Fabrication and welding


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Fabrication and welding

  1. 1. Types of Laser Cutting and Its AdvantagesLaser cutting has revolutionized the cutting industry and with Laser precise cutting canbe achieved quite easily and in hassle free way. The material to be cut is set at a place andlaser beam is focused by setting the computer to the point where it is to be cut. Thematerial is thus melted from the place of cutting and as a result a high quality surfacefinish is achieved. There are basically three types of laser cutting namely CO2 laser withRadio frequency, Neodymium (ND) laser, and the ND-YAG laser.The first technique is used for cutting, engraving and boring and it is by far the mostpopular choice for precision laser cutting. The other two are generally used for boring aswell as trimming. Compared to the conventional method of cutting, laser cutting is quick,safe, and precise. It can cut almost any material which can be an uphill task using thetraditional methods. This is because of the extremely high temperature which forces themetal to melt at the point of application. The cutting is precise because laser is very thinbeam that perfectly strikes at the desired point and you only need to set the computer forthis rest of the job will be done by the laser. There must be an expert technician tooversee all these and regulate the application of laser as and when necessitated.Cutting the same material can be achieved within minutes whereas manual cutting willpossibly take several man hours. This is why precision plasma cutting and laser cutting isconsidered to by highly cost-effective. As a mater of fact, ever since its inception,industries have taken no time to switch to laser cutting. Though the initial set up is a bitcostly but the long term advantages is enormous and if you spread the cost in two or threeyears then you can easily find that it is still very economical decision.Laser cutting is relatively tough as there are many steps involved which includevaporization, melting and blowing, scribing and thermal stress cracking and only anexpert person can handle this. Laser cutting are offered by several firms hence if yourequire the cutting for fewer jobs as in construction etc then you can contact them. Theywill be economical as compared to installing a laser cutting unit of your own. Usage of Stainless Steel FabricationsThere is some steel in almost each one of us and life can not be imagined without steel.Right from the construction, to medical science, to our kitchen we can observe that theyhave become omnipresent and almost indispensable. This is because of their immensestrength, versatility and durability that they find application in almost everything in asmaller or larger scale.
  2. 2. Fabrication stainless steel finds its usage in several things. Let us look at some of theimportant things where they are critical component. The immense strength of steel makesit an ideal choice for frameworks so it is not surprising to find steel frames in doors,windows, or machines. These frames serve the dual purpose of protecting the inner caseand the material under it while it also provides reliable strength to the entire structure.Galvanized stainless steel is extensively used to prepare screw conveyors which are veryimportant in the manufacturing industry. This is because they are widely used in theprocedures of mixing and churning and only a strong material such as steel caneffectively carry them out.Stainless steel fabrications are used to form the skeleton or the architectural componentsof cable or tube railing. This has become popular choice of railings for verandah andbalconies as it enhances the beauty and simultaneously it is strong enough to support theweight of people leaning on it. Talking of the railings, it is also used quite extensivelyused to form the handrails in public transports and many public places. This helps thesenior citizens and disabled people to seek support while traveling or leaning againstthem at public places.Fabricated steel is also used in places where the perforated metal is needed like inautomobile parts, benches, shop floors etc. The suitable perforation can be achievedthrough the fabrication technique and experts can easily work through these desired steelfabrications. Besides the utensils in kitchen, you might observe these days that stainlesssteel sinks are being used increasingly. These sinks are also being used in foodprocessing industry and even large scale-workshops are finding them quite useful. Thereason is that it is free from corrosion and serves the purpose quite effectively. All theserequire immaculate fabrication and this is why experts in stainless steel fabrications findno dearth of work. Moreover, the consumption and utility trend shows that it will growimmensely in the coming years. Aluminium Fabrications through Right FabricatorsIf you are into infrastructural construction or you make electronic devices you willcertainly need fabricated Aluminium. The enormous advantages of Aluminiumfabrications make it almost irresistible proposition either in construction or in other areas.Though these fabrications are highly useful but they are equally costly and choosing thewrong product or getting the fabrications with some errors can negate the entireadvantage and it will simultaneously burden you with high cost. Therefore, it becomesimportant to seek the services of capable and experienced fabricators who can understandyour requirements and serve them precisely.
