Thyssenkrupp access destiny winding drum residential elevators


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Destiny Winding Drum is an innovative residential elevator model from the leading manufacturer, ThyssenKrupp Access. This residential elevator is considered an affordable and convenient option for homeowners.

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Thyssenkrupp access destiny winding drum residential elevators

  1. 1. Phone: (800)758-5438 1Thyssenkrupp Access Destiny Winding DrumResidential ElevatorsWith Destiny Winding Drum residential elevators from ThyssenKruppAccess, you can give your home a new look and add more convenience toyour life. ThyssenKrupp Access is one of the well-known residentialelevator suppliers, recognized for providing quality accessibility solutionsfor multistoried buildings including schools, churches, office buildings andhomes.ThyssenKrupp Access home elevators areextensively popular for their energy-efficiency, performance steadiness, durabilityand reliability. Destiny home elevator fromThyssenKrupp Access provides three options- Destiny Gearless, Destiny Hydraulic, andDestiny Winding Drum. Each of the Destinyhome elevators offers a wide assortment of style options including six trimlevels.With a conventional cable drive system, the Destiny Winding Drum is anaffordable option for homeowners who demand the convenience of aresidential elevator at a reasonable price. Besides carrying passengers, theseelevators can transport household items such as furniture, laundry andgroceries. They are manufactured with easy-to-operate controls forwheelchair bound persons. This model utilizes pre-stretched, steel-coreaircraft wire ropes to provide up to 950 pounds lifting capacity, and can DAY Elevator & Lift
  2. 2. Phone: (800)758-5438 2travel up to 50 feet. These can also be easily customized to meet your uniqueneeds and challenges.Specifications of Thyssenkrupp Access Destiny Winding DrumResidential Elevators • 36"x 48" car size • Winding drum drive system • Overhead clearance of 8 • 6" minimum pit width • Maximum travel height of 50 • Six travel stops • Three year limited warranty • Standard 86" inside car height, and much moreThyssenkrupp Access Destiny Winding Drum home elevators are freefrom manufacturing defects and are provided with sufficient warranty. Inorder to facilitate smooth operation, these home elevator systems areincorporated with user-friendly features, controls and advanced safetyoptions including: • Accordion car gates • Programmable logic controller • Overspeed governor • Battery backup light • Surface-mounted telephone jack DAY Elevator & Lift
  3. 3. Phone: (800)758-5438 3 • Optional key switches • Multiple drum configurations to suit your needs • Uninterrupted power supply (lowering) • Automatic homing • Telephone system • Automatic car gate opener, and much moreDestiny Winding Drum comes with several interior wall choices such asinset wood veneer, melamine, wood veneer, or raised panel wood walls. Youcan expect all the top class amenities that are common to the Destiny rangeof home elevators that also includes the Destiny Hydraulic and DestinyGearless.Locate a Reliable DealerIntegrated with so many innovative features, Destiny Winding Drumresidential elevators provide safe and comfortable access to all floors inyour homes. Locate a reliable dealer near you to buy these residentialelevators from ThyssenKrupp Access. A reliable and professional dealer willtake care of installation and maintenance services, and ensure that yourelevator functions perfectly. DAY Elevator & Lift
  4. 4. Phone: (800)758-5438 4Contact DAY Elevator and Lift DAY Elevator & Lift