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The Birth of Content (JGollner CIDM Best Practices 2015)


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A TED-style talk delivered at the Center for Information Development (CIDM) Best Practices conference at the Vinoy Renaissance in Saint Petersburg, Florida. It explores the origin of how we use the word "content" or perhaps how we should be using it. Given the proximity of the Vinoy to the fabulous Dali Museum, this presentation embraced the work of Salvador Dali.

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The Birth of Content (JGollner CIDM Best Practices 2015)

  1. 1. A Journey with Salvador Dalí 1904 - 1989
  2. 2. Digitization Happens A new light falls on Content
  3. 3. We came to see content differently – as something we could study, manage & manipulate separately from books
  4. 4. Content is Potential Information Content is an asset Information is an action
  5. 5. Information is like a good meal, and Content is everything that goes into it.
  6. 6. Many information requirements converge on each content asset Content becomes highly complex
  7. 7. 1.Digitize a book 2.Reproduce the original book 3.Produce a new electronic book 4.Manage a library of information requirements driven by both legacy & emergent business rules 5.Question the wisdom of Step 1. An Example
  8. 8. Escalating complexity demands that everything about content becomes modularized
  9. 9. Content technologies are used to create & manage content assets & to publish them as information products
  10. 10. Our concept of Content has evolved It’s not just what we take from the book Content is what we can use to make many “books”
  11. 11. Seeing Content as Potential Information is surprisingly useful Joe Gollner