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(EMS) develops software that medical, nursing, and allied health schools, hospitals, and counseling programs use to efficiently run their clinical simulation training facilities. For more infomation

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Education Management Solutions

  1. 1. Education Management Solutions P R O D U C T C A T A L O GEMS ProductCatalog cover1-11.ind1 1 1/6/11 9:54:51 AM
  2. 2. EMS ProductCatalog cover1-11.ind2 2 1/6/11 9:54:55 AM
  3. 3. Education Management Solutions C O N T E N T S Company Profile 4 Services 6 Products Total Skills Center™ 8 Total Sim™ 10 SIMXpress 16 SIM-EMR 17 mySimonline 18 Total Counseling 19 Check-in Kiosk 20 MyResponse™ 21 total Digital AV 22P R O D U C T C A T A L O G
  4. 4. Education Management Solutions” EMS has been a terrific partner in not only the establishment of our system, but its ongoing development and maintenance. I highly recommend EMS for any simulation, SP, or combined program. ” – Gwyn Barley, phd director, Center for advancing professional excellence university of Colorado School of medicine
  5. 5. Education Management Solutions KEY ACHIEVEMENTS COMPANY PROFILE 2010,2009,2008,2007 Education Management Solutions, Inc. (EMS) is the leading software developer of assessment and training solutions for medical, nursing, Inc. 5000 — recognized for four consecutive years as one of the allied health, hospitals, and other healthcare providers, as well fastest-growing private companies as simulation markets. Since its establishment in 1993, EMS has in the US. evolved from a consulting company to a complete product focused 2010 organization that can automate the management of training and Deloitte Technology Fast 500 — skills assessment. Headquartered in Exton, Pennsylvania, EMS has recognized as one of the more than a decade of experience in providing state-of-the-art fastest-growing technology technology for clinical education and training environments. companies in Nor th America. 2010, 2009 EMS has been recognized by Inc. 5000 as one of the fastest- Deloitte Technology Fast 50 — growing private companies in the US for the past four years. recognized as one of the fastest- EMS enjoys a similar distinction as one of the Top 100 companies growing technology companies in the Philadelphia-New Jersey-Delaware region. EMS has also in Greater Philadelphia. been recognized on Deloitte’s Fast 50 and Fast 500 lists as a leading 2010,2008 technology company in Greater philadelphia and north america Philadelphia 100 — recognized respectively. as one of the fastest-growing companies in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Delaware region. Our suite of solutions under the Arcadia brand name includes Total Skills CenterTm (TSC), Total Digital AV, Total SIMTm (TSIM), and Annual growth rate of more than MobilSIMTm. New additions to the Arcadia suite include mySIMonline, 119% for the past three years. which provides simulation management as a hosted service, First to design and market SimXpress, a complete simulation management and skills assessment clinical skills training and assessment sof tware. solution that’s portable and wireless, and MyResponse™, a complete audience response solution for managing individual participant First to provide an integrated responses during teaching, training, and assessment. digital audio & video system for clinical skills training and assessment. emS products are implemented at more than 100 centers worldwide for training and evaluation, including national boards of testing, medical and nursing schools, allied health programs, counseling centers, hospitals, the Government, and children’s advocacy centers. Our products are also used for leadership training, human resource recruitment, product compliance, and mock trials, among others.4
  6. 6. To address evolving client needs, EMS has introduced a family of IP cameras, HDcameras, network digital video recorders, network attached storage servers, anddigital video control servers (DVCS). EMS’ IP cameras, HD cameras, as well asnetwork digital video recorders, provide the most advanced H.264 solution andare based on industry standards. EMS has built a strong reputation for technicalinnovation and product enhancements by developing exceptional products andservices to address the needs of our clients and partners. EMS strives to continueits tradition of innovation with cutting-edge training and assessment technologiesthat meet the needs of its expanding national and international markets. Control StationEMS currently serves clients throughout the US as well as Canada, Southeast Asia,and the Middle East. EMS is expanding into Europe and Australia by partneringwith solution-providers in those regions.EMS develops easy-to-use solutions for clients based on their requirements,budgets, and visions for the future. EMS goes to great lengths to listen to andunderstand what the client’s needs are, and then provide a cost-effective solutionto address those needs. Client satisfaction is at the forefront of EMS’ businessphilosophy and is the reason EMS has maintained its leadership position since itsestablishment in providing feature-rich, easy-to-use