  3. 3. The first thing to consider while choosing a suitable fabricator is his relevant experiencein the fabrication and welding of Aluminium. The more the experience the greaterchances of getting desired shape without any faults. The demand for such fabricationshave gone up in the last decade and correspondingly the supply has also increased but notall of the fabricators are trained or are professional enough to understand and executeyour requirements.The fabrication industry has seen many changes in the recent years both in the technologyand the devices so you must enquire with the fabricator whether he is conversant withthem or not. At times you might customize fabrications and the firm might not havespecialization in that area. So, it is better to state your requirements and expectationsbefore handing over the job to that firm. Well, firms in order to generate revenue will notadmit even if they do not have substantial expertise in that fabrication so you should tryto verify the same from your own level. You can easily do so by visiting their websitesand see the services they actually provide. If they do not have a website then you shouldvisit their office and avail the list of services.It is always better to sign a contract with the fabricator so that he is bound to deliver thedesired Aluminium fabrication within the agreed time. If you let them free then theymight start working according to their convenience and hence you might not get theproduct when you are in dire need. This will delay your own project and that willcertainly swell the cost thus limiting your profitability. You should also look out for thequotes as they might differ with the providers and choose what seems reasonable to you.Talking to the person having the knowledge of fabrication will help you to arrive atcorrect cost-estimation. Before Talking to Sheet Metal ManufacturersWhen you are looking for sheet metal manufacturers, you might want to categorize yoursearch as per the requirement in the final product. The final product can be large itemssuch as ship bodies, wings on aeroplanes, roofs of big and small houses or car bodies; orit can even be small final products such as ornaments, electronic gadgets, homeappliances or even stationery goods. From a small pin to huge bodies of vehicles, thereare different sheet metal manufacturers for different needs.Due to the vastness of usage of metal sheets, the first step before searching for sheetmetal work manufacturing units is to identify your precise requirement – do you want ametal roof for houses or do you want it for the cutlery used inside those houses. Having
  4. 4. identified the need, next step is to understand the basics of the metal sheet, themanufacturer for which you are looking for.The first thing you have to identify is the grade of the metal sheet you want from sheetmetal work manufacturing units. Grade refers to the quality of the material – thecorrosion resistance of the material, the metal’s chemical purity, how weather resistant itis and the hardness of the material. Usually the grade is identified by a number or a letteralong with the word ‘Grade’. For example, the common grades of stainless steel areGrade 304, Grade 316 and Grade 410. Grade 304 is the most common stainless steel andis also known as A2. Due to its high weather resistance capabilities, it is used for buildingroofs, vehicle bodies etc. Grade 316 is the second most common grade and is also knownas A4. Grade 316 has lesser weather resistance capabilities than Grade 304. Grade 316 isused for food and surgical stainless steel equipments.Another parameter, that you will need to identify, is the gauge of the metal sheet. Gaugerefers to the thickness of the material. The gauge of a metal sheet is denoted by a number.As the thickness of the material increases, the number that denotes the metal decreases.For instance, Gauge 3 steel has a thickness of 6.07mm and Gauge 4 steel has a thicknessof 5.69mm.You need to measure and remember the various descriptions of the kind of metal you arelooking for before getting in touch with any sheet metal manufacturers. This will helpyou to look for the right sheet metal manufacturing unit as well. Comparison of Technology - Precision Laser Cutting vs. Precision Plasma CuttingPrecision laser cutting technology, as the name suggests, is a technology that is used tocut a material using high power laser. The high power laser is directed on the materialand is run by a computer. This technology is mainly used for industrial manufacturingapplications. The material that is cut using precision laser cutting either melts, vaporizes,burns or is blown away by a jet of gas. Using precision laser cutting technology, you cando a of lot laser manufacturing activities such as cutting, vapor deposition, welding,engraving, heat treating, scribing, cladding, trimming, shock hardening and annealing.For smooth finish and precise cut, one can opt for precision laser cutting oreven precision plasma cutting technology. Plasma cutting is a technology that wasdeveloped more than 50 years ago. This technology was used to cut metals that could notbe cut with the help of flame cut. Plasma cutting was mainly used for cutting stainlesssteel, aluminum and copper. The plasma cutting technology includes use of electricallyconductive gases, like argon, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen to transfer energy from an
  5. 5. electrical power source through a plasma cutting torch on to the material that was to becut.Precision laser cutting technology, an advanced manufacturing process, competes bothtechnically and economically with conventional manufacturing process, precision plasmacutting. The plasma cutting technology requires a power supply, whereas precision lasercutting technology requires gas laser. While precision plasma cutting can only be used forcutting, the precision laser cutting can be used for cutting, drilling, engraving, ablation,structuring, welding etc. The use of electricity in laser cutting technology is also far lessthan in precision plasma cutting technology. However, the initial cost of investment ismuch higher in case of precision laser cutting.The output of precision laser cutting technology is better and smoother, when comparedwith precision plasma cutting technology. The maintenance of machines is also very lowin case of precision laser cutting technology. Overall, laser cutting is a better and farmore advanced and economical option. However, if you need precision laser cuttingtechnology or precision plasma cutting technology for any of your manufacturingapplications, then you can get it done from established steel fabricators or engineers andsheet metal workers. If your factory is in UK, then you can outsource the work to a good,reputed and well established sub contracting service that have the right certification aswell. Go Online For Stainless Steel FabricationAt the moment, steel has turned out to be amongst the most obligatory materials on theearth. Owing to its potency, sturdiness and flexibility, it has found applications in areasranging from manufacture to medicinal to science and technology. However, none of thiswould be achievable without steel fabrication, which basically means manufacturing steelin wide-ranging structures and forms.Be it bolt conveyors or punch metal, fabrication is important to all these dissimilaritems. Fabrication stainless steel is a very intricate method which should be done bycutting edge machinery for more ideal and faultless productivity. Quality ofmanufactured materials is also dependable for high-quality production past itsfabrication. Stainless steel fabrication is tremendously used in architectural divisions likefencing, hand railing, domestic devices, and sanitary items and so on. Perforated sheetsare also desirable for quite a lot of applications like shop-floors, auto parts. Frames fordoors, windows and moving parts are moreover, finished by the fabricated sheet. Theseframes of stainless steel provide not only the charming stare but also a sturdy clasp tohold the substance within.
