everglade)  Voluntary acquisition of Ocean Waterway may occur if the land owner and cooperative are in agreement February 8, 20115
  6. 6. 2020 NOISE CONTOURS – ROD NOISE IMPACT AREA - SOUTH February 8, 20116
  7. 7. OCEAN WATERWAY MOBILE HOME PARKSound insulation of mobile home units is not feasible. Acquisition of Ocean Waterway MHP andmobile home units with relocation of the residents is recommended. The County will request theCity of Dania Beach to rezone the land to a compatible use. Proceeds from the sale of the land will bereturned to the Noise Mitigation F d Th site i l d h N i Mi i i Fund. The i is located primarily outside the 65 DNL and involves d i il id h di lcomplex components of ownership. There are 47 units located within the 65 DNL contour and 222units located outside the 65 DNL contour. In accordance with County Commission policy to provideneighborhood cohesion, it is recommended that an offer be made to purchase the mobile home parkland and all 269 units. Program Eligibility Est. Cost1 Implementation Schedule Recommendation Begin EndVoluntary Acquisition of Ocean y q Mobile Home Park Land andWaterway Mobile Home Park 269 Mobile Home Units and $51 M 2011 Undetermined2 Recommendedand Mobile Home Units and Relocation of ResidentsRelocation of Residents Estimated Cost: $51 million1 – no change Schedule: Implementation begins 2011; End date determined by market conditions 2 February 8, 2011 Area 2 1 Source: FAA FEIS2 Upon Board approval of the Final Noise Mitigation Plan, BCAD will contact the MHP owner to 7 determine their level of interest in participation. The program’s end date will be dependent on negotiations with mobile home park cooperative.
  8. 8. PROPOSED NOISE MITIGATION PLAN: VOLUNTARY ACQUISITION OF MOBILE HOME PARK AND MOBILE HOME UNITS  Conduct a voluntary acquisition of Ocean Waterway Mobile Home Park and mobile home units  Provide a relocation program for persons residing in acquired mobile home units  Funded by Federal Aviation Administration and BCAD  Program will be administered under:  Uniform Relocation Assistance and Real Property Acquisition Policies Act of 1970 (Uniform Act) (Public Law  FAA Order 5100.37B Land Acquisition and Relocation Assistance for Airport Development Projects  Florida Statues, Chapter 723, Mobile Home Park Lot Tenancies February 8, 2011  Recommend rezone l d t a compatible l d use and R d land to tibl land d resell8
  9. 9. VOLUNTARY ACQUISITION PROGRAM SCHEDULE Acquisition q Relocation Notice of   Determine  Park Closing  Relocation  Pursuant to  Benefits F.S. 723 Assist Residents  Needs  Obtaining  Assessment Replacement  Housing Attend  Program  Briefing Relocate  Mobile Home  Unit (if needed) Appraise  Mobile  M bil Park  Home Unit Management  Offer to  Purchase  Demolition of  Unit Park Structures Park Structures Execute  Purchase  Zoning Change  February 8, 2011 Agreement and Sale of  Land  L d Conduct  Closing9
  10. 10. ACQUISITION PROCESS  Community meeting with owners/tenants y g  Meeting with individual owners/tenants  Distribute Relocation Benefits brochure  Obtain property appraisals  Obtain Phase 1 environmental study  Deliver offer of voluntary purchase  Develop relocation package (owner/occupants)  Schedule l i g S h d l closings: mobile home park land and units- bil h k l d d it  Provide relocation assistance to mobile home tenants and owners February 8, 201110
  11. 11. RELOCATION ASSISTANCE – QUALIFICATION REQUIREMENTS Relocation Assistance is divided in to two primary categories: p y g  Owner occupants – residents who own and live in the mobile home  Tenant occupants – residents who rent the mobile home that they occupy  To ensure benefits:  DO NOT MOVE O O OV  Continue to pay Mortgage or Rent February 8, 201111
  12. 12. RELOCATION ASSISTANCE – OWNER OCCUPANT BENEFITS Owner Occupants – (owned for at least 180 days) p ( y )  Four primary benefits exist for each owner occupant:  Replacement Housing Payments  Moving Cost Payments  Incidental Expenses to the Relocation c e a pe ses o e e oca o  Increased Interest Expenses February 8, 201112
  13. 13. RELOCATION ASSISTANCE – TENANT BENEFITS Tenant Occupants p  Two primary benefits exist for each tenant occupant:  Rent Subsidy Payments  Moving Cost Payments Note: Tenants may also elect to purchase a new home and the Rent Supplement Payment can be utilized as Down Payment Assistance February 8, 201113
  14. 14. RELOCATION ASSISTANCE – TENANT BENEFITS Rental Subsidy:y  Tenants will receive a payment to compensate them for increased rent at comparable replacement residence not t exceed $5 250 l t id t to d $5,250.  The amount is calculated by computing the difference between the existing rent and the future rent which is multiplied by 42 Down Payment Assistance:  Tenant may be eligible for a maximum of $5,250 February 8, 2011 to use towards the down payment in purchasing a home14
  15. 15. NEXT STEPS…  The Aviation Department’s Proposed Noise p p Mitigation Plan to be presented to Board of County Commissioners  The A Th Approved Plan is submitted to th F d d Pl i b itt d t the Federal l Aviation Administration  Broward County selects a consultant team to manage the project  Broward County applies for FAA funding  Proceed with acquiring Ocean Waterway Mobile on a voluntary basis by first making an offer to purchase to the mobile home park land owner February 8, 201115