applications for training and Entering Clinical Exam Roomperformance evaluation.EMS is committed to providing best-in-class solutions and using its expertise toaddress each client’s unique challenges, implementing features in an incrementalfashion as requirements dictate. Partnering with a proven single-source providerlike EMS gives customers a single resource that can build, implement, and managea complete end-to-end skills and simulation program in the most cost-efficientmanner possible. Best-of-breed solutions also mean that EMS’ “One CallSupport” responds to clients quickly, with automatic updates, enhancements,and support, all of which lead to long-term relationships. EMS views its clients as Standardized Patient Encounterpartners, and together will continue to strive for excellence in the products andservices provided.For more information, please visit our website 5
  7. 7. Education Management Solutions KEY SERVICES SERVICES Facilities Services EMS offers a number of services that provide a complete single vendor solution. Consulting Project Management Facilities Services • Consulting. emS works with clients to help define their Engineering simulation centers — the physical space, rooms, and functionality they’ll need to provide simulation sessions Installation using standardized patients and high-fidelity manikin environments. Enhancements • • Project Management. EMS project managers “own” each Education Services project completely, from the receipt of a purchase order to the Training completion of the project. EMS works closely with the client to ensure that all expectations are met. EMS can also effectively TotalCARE coordinate with multiple vendors and departments to ensure that each project is completed on time. Content • Engineering. Most simulation centers require custom configuration and design services. EMS engineers work closely with clients to ensure that the entire solution meets the client’s needs and budget. • • Installation. EMS works with clients to ensure timely and complete installation of its products. Even when EMS uses a client’s preferred sub-contractors, EMS takes full responsibility for the project when EMS is the primary contractor. • Enhancements. EMS provides billable services to clients who may need to conduct certain tasks in their environment but may not have the scope or resources to complete them in-house. An EMS sales manager can discuss these and other unique or individual needs.6
  8. 8. Education ServicesEMS’ Education Services division provides training and client support inaddition to content for simulation and standardized patient environments.In addition, the division manages planned education and training activitiesat client sites or through webinars, and provides stellar customer support. Arcadia Training• Training. EMS provides comprehensive training on the use of all products. Training may be conducted on-site, at the EMS Institute in Exton, PA, or virtually, using Microsoft’s Live Meeting webinars that come complete with user documentation and training guides.• TotalCARE. EMS support is the best in the industry. The total solution purchased from EMS is fully supported, including software and hardware. No more dealing with multiple vendors to resolve problems or obtain service for defective hardware. Users can contact EMS by phone, e-mail, and through its portal on the web. Control Station• Content. In partnership with a number of educational consortiums and simulator manufacturers, EMS offers accredited cases and scenarios, each created by content experts, for simulation and clinical skills training. Software and Hardware Suppor t 7
  9. 9. Education Management Solutions SOLUTIONS FEATURES & BENEFITS Total Skills CenterTM Checklist creation and scoring Arcadia Total Skills CenterTM (TSC) is a web-based software application for managing a clinical skills center. The application Automatic scheduling with provides: manual over ride option • Standardized Patient Life-Cycle. Recruitment, web-based Automatic paging announcements training, scheduling, checklist completion, and quality assurance are all included. Users can develop web-based Automatic/manual recording SP training tools that make use of text, video, and quizzes. using swipe card and login • Student Portfolio. Manage and update personal information, Video bookmarking for debriefing and feedback schedules, and calendars. Learners may complete pre- and post-session activities, review videos from previous training Allows attachment of EKG, x-ray, sessions, and review performance feedback from faculty. and other lab results for SOAP notes • Faculty. Review, evaluate, provide feedback to students, complete Qa analysis for Sp performance and case design, Generates numerous repor ts and revise and share cases with other faculty and staff. faculty can also score student performance and check Provides web-based lear ning for SPs statistics from one or more sessions. • Provides web streaming for • System Administrator. Manage application security, user accessing videos and checklists access, user role definitions, and access to video recordings off-site for students and faculty. The administrator may create and review final scores before generating and distributing Suppor ts simulated EMR standard reports. • • Case Repository. maintain detailed information about individual cases, build pre- and post-encounter student exercises (such as questionnaires, SOAP notes, clinical competency activities), student surveys, faculty or SP checklists for feedback or evaluation, and SP performance reviews.8