  6. 6. Galvanized Steel Sheet is the preferred product for, building applications, roofing,automotive tools, and so on. The reason why is simple: it has outstanding anti-corrosivefeature. It is shaped by immersing Steel sheet in a bathtub of molten zinc. One othersignificant use of galvanized Steel sheet is its use as a foundation metal for additionalpainting to be applied.There are a numerous manufacturers who also have an online company and can takeorders for preferred stainless steel fabrication necessities of a person. Right fromdesigning to manufacturing, one can discuss all aspects with the relevant manufacturingteam .These online firms products are dedicate in making the best stainless sheets designsand renovation projects and have been serving their clients from many years. These arehighly experienced and proficient in the field of fabrication and welding. Innovativedesigns and minimum cost of production are the features which one can look for in theirproducts. They have the skills to work to tight tolerances and carry out multifacetedwork. Their services include welding, folding, steel fabrication, plasma and laser cuttingand so on that too very reasonable prices.Welding and fabrication manufacturing engage all the events that comprise the makingup of the material. If a person wants to avail the services, then he/she should hire adependable contractor who can easily handle the projects and deliver early enduringresults. Aluminium: a best known fabricatorAluminium fabrication is at widespread these days. There are numerous reasons behindthis remarkable popularity of the use of aluminium for fabrication and manufacturing theartifacts. There are some features of aluminum that makes it the perfect metal to be usedin the household and commercial purposes. The fabricated aluminium can be used for anumber of purposes.The advantage of aluminium is that it blends well with others. It is a lightweight andextremely strong metal. Welding and Fabrication engineering involves all the processesand skills involved in creating material. The metal fabrications have an extensive range ofapplication. It can be blended with diverse elements and substances in the fabrication.This increases the malleability, strength and corrosion resistance and increase theusability of the fabrication according to specific purposes.
  7. 7. Another important thing with the aluminium is its flexibility. This is a metal on which thealuminium fabricators can do multiple activities like pressing, lathing, drilling, milling,polishing, smoothing etc. without losing the basic features of the element. There areseveral ways through which the aluminium can be fabricated.There are numerous people looking out for the aluminium fabricators. Well, the demandfor them has risen all of a sudden. Well, in coping with the demand, a number of suchcompanies have risen as well. The internet seems to be the idyllic option. For, it allows aperson to find out the genuine company without wasting any time. So, one can find themvery easily and quickly. One can even check out the quality of the experts as well. Firstof all, all the information on the company is available on their websites. That makes iteasier to find out the services offered by the company and whether that will be suitablefor consumer.At the same time, thanks to the internet one will be able to know the reaction of peoplewho have worked with the company. Apart from the saving of time, there is one morevery important thing that the internet serves - it saves your efforts as well.Now a day’s aluminium fabrication is done more than any other metal. This is becausethe advantages that aluminium offers makes it prefect for multiple use. Aluminium offersgreat flexibility when used in household and commercial use. No matter what type ofaluminium fabrication is required, it is wise to rely on the professional aluminiumfabricators. Finding a Good Sheet Metal ManufacturerIf you are planning any building or working on other infrastructural project then youwill need to avail the best materials. This is important because only the quality ofmaterials used in the project can ensure the endurance and durability of the concernedinfrastructure. It is quite natural that every one desires the infrastructure to withstand allsorts of natural calamity and it is also desired that the structure does not wither awayeasily with time. And the durability or the strength of the structure is highly reliant onthe quality of materials that are being used in the building process.As a matter of fact, any infrastructure requires several types of materials and sheetmetal is one among them. It is quite common but it is highly important because itsstrength subsequently decides the strength of the concerned building, bridge or anyother infrastructure. To understand the main reason as to why should you be concernedwith buying from the renowned sheet material manufacturers, you need to correlate its
