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Practical Steps Towards Integrated Content Management (Nov 2015)


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This talk was delivered at TCWorld 2015 in Stuttgart Germany. It explores ideas initially touched upon in a talk at the Information Energy event in Utrecht.

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Practical Steps Towards Integrated Content Management (Nov 2015)

  1. 1. Practical Steps Towards Integrated Content Management Joe Gollner @joegollner
  2. 2. Introduce the Idea of Need for Integrated Content Management Taking some practical steps towards Integrated Content Management Starting with addressing the Terminology Gap Game Plan
  3. 3. What Content Management typically looks like…
  4. 4. Houston, We have a Problem! Why this matters
  5. 5. Commentary: Fundamental Information Problems Homer Simpson is quite happy with the information he is accessing on his tablet but whatever he is accessing is disconnected from the problems that are happening behind him. When the content processes in an organization break down, these types of mismatches become common.
  6. 6. The Problem of Business Silos Silos cannot be torn down They can only be connected
  7. 7. An Enterprise is a “bold and imaginative undertaking” (OED) It is always more than a single organization It is unified by a common purpose Fragmentation undermines the essence of the enterprise The Fragmented Enterprise Enterprise Technology Analytics Engineering Strategy Operations Marketing
  8. 8. Content Management Fighting Against Itself CMS silos can make things even worse
  9. 9. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) ECM: Mirroring business silos with archival silos and inadequate search services overwhelmed by the massive volumes involved
  10. 10. Learning Content Management (LCM) LCM: Often a technology ivory tower, leveraging specialized tools populated manually with little to no reuse of source content
  11. 11. Web Content Management (WCM) WCM: Focused on the user experience and facilitating key user tasks like buying products
  12. 12. Technical Component Content Management (CCM) CCM: Getting important information right
  13. 13. Leveraging Different Perspectives: They are all needed Constructing a composite view by drawing on all CM disciplines
  14. 14. Understanding Content (Core Concepts)
  15. 15. The Truth about Information Information The meaningful organization of data that is communicated in a specific context and for a specific purpose (an action) It can be mis-information Framed with the intent of deceiving an audience It is not always an asset It can be a liability (e.g., evidence of deception)
  16. 16. CONTENT INFORMATION The Truth about Content Content Is what we plan, design, create, reuse & manage so that we can deliver effective information transactions Content is potential information (always an asset) Information is a transaction (an action) that contains & delivers Content
  17. 17. So what is Integrated Content? A 500 Year Old Lesson Data items integrated with explanatory text establishing context
  18. 18. Commentary: Integrated Content For us, the most important thing about the early examples of double-entry book-keeping is the fact that the balancing entries are matched with textual explanations that provide the full context of the transaction. Enron would not have survived this under this accounting approach.
  19. 19. The Integrated Nature of Content is a Key Point Content Channels Data Expertise Goals Feedback Audiences Content is created by leveraging multiple inputs This is the daily challenge for technical communicators Content is therefore a complex composite artifact The whole is greater than the sum of its parts
  20. 20. Integrated Content Delivers Broad Benefits Integrated content addresses the needs of all stakeholders The level of “intelligence” built into the content is driven by application needs Content as a complex composite artifact demands specialized handling Manage & process your content as content Responsive Measured Trusted Valuable Relevant Useful Content
  21. 21. Content Solution Technology Analytics Engineering Strategy Operations Marketing Integrated Content Solutions Connects previously isolated business silos Helps to ground enterprises in truthful representations Leverages open standards to work across boundaries Makes content a core enterprise asset
  22. 22. The Content Life Cycle Core Activities Content Acquisition Content Management Content Delivery Content Engagement How content is created, converted or licensed How content is selected, assembled & published How content is changed, controlled & protected How content is improved by user feedback
  23. 23. Content Acquisition Content Management Content Delivery Content Engagement Content Strategy Content Strategy: A Plan of Action for Improvement Content Acquisition Content Management Content Delivery Content Engagement Content Strategy
  24. 24. The Content Evolution Life Cycle Content Acquisition Content Management Content Engagement Content Delivery Content Strategy Information Product User Task Guidance Feedback The interaction between how the published information is used, and the outcomes of that use, drives the evolution of the content assets in support of continuous improvement
  25. 25. Integrated Content Management Business Requirements Budget Realities Political Factors User Needs Demonstration Capability Model Implementation Production Deployment Continuous Improvement Content Technologies Content Standards Best Practices Open Source Tools Commercial Products Content Strategy Lean Design Principles Discover Design Develop Demonstrate Deploy Content Processes Process Step Process Step Content Rules Validation & Analysis Content Assets Process Rules
  26. 26. Commentary: The Management of Integrated Content Integrated Content demands specialized management. The preceding diagram, showcases many of the core features of an effective integrated content management solution. An entire session could be directed to dissecting this diagram
  27. 27. Integrated Content Management Content Acquisition Content Management Content Delivery Content Engagement Content Strategy Intelligent Information Resources Web Content Management Enterprise Content Management Learning Content Management Mobilizing the different content management disciplines to provide enterprise benefits
  28. 28. Intelligent Information Integrated content permits an enterprise to choose how much machine-readable intelligence is provided in intelligent information products
  29. 29. Commentary: Intelligent Information Intelligent Information was the subject of much attention at TCWorld 2015. It was closely related to discussions of Information 4.0 which in turn was related to the Industry 4.0 initiative. The only credible way to discuss Intelligent Information is with integrated content as a prerequisite.
  30. 30. Case Study: Public Medical Information Service Drug Product Database Clinical Trials Register Adverse Reaction Dataset Drug Product Monographs Data Sources Drug Product DataData extracted from Data Sources Drug Product Part III Adverse Event Reports Clinical Trials Integration of details into authoritative drug information profiles Open Representation of Integrated Drug Information Design User Experience (UX) using Canadian Government Web Experience Toolkit (WET) Generate Working Prototype for demonstration & testing Online Drug Information Prototype Development & Evolution Process
  31. 31. f Case Study: White Knuckle Content Strategy Step 1: Demonstrate Lightweight Prototype to Executives Step 2: Implement! Project Schedule: ASAP!
  32. 32. Commentary: Health Information Case Study The Health Information case study highlights:  The potentially explosive power of integrated content  Unlocking buried value  Unleashing executive interest & excitement  Reengaging stakeholders  The projects that result will be quite different than past experiences
  33. 33. Connections Joe Gollner Managing Director Gnostyx Research Inc. Twitter: @joegollner Blog: The Content Philosopher
  34. 34. Gnostyx Research Inc. Gnostyx Research Inc. equips organizations with the tools and knowledge they need to make the most of their content. As an independent content solution provider that specializes in leveraging open standards and extensible technologies, Gnostyx offers:  strategic guidance  implementation assistance  learning resources  extensible technology components Contact: Twitter: @gnostyx