  10. 10. • Libraries. Create banks to store checklist items, multimedia, and lab reports used in learner activities.• Dictionary. Use keywords to automate post-encounter scoring and abbreviations for completing SOAP notes.• Automated Session Management. Schedule sessions using automated or manual session creation, allow students to select and manage dates for OSCE sessions, and automatically create session blueprint reports. With the optional Arcadia Total Digital AV Encounter Room application, faculty can run automatic or manual session video recordings and audio announcements. This powerful tool can also automate the indexing of video files and allow web-based viewing.• Scores. Review and edit SP, faculty, and student responses, and generate, edit, and normalize scores.• Reports. Generate more than 50 standard reports, customize reports based on needs, and export raw data. Obser vation Station• Clinical Competency. Evaluate students’ critical thinking in diagnosing a problem and in patient management. “EMS’ software has exceeded my expectations. Not only does it help in the performance• Simulated EMR. Manage and evaluate a patient’s electronic evaluation of our students, but it’s also a great medical record. human resource savings of personal time and effort, doing the work of one to two FTEs.” – Leland J. Rockstraw, PhD, RN Assistant Dean, Simulation, Clinical & Technology Learning Operations & Facility Oversight Drexel University, College of Nursing & Health Professions 9
  11. 11. Education Management Solutions FEATURES & BENEFITS Total SIMTM Facilitates scenario management Arcadia Total SIMTm (TSIM) is a web-based, user-friendly application and execution with features and functionality designed to meet the teaching, training, and performance assessment requirements of the most Automates the scheduling of lear ners, rooms, and equipment demanding curricula and goals of a simulation center. Uses standard bookmarks to allow Total SIM automates the entire simulation lab workflow, from searches across archived videos scenario development to scheduling, inventory management, and post-scenario analysis, saving valuable time and resources. Generates complete scenario post-analysis repor ts Use Total SIM to identify and define learning objectives, provide Provides lab inventor y pre- and post-simulation activities for learners, and set up scenarios, management story line, support files, equipment, and inventory requirements. Offers customizable checklists • Facilitates scenario creation with an easy-to-use wizard. Ensures Expor ts raw data all elements are defined for a planned session. Suppor ts simulated EMR • Allows for debriefing objectives for instructor-led simulation and self-evaluation. • Defines criteria for faculty feedback, evaluation, and scoring, as well as criteria for pre-simulation activities and post-simulation tasks completed by learners. • Defines and schedules rooms for planned events. Creates recurring events on an hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly basis. • allows users to review planned calendar for the center and request a date and time for a session. • Learners can select dates for an activity based either on availability or on a first-come, first-served basis.10
  12. 12. • View an integrated calendar of scheduled simulation and standardized patient sessions.• Integrate inventory with scheduled sessions. Manage inventory and availability of disposable supplies, drugs, and capital equipment for running a simulation scenario.• Schedule surveys (including anonymous surveys) after a session for learner experience and feedback. Obser vation Room• Generate scores and reports from faculty and evaluator checklists and learner activities. Export raw data.• Generate reports on center utilization, inventory, scheduled events, scores, statistics on student performance, and more.• Manage and evaluate a patient’s simulated electronic medical record. Simulation Room “EMS’ Total SIM and Total Digital AV adds a new dimension to our teaching, not only because it allows us to promote reflective learning, but also because it will help us link our assessment methods to the actual learning experiences of the students.” – Celeste G. Villanueva, CRNA, MS Director, Program of Nurse Anesthesia, Director, Health Sciences Simulation Center Samuel Merritt University 11
  15. 15. DEBRIEFING ROOM Education Management Solutions Total SIM sessions are web-based and can be streamed live or played back for debriefing in small or large classrooms, on-site or off-site. The Total SIM application can reside on a server in the control room or in a central av rack and accessed through a network. Total SIM integrates with Total digital av to include three or more channels of digital video encoding, predefined or free text annotations, simulator data integration and evaluation, and debriefing tools specifically designed for simulation events. Total Sim allows administrators to centralize all users, videos, simulator log files, session annotations, assessments, and reports in one web-accessible location, which can be searched, filtered, weighted, and retrieved remotely. SIMULATION CONTROL ROOM Simulated Session Quad-View Scenario14