  8. 8. significance in just the way as bones are to our body. This analogy can perhaps help youto understand why you should pay adequate ad detailed attention into the quality ofsheet metal.Once you visit the local supply store selling construction materials then you will surelyfind sheet metals of different varieties and manufacturers being stocked by theconcerned keeper. You should see the standard mark of quality certification by thegovernment agency that will ascertain that the material has been checked and found tobe complying with the standards set by the knowledgeable and competent authorities.The metal sheets can be of copper, galvanized steel, steel and Aluminium. Yourengineer will surely direct you to purchase the material of a particular metal and youshould strictly follow his requirements because it is he who knows your structurethoroughly and it is his responsibility as well as area of expertise. Generally, these sheetmetals go for quality testing at each stage of their production so you should enquireabout this before ordering for the desired quantity of sheet metal work manufacturingproducts.If you have any customized requirement then you will need to order to themanufacturing company well in advance. This is because it will need some time toproduce the sheet metal of your desired quality and dimension. The manufacturinggenerally employs the best design engineers and the machineries to ensure the safetyand longevity of their sheet metals but you must not be complacent. Various Advantages of Laser CuttingPrecision laser cutting is relatively newer but more accurate method used inmanufacturing process to cut the metal sheets. A focus light along with the assist gas isused that burns the metal sheet on which further manufacturing process can be carried outthat includes countersinking or pressing that are important for the desired quality duringthe fabrication of the metal sheets. With the help of tube laser that can easily revolve on afixed axis holes and apertures of accurate dimension can easily be cut. It helps in theefficient and swift formation of metal tubes. Unlike their older counterparts, laser cuttingtechnique is highly advantageous.High SpeedThe major advantage of laser cutting is that it is more than hundred times faster than theold method of “sawing” etc. This helps the manufacturer to produce several metal tubes
  9. 9. within few days for which the buyer had to wait for several weeks and even months in theearlier times. This speed has also reduced the cost of metal tubes significantly.Capability of High Manufacturing QuantityIt has been observed that the new laser tubes have the capability of loading a six metertube in a single set up. The same procedure was highly time taking and it also requiredthe workmen to indulge to a greater extent. So, as the time of manufacturing has educedso it is quite natural that the volumes have gone high and there has been lot of cost-cutting too as compared to the yesteryears.VersatilityLaser tubes can be easily handled by the technicians and they also give them high rangeof versatility. With these, the designers also have been provided with greater freedomwith designs which was quite constrained few years ago. Nowadays, even highlycomplicated designs can also be achieved and complex tubes can also be easily cut. Allthese were beyond the capabilities with the traditional instruments and methods.AccuracyWith the traditional methods, there was always a chance of making some errors indimensions and cutting, so it had to be re-worked again and again. This inflated the costof production and the completion time as well. Additionally, many mistakes were simplyirreparable so there was plenty of wastage too. However, with an already programmedprecision plasma cutting technology all these problems have vanished. There can not beany deviations and hence the industry has benefited a lot from such cutting technology. Know about Stainless Steel FabricationsSteel is known to be the backbone of any country and no one can ignore the presence ofsteel in his or her life. It will not be exaggerating to say that life in the present scenarioand in future cannot be imagined without steel. It is there in the tiniest form as needle andit is there in our kitchen, our house hold items and in all walks of our life as well. But thissteel undergoes a very important procedure named fabrication of stainless steel. Now,the quality of steel materials is heavily reliant on the quality of steel fabrication hence theimportance.
