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Eval question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?When thinking about our product in reference to conventions, we must first look at thetheories such as Goodwins. He said that;●Music videos show characteristics in relation to genre (conventions)●There is a relationship between the music and the visuals●There is a relationship between the lyrics and the visuals●The record labels demands will include the need for close-ups of the artist and the artistmay develop an image motif recurring across their work.●There is frequent references to the notion of looking (screens, telescopes, watching) and aparticular voyeuristic treatment of the female body●There are intertextual referencesWe looked at many conventions of existing media surrounding the bands genre. This alsohelped with constructing the Digipak and magazine advert. We chose not to have a strongrepresentation of the relationship between the lyrics and the visuals in the video (forexample the line which goes “And Im still wearing the same old shoes, tracing my stepspacing the same old rooms” would involve shots of feet running and doors closing) but thiswould distract attention from the artists themselves which we did not want due to it beingthe bands first video.We did however want to create a relationship between the music and the visuals, so wedecided to have the shot change on the beat. An example of this is at the beginning whereone of the band jumps through the opening in the barn and as he hits the ground, the shotchanges from black and white to full colour.Having the relationship between the music and visuals also makes the video lively andenergetic to give the feel of seeing the band live in concert which is keeping with theperformance based video aspect and conventions of the Alternative Rock genre.When looking at similar artists, I found Floors And Walls video for The Stand(www.youtube.com/watch?v=BavhnKjndds) to be useful as it is of a similar genre andperformance based. Their video also features the band playing in a derelict and abandonedstyle place – an empty multi-storey car park.
  2. 2. We decided to use an abandoned barn in our music video as we felt that it is in keeping withthe feel of the music and genre – it is not like pop where everything is glowing and coveredin sparkles, it has a more grimy feel, but not in a bad way...Another video I looked at was Muse – Time Is Running Out,(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhAmug6Ts6o)It is a cross between a performance and concept based music video. We decided to have ourmusic video performance based as opposed to concept/narrative based as we felt that itwould help put across the bands genre to the audience and also show that they are a realband and not just a boy band. Unlike the Muse video, we have no aspects of a concept basednarrative in our video. We did this as we felt that given how ATWI are an up and comingand not very well known band, it was more important to show the skill of the band ratherthan tell a story...
  3. 3. In summary, we tried to follow most conventions of music videos and of the bands genre inorder to ensure that the audience can recognise the bands genre and, to an extent, knowwhat to expect from them. We have tried to develop existing conventions of music videosand of the genre of alternative rock with our selection of location, props in the video,camera shots and editing. We did conform to the convention of close-ups of the lead singer,so as to start to create a motif for the artist, and we developed this convention by alsohaving close ups of the other band members as they are an up and coming band.Digipak: Back FrontMy digipak design was createdon photoshop. I decided to usea doodle-like design with anotepad background as theband themselves are college-aged and so is the main tagetaudience for the band so thelink with school/college willhopefully speak to the audience. InsideAlso, the doodles are indie like and have connotations to that genre.I decided to follow the convention of having the lyrics included with the digipak butdeveloped this convention by having them printed under where the CD is held instead ofhaving a pull out booklet. This was done because as it is only a single, a separate bookletwas not really necessary, so to save material and due to the fact that many people like to tryand be as carbon-neutral as possible these days, I decided to just have them behind the CD,thus encouraging the environmentally friendly audience to purchase the digipak.Digipak Advert:When researching digipaks and their adverts, I found that usually they both revolve aroundthe same themes. This is done for intertexuality and to create a brand image that is easilyrecognisable , this can be seen by looking at Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams digipak(below left) and the poster for his tour (below right) where the same image is used for both.
  4. 4. So to keep with this convention of digipak adverts, and tocreate some sort of product identity, I included a picture of thedigipak on the advert. I have kept with the conventions ofhaving the release date, band and album name and where tobuy the album on the advert as I felt these things are allessential on an advert for a digipak.I decided to have the advert in black and white as I felt that itwas more in keeping with the genre conventions for the bandas the grungey look of the advert hints at the rock genre.I decided to include comments from people/companies wellknown in the music industry, which is a common convention ofalbum adverts, in order to persuade people to purchase thedigipak.The image used on the advert is of a bear with headphones eating records. To me, this is areflection of the importance of the music for fans of this genre of music, as opposed togenres such as pop, where sex appeal and the male gaze (recognised by Laura Mulvey) areused to sell albums. So I have challenged this convention of advertising by just focusing onthe music to appeal to the target audience.