  16. 16. CLIENT BENEFITS SIMULATION ROOM Improved patient safety Reduced cost of operation Reduced time on task Accurate and timely scoring Faster data analysis Expanded business oppor tunitiesTraining on a High-Fidelity Simulator 15
  17. 17. Education Management Solutions FEATURES & BENEFITS SIMXpress W ireless, por table, scalable, SIMXpress is a wireless, web-based, audio-video recording, and network-ready performance evaluation, and data management solution for simulation-based training. Portable and scalable, multiple SIMXpress Integrates with leading high-fidelity simulators units can be used as a complete network-enabled solution for centralized data management and shared video access. Integrates with multiple simulators in a single scenario SIMXpress is a SINGLE easy-to-use self-contained unit that Manages bookmarks and provides a powerful out-of-the-box solution: debriefing Enables video indexing and • Faster deployment. Ready to use. archiving • Improves operational efficiency. a single unit includes Captures audio, video, log file, everything you need to manage and operate your simulation and patient monitor vital signs program. from the simulator Enables scenario development • FREE webinar training. Automates scoring • Portability. Ideal for in-situ simulations. Generates performance reports • Wireless and scalable. No additional software required to and statistics integrate/network with other SIMXpress units. Manages scheduling • Web-based. Supports PC and Mac remote users. Manages inventor y Suppor ts simulated EMR SIMXpress standard out-of-the-box components: • 3 wireless PTZ cameras • 3 Camera pods and wall mounts • 3 Omni-directional microphones (optional wireless mics) • 2 terabytes storage • 1 portable server cart with 22” monitor for debriefing • Pre-installed software to manage and record three camera views, one or more high-fidelity simulator’s vital signs monitor, and event logs all SIMXpress configurations provide wireless capability.16
  18. 18. Education Management SolutionsFEATURES & BENEFITS SIM-EMR Create vir tual patients and SIM-EMR is an add-on module to EMS’ popular Arcadia Total develop their medical histories Skills Center™ (TSC) and Total SIM™ (TSIM) clinical simulation via a librar y of electronic for ms management software applications. It provides a platform for learners (medical and nursing) to practice basic physical Create a single copy of a assessment; review patient medication histories; assess and vir tual patient for multiple students to “ follow ” render recommendations regarding a patient’s drug regimen; implement, modify, and manage drug therapy; and review and Longitudinally follow a complete patient charting, and interpret lab results. patient through a series of simulated physician and Standardized patient encounters, high-fidelity simulator sessions, nursing encounters and instructor feedback can be used to assist learners in developing documentation skills using EMS’ SIM-EMR. Upload lab repor ts to the SIM-EMR librar y More than 40 examples of clinical documentation are included with TSC and TSim, such as: Use a vir tual patient in a Standardized Patient Session • Scanned images, x-rays, and documents linked to patient records • physician, nurse, and other clinician notes Use a vir tual patient in a Simulation Session • flow sheets • History and education Rate/Score the EMR • Medical record abstracts • medical record/chart tracking • daily food diary • Medication logs Training on SIM-EMR can lead to reduced charting errors and positive outcomes when learners practice as physicians and nurses in a health care environment. 17
  19. 19. Education Management Solutions FEATURES & BENEFITS mySIMonline View video and checklist on a mySIMonline is a hosted simulation management service designed single screen to fulfill and manage simulation programs at hospitals, community colleges, nursing schools, smaller departments of larger universities, Upload videos to a central librar y and audio- and video-only facilities, to name just a few. Score and expor t raw data to This flexible service allows users to: spreadsheets • Schedule participants, events, rooms, equipment, simulators, Manage inventor y props, and other tools. Secure data backup maintained • Plan pre- and post-simulation activities. by EMS • Create and manage simulation scenarios. No installation process • Generate multiple longitudinal reports. No computer equipment to purchase and manage • Print reports to a local printer. No hardware to replace over time • Upload videos and bookmark them for debriefing. Suppor ts simulated EMR • Upload MobilSIM, AVI, WMV, MPEG, AVS, and eTC videos to a central library. • Associate bookmarks, annotations, and checklists with a particular video. An annual subscription covers software and support. EMS maintains the servers and provides regular data backup. mySIMonline can help facilities cuts costs and even saves paper. Go Green!18