  10. 10. Steel fabrication in simple terms can be understood as the process of bending andshaping of steel sheets. Steel is one of the most common materials when the complexshapes and hollow perforations are required. The galvanized steel sheet can be operatedby heavy machinery and powerful tools and it can also be worked by simple hand heldtools for minute works. The sheet undergoes the preliminary actions of perforating,slitting or cutting as per the requirements. All these are basically shearing actions and it isachieved by the tools like bench shearers for heavy gauze metals. If the stainless steelsheet is thin and light-weight then the aforementioned actions can also be performed byhand held scissors. Most of the shearing machines are driven by the electric powers and they have differenttypes of blades for different results. These blades are either fixed or movable dependingon the exact operation that needs to be performed. If the metal piece requires punching ofholes in it then it can easily be achieved through the punching machines available in themanufacturing or the processing unit. Presses are generally used for giving the desired and accurate shape to these sheets.There are many other operations that can also be performed on these presses that includecrimping and beading, grooving and seaming, and stamping. Most of these processes arecarried out to achieve the desired shape. Sections and angles can also be made on thesesteel sheets by folding or bending techniques. There are several other techniques that areemployed in the accurate and desired fabrication of the stainless steel. Some of theseprocesses are embossing, cupping, deep drawing, marforming, and spinning, flowforming, milling and turning. Each of these performs a desired operation that yield theperfect shape to the galvanized steel sheets. Tips to Find Best Aluminium FabricatorsThe demand for Aluminium fabricators has been extremely high from many years and ithas only risen with the time. However, the supply has been equally proportionate with thedemand which means there is no dearth of options when you think of buying them. But,there is a huge concern over the quality because many Aluminium fabrications are sub-standard which results in poor performance. This is why it becomes important for you toselect the best ones available in the market. Usually, all the manufacturers will advertisetheir product to be the best but you need to take a cautious approach to buy a perfect one.
  11. 11. Finding the best is not an easy task unless you go by the words of the manufacturingcompanies because they might not be thoroughly correct. So, you must be prepared to putin some efforts for the best buy. The first thing that needs to be done is to know exact fabricator required for your workand prepare an exhaustive list of fabricators that can satisfy your requirements. If you arenot having any idea then you can start by talking to your friends and family about therequirements. Gather the information collected through them and you will be surprised tosee the numbers. Once you have compiled the list then it is time to shorten it. You can do this with the help of Internet. Visit the websites of the companies mentionedin the list and try to surf through the information about such companies. You should beparticularly aware while reading their fabrication techniques. This will not only give youa fair idea regarding the product but you will simultaneously know the price variation inthe market as well. So, this will give you a bit of bargaining cushion. This means you willnot only get the best product but you will avail it relatively cheap. Most of these companies have detailed information put up on their websites so you willin fact garner the required information within hours. Once you have short listed three-four companies then you need to go on real shopping. Try to satisfy yourself by asking allsorts of questions that are playing in your mind. If the sales agent or the dealer is trying toevade questions then he might not either be fully aware or he might not want to give youcorrect information. This is where you need to be alarmed and avoid purchasing theAluminium fabricator from such shop. Precision plasma cutting and galvanized steel sheets now available online!Galvanized Steel Sheet is the selected product for home appliances, building applications,roofing, automotive parts, light fixtures, drums and so on. The motive why is easy: it hasoutstanding anti mordant properties.Other Sheets, such as Hot Rolled Sheet and Cold Rolled Sheet would not be an intelligentchoice for many purposes, as it does not have any rust fortification. Certainly, the basesheets for making Galvanized Steel Sheet is either Hot Rolled Sheet or Cold RolledSheet, but the hot dip galvanizing procedure merely must be applied to this base SteelSheet in order for it to increase the anti corrosive properties desired.
  12. 12. One other significant use of Galvanized Sheet is its use as a base metal for additionalpainting to be applied. A lot of manufacturers will order preprinted galvanized steelsheet, rather than first ordering the sheet and painting it themselves. The painting ofGalvanized Sheets acts as an added film of corrosive shield and is also compulsory invisual terms, as Steel Sheet looks far better on an electrical device in a nice flat colorsuch as white or red.Precision are the more admired and efficient than the standard cutting process. Thereason is obvious. It is the correctness that holds to success of precision laser cutting. Inthe industrialized industry excellence and correctness are vital features; precision lasercutting is a magnificent tool.The benefit of laser cutting is way too many. It is not only elastic and quick but it is acontemptible method. Again in precision laser cutting the material does not get in contactwith the cutting tool while in the traditional method, the cutting substance has an actualphysical contact to the cutting tool.One can now find many online service providers who have a status for providing aneconomical and efficient sub-contracting service for manufacturers who require highquality work. These online service providers have an