Book clubs


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Book clubs

  1. 1. Book C lubsHow to be an effective and productive member of a book club.
  2. 2. What is a book club?• A book cl ub is a pl ace wher e you can shar e your t hought s, f eel ings, and opinions on a book wit h your peer s.• Al l individual s in a book cl ub ar e cur r ent ly r eading t he sam book at t he e sam t im e e.
  3. 3. What will we do in the book clubs?• Each st udent wil l be given a r ol e, which wil l change each week. In your book cl ub you wil l be given quest ions which you wil l answer wit h your peer s.• Each of you wil l answer t he quest ion, t hen you wil l discuss your dif f er ent answer s.
  4. 4. Roles• Gr oup Facil it at or Gr oup Or ganizer• Not e-Taker Cheer l eader
  5. 5. Group Facilitator Responsibilities The gr oup facil it at or wil l st ar t t he chat and m sur e ever yone st ays on aket opic. This per son wil l det er m when ine t o m ont o t he next quest ion and ove keep or der in t he gr oup .
  6. 6. Group OrganizerThe gr oup or ganizer wil l schedul e t he chat and send r em inder em s t o al l ail gr oup m ber s and l et t he t eacher em know t he t im and dat e of t he chat . e
  7. 7. Note-TakerThe not e-t aker wil l t ake at t endanceand r ecor d not es for al l quest ions.This per son wil l t hen send a det ail ed account t o t he t eacher.
  8. 8. C heerleaderThe cheer l eader wil l m sur e t he akechat m ains a posit ive at t it ude and aintwil l encour age any l ags in conver sat ion.
  9. 9. Roles will switch!You will each get a chance to be every role. I will assign roles each week to each group!
  10. 10. Book C lub Rules• Respect each ot her ! Negat ive com ent s, m obscene l anguage, and bul lying wil l r esul t in an aut om ic F! at Each st udent m at t end each m ing. ust eet• M ings m l ast a m umof 1hour. eet ust inim
  11. 11. Now the fun part...• Expl or e t he fol l owing books so you can vot e on which one you woul d l ike t o r ead for your book cl ub. The Hunger Games• The Rul es of Sur vival• Aut obiogr aphy of M Dead Br ot her y What I Saw and How I Lied• Hush