  20. 20. Education Management Solutions FEATURES & BENEFITS Check-in Kiosk Automatically collects usage and The emS Check-in Kiosk subsystem is an add-on module to the equipment utilization data EMS Arcadia Suite. It automates the manual, labor-intensive, paper-based processes and allows you to collect and trend room Displays the Center ’s schedule usage and equipment utilization data. The data is collected through for the day the Kiosk software, and Center utilization reports are generated Automatically updates the by EMS’ Arcadia software. schedule if par ticipants do not The reports provide answers to important questions such as: Who check-in is using the Center facilities, for how long, and for what purpose? Allows substitute personnel to be Is the Center being used to full capacity? Are students utilizing assigned their simulation practice time effectively? Is it reflected in their learning outcomes? Allows users to check-in using the keyboard, or a swipe or The Kiosk lets you accurately assess usage by all clients, internal and barcode card external. In addition, it allows you to satisfy clients’ requirements for usage reports and avoids payment delays. Allows users to check-in for multiple sessions EMS offers two types of Kiosks: wall-mounted and free-standing floor hardware models. The Kiosk software is integrated with EMS’ Per mits visitor check-in Arcadia software for center utilization and simulation/clinical skills Other depar tments and exter nal sessions attendance tracking. clients who use the center can Another option for the free-standing Kiosk is a wall-mounted be billed appropriately and in a timely manner monitor, typically used for digital signage that you can customize, including: • facility welcome message • event calendar for the day • Floor plan of the facility and “You are here” identification • PowerPoint presentations Integrating the Kiosk software with EMS’ Arcadia software provides more value than any other kiosk you may consider: the Check-in Kiosk is not merely for digital signage, it also helps track the utilization of a client’s simulation/skills center.20
  21. 21. Education Management SolutionsFEATURES & BENEFITS MyResponseTM Improves attentiveness MyResponse is an audience-response system designed and developed by EMS to provide an integrated experience for users Increases retention in simulation and other training environments. MyResponse: Offers anonymous polling • Is integrated with Microsoft PowerPoint for presentations and data collection from audience participants. Gathers individual responses • Integrates with Total SIM and Total Digital AV applications. Tallies and displays data immediately • Creates an interactive environment for conferences, Speeds up decision making meetings, and corporate training. Gathers data for reporting and analysis MyResponse provides: Confirms participant understanding • On-the-spot assessment, consensus determination, and of key points audience polling. Creates an interactive and enter taining learning environment • Enhanced decision-making aides and algorithms. • interaction and active participation from audience members. • Increased effectiveness for the presenter or trainer. • Ability to track, report, and communicate composite and individual responses. 21
  22. 22. Education Management Solutions FEATURES & BENEFITS Total Digital AV Integrates with simulators Arcadia Total Digital AV is a complete audio and video management solution. Easy operation and management Centers can design and build a solution using standard hardware Suppor ts IP-based digital audio and EMS’ proprietary software. Total Digital AV integrates with and video capture EMS’ Total Skills Center and the Total SIM application database for Secure video review complete management of an SP or simulation center. The Total Digital AV application can be used to start and Convenient, single-screen stop recordings: management of entire center • Manually, from the management application. Exceptional recording power • Automatically, based on a predefined schedule. • Automatically, based on a learner’s swipe card system. Superior video quality • Automatically, based on a simulator’s scenario session. Total Digital AV lets clients: • view live or recorded video from one or more rooms. • Stream live or recorded video to one or more users. • Create and manage paging announcements for simulated sessions. • view recordings that are synchronized and integrated with the simulator’s vital signs monitor, simulated events, and captured bookmarks. • Employ EMS’ proprietary DSP-based digital video recorder for automating recording and playback. • Create video bookmarks. • View a video and checklist on a single screen.22
  23. 23. Total Digital AV Component Architecture Robust, integrated solution For accessing live for stored file playback. streams and Allows stored data to be on-demand audio unicast or multicast on an and video. IP network. Converts any analog camera to provide IP capability.Provides 4-ch videoinput and 1-ch audioinput, and 1-chcomposite videooutput and