extensive experience inmanufacturing quality fabrication and sheet metal work of either standard or ground-breaking design, and will counsel on design features essential to make sure minimumfabrication costs. The workers employed by such online suppliers are knowledgeable andaccomplished and one is bound to get a result which is up to the mark that too ataffordable prices! These online service providers offer best services at sensible prices.They employ skilled and practiced workers and ensure quality products! Plasma Cutting-Revolutionizing Sheet Metal FabricationModern industry depends on the manipulation of heavy metal and alloys. Metals areneeded to build the tools and transportation necessary for day-to-day business. Sheetmetal is one of the elementary forms used in metalworking, and can be cut and bent into avariety of different shapes. Sheet metal services include design engineering, cutting,punching, bending, metal fabrication, welding, assembly, grinding, milling, buffing,stamping, and powder coating. These services call for a high degree of skill, high techmachinery and thorough knowledge of metal working. Because metal is so good atresisting damage, it is very tricky to manipulate and shape it into specialized pieces. Sohow do people precisely cut and manipulate the metals required to build something as
  13. 13. large and as strong as an airplane wing? In most cases, the answer is the plasma cutter.The introduction of the plasma cutters has revolutionized the speed, accuracy and typesof cuts sheet metal manufacturers can make in all types of metals. Plasma cutting is avital process for any metal fabrication company. Unlike oxy-fuel, plasma can cutstainless steel, aluminum, and brass, as well as mild steel.Technological advances have helped to mechanize programming for plasma cuttingsystems, and highly precise plasma cutting is now a reality. Many cutting applicationsrequire the edge quality a laser machine could produce—no waste matter and smoothedges. High precision plasma cutting machine is an affordable option for these types ofapplications.Sheet metal cutting operations are mainly based on computer numerically controlled(CNC) lasers cutting or CNC punch press. In CNC (computer numerically controlled)cutting, shapes are arranged on the computer screen and cut automatically, withouthaving to touch the substance. It is the human hand that guides a manual plasma cuttingtorch. The plasma cutting process, itself, is capable of surgical precision. CNC plasmacutting systems usually use the operators personal computer to generate the shapes to becut and control the cutting machine. The resulting shapes are smoother, and can includeintricate curves, sharp corners, and inside cuts.Plasma cutters are now a staple of industry. Sheet metal manufacturers use plasma cuttersto cut and fabricate huge metal sheets. Plasma cutter gives years of reliable performance.Laser cutting grabs a lot of the headlines in the trade press, but plasma technology hasremained a feasible cutting technology alternative even in todays world of precisionfabricating. Aluminium Fabrication – Need Of The HourAluminium fabrications are widely employed because of their light weight and durability.They are comparatively softer than steel and hence are easier to work on. Aluminiumfabrications are aesthetically pleasing and require less maintenance. There are fabricators,engineers and sheet metal workers who specialise in fabricating structures, componentsand assemblies from aluminium. Fabrication shops have specialist, high speed cuttingequipment and advanced welding equipment specifically designed for aluminiumfabrication. Aluminium fabricators are experts in understanding and meeting the typicalaesthetic appearance requests of their customers from fabricated aluminium structures.Products made of aluminium can be found all around. There are several properties ofaluminium like its weight, strength, flexibility and corrosion resistance that make it awonder metal. It also is a very good conductor of heat and electricity and is non-magnetic
  14. 14. as well. Hence the areas of application of aluminium and parts fabricated out ofaluminium are hugely diverse.Fabrication refers to building metal structures by cutting, bending, and assembling. Thecutting part in fabrication is carried out by manual methods like sawing, shearing, orchiselling or by torching with handheld oxy-fuel and plasma torches and via CNC cuttersutilising laser, torch, or water jet. Bending operation is performed by hammering, can bemanual or powered or press brakes. Assembling the cut and bent pieces into desiredformation is carried out by riveting, welding, adhesive binding, threaded fasteners or bybending to form crimped seam.But there are a few problems that the aluminium fabricators have to face while workingwith the metal. Some of the properties that make it such an attractive metal, cause havocif aluminium is not handled properly. The above mentioned features are the ones thatcause the problems. Due to its heat transfer property, chances of it getting burnt are verymuch possible while working. Its flexibility makes fabrication and welding a tricky job.Welding of aluminium components is a job for experts. It requires a high degree of talentand dexterity to produce perfect welds consistently as per requirements stated in thedrawing specification. When the job demands greater control and reliability, it becomesessential to employ the correct welding technology to ensure you achieve the desiredresults.Aluminium fabrications can be observed all around. Special methodologies have beenevolved for aluminium welding and fabrication. High precision cutting techniques, likeCNC plasma and water jet cutters have been developed. Special welding techniques likeMIG and TIG welding have also been perfected. Getting the Best Out Of Stainless SteelThe term ‘sheet metal’ refers to flat pieces of varying thicknesses of any metal. Sheetmetal fabrication is a categorization of manufacturing processes that shape a piece ofsheet metal into the desired part through material removal or deformation. Specializedtools are utilised by sheet metal workers for cutting, rolling, bending and shaping thepieces to create a variety of objects. The metals commonly used in the sheet metalindustry include cold rolled steel, mild steel, stainless steel, tin, aluminium and copper.The usual product development cycle involves design of product, building of prototype asper drawings and requirements of the client and production following necessarymodifications and due approval.There are some companies in UK that have a wide experience in manufacturing sheetmetal work and quality fabrication. Sheet metal work fabricators combine engineeringand manufacturing capability to provide a full range of fabrication facility at reasonable
  15. 15. prices. They offer wide range of services and provide the customers with completesolutions, from visualization of design to completion as desired. A job could be both highor low volume. So, sheet metal workers first analyse plans and specifications to ascertainthe grade and quantity of materials needed. Then the metal sheet is measure, marked, cut,bent and fastened to make ductwork, storage compartments and other products.Computerized metalworking equipment is programmed and operated by sheet metalworkers to cut, drill and form parts with computer-controlled saws, lasers and presses.Metal fabrication is a value addition process. One-off fabrications are put together byexpert engineers and fabricators using a wide range of metals like stainless steel, mildsteel or aluminium. Stainless steel fabrications are preferred in places where heavy dutywork is to be carried out, where the chances of wear and tear are higher. It can be cut,bent and welded to obtain complex fabrications. Stainless steel being corrosion resistanthas a longer life cycle and installations of stainless steel fabrications look very eleganttoo.Various manufacturers exist which have the capability to generate special fabricationstailored to individual needs. These manufacturers help a client to visualize theirrequirement in a better way by guiding through design stage and making changes if theclient desires. They convert the design specification into a working prototype and modifyit to suit additional requirement when put forth. Stainless steel fabrications can beproduced to suit specific requirements. Its durability and texture make it very useful formaking heavy duty fabrications and presentable as well. Stainless Steel-Shaping Dreams into realityStainless steel fabrication has become the most important part of the metal fabricationindustry. Fabrication refers to the building of metal structures by the process of bendingor cutting, etc. of stainless steel. One of the major advantages of the stainless steels istheir ability to be fabricated by all the typical fabrication techniques, in some cases morerigorously than the more well-known carbon steels. The common austenitic grades can befolded, bent, cold and hot forged, deep drawn, spun and roll formed.Fabrication of any stainless steel structure is carried out in three phases, i.e., designingthe item as per requirement, planning and manufacturing of the finalized design. Stainlesssteel comes in various forms like rods, sheets, structural, etc. These are sorted dependingon the application. Steel, an alloy predominantly composed of iron ore, chromium, nickeland silicon is formed by melting them in blast furnace and then cooling into desiredshapes. They are then heat treated, cleaned, polished and shipped for utilization in diverseindustrial and home applications. Good design and surface finish selection is very criticalfor the successful fabrication of stainless steel.
  16. 16. Steel fabrication service providers offer metal fabrication services with the help of lasercutting technology for prototyping, small volume production as well as production lineintegration. This helps in overall cost saving and further helps in enhancing productionefficiency as well as accuracy of finished products. By working in partnership withcustomers, they ensure that specific requirements are met within the desired budget, bycreating satisfactory solutions to the problems. Most common fabrication processesinclude cutting, forming, welding and pickling or passivation to enhance resistance tocorrosion.Use of CAD/CAM and CNC cutting on laser and plasma flatbeds to produce accurateblanks produce desired results with minimal tolerance. Multi axis press brakes arecapable of forming complex components while adhering to the most stringentrequirements. Assembly and welding is carried out by the experienced craftsmen to thehighest standard. The finished product can also be painted or powder coated, as per thecustomer requirement.Stainless steel can be fabricated into any desired form with some skilled labour andmeticulous planning. Steel fabrication process involves operations grinding, cutting,welding, bending, burning, drilling, punching and usually crafting various steelcomponents per details described in the drawings. It is a systematic procedure and everystep is imperative and indispensable. Aluminum fabrication and weldingWelding is a form of art which is frequent since classical mythology. Welding is aprocess of joining material; by melting the material and putting filler material in it andthen let the material bind up to make a strong joint on solidifying. A strong and firm jointis made by welding. Welding is much better than the other methods being used thesedays. Other methods like soldering is also used to make a joint but the process is a bitdifferent from welding. In soldering, the melting of metal is not induced.There are different forms of energy which is used for welding such as: gas flame, laser,electric arc, electron beam, friction etc. Skilled labor and precautionary measure needs tobe taken in order to avoid burns and damage to any part of the body, a special care of theeyes must be taken while doing welding work. Two kinds of welding are most in trendthese days: MIG (Metal Inert Gas), TIG (Tungsten inert gas). MIG welding allows theprocess to be faster and cleaner in comparison to other materials, and is best to weld softmetals like aluminum. MIG is also faster than other methods. It can also be used with awide variety, metal and alloys. TIG welding is an arch building process which involves
  17. 17. tungsten for welding of material- often metal. It is often used to weld non-ironic metalsuch as copper and its alloys, magnesium, aluminum, and steel.Welding is a major part of fabrication. Welding and fabrication engineering involve allthe procedures that include the manufacturing of the material. Welding and fabricationengineer make, join and repair parts of machineries and tools. Fabrication can also bedefined as the process of building material involving many steps as cutting, bending,assembling and joining. Welding is its most important part. Aluminum fabrication is verypopular these days. Aluminum is rightly called a wonder material because of its very rarequalities like it is non-corrosive, strong, flexible, light-weighted, good conductor of heat.But due to good conduction of heat, it gets hot very quickly, so getting the chance of bursget increased while aluminum fabrication. Aluminum is very flexible so lots of otherproblems are also faced. Therefore, lots of expertise is required to do the job. These days’there are lots of courses available in order to become a welder. An introduction to Stainless Steel FabricationStainless steel is commonly used in kitchens and commercial applications because itrepresents a good exchange between cost, usability, durability, and ease of cleaning. Oneof most important qualities of stainless steel is that it gets fabricated very easily bywhatever method. Fabrication can also be defined as the process of building materialinvolving many steps as cutting, bending, assembling and joining. Because of the metalsvery high hardening rate, and strength, it can be folded, bent, and hot and cold forged.Fabrication stainless steel refers to bending and shaping of steel metal sheets and itsprocessing. It can be molded in different shapes from cutting, sections, and also hollows.It can include many tools and equipments from power tools to hand held tools for theseprocesses.Properties of stainless steel make it suitable for fabricating. There are many differenttechniques used in the process of fabrication of stainless steel, like embossing, cupping,and deep drawing, and spinning, flow forming, milling and turning. For most of theseprocedures, computer-controlled technology is available for more accurate and perfectfabrication of the stainless steel. All these process can also be used for other metal sheetsas well. While starting for stainless steel fabrication, cutting, slitting, and perforating canbe its initial stage. It includes different types of tools and equipments for this differentprocess depending on the output required.Stainless steel fabrication is a very complex process which should be carried out bycutting edge technology for more perfect and accurate output. Quality of product is alsoresponsible for good quality output after its fabrication. Stainless steel fabrication is
  18. 18. highly used in architectural units like railings, hand railing, kitchen appliances, kitchenwork-tops, sink and sanitary items. Perforated sheets are also needed for severalapplications like containers, shop-floors, automobile parts etc. frames for doors, windowsand machinery are also being made by the fabricated sheet. These frames of stainlesssteel provide not only the graceful look but also strong grip to hold the material insideand give it the strength.There are many benefits of stainless steel which makes it more popular for the use indifferent works. It does not stain, corrode or rust. Easy to maintain and clean, so it is verymuch suitable for bar counters and kitchen work tops. Its hygienic, sanitary benefits andfamiliar luster makes it suitable for different applications in processing and packaging aswell. Stainless Steel and its benefitsStainless less is more resistant and versatile form of steel. Stain less because of theseproperties is used in many types of industries. Stainless steel is the mixture of chromiumand iron. While making stainless steel about 10% of chromium is used, this makes itsheat resistant, corrosion resistant thus making stainless steel a better alternative to carbonsteel. Carbon steel is more prone to rusting when exposed to moist air. On the other handstainless steel does not rust. This is because of chromium which makes stain less stealharder and stronger than carbon steel. Chromium makes a chromium oxide film which isinvisible to eyes and makes corrosion and rough resistant. In case of any damage this filmis capable to make recovery from any type of damage giving the fact oxygen should beavailable for it.The corrosion resistant feature of stainless steel is further powered by adding otherelements like nickel, nitrogen and molybdenum along with chromium. The productsmade of stainless steel are used in food processing plants, kitchens and hospitals. Theproducts made from stainless steel requires low maintenance and are long lasting whichmakes it favorite of product manufacturers. Stainless steel can be moulded, cut, weldedand fabricated easier in comparison to carbon steel. That’s why stainless steel fabricationis very popular and easier to do.The properties of stainless steel makes it absolute perfect for fabrication. Let’s discusshow stainless steel fabrication works. The first step is to determine how speedy is theformation of raw material the less the speed of carbon steel formation is, the stronger theend product is. Then the cutting process comes in picture. Laser cutters, water jets etc. areused to cut stain less steel. Then comes the last stage in which the end product ispolished.
  19. 19. The fabrication of stainless steel is required in architectural products, tools andappliances which are used in kitchens, hospitals etc, food and processing units because ofthe sanitary and hygienic benefits of steel. In case you are looking for stainless steelsuppliers of fabricated stainless steel then the most important thing which you need tokeep in mind is the reputation of the particular supplier in the market. Always go for thatsupplier which is known for its timely delivery of quality products. Also make sure thatthe company should have proper experience in delivery the products which are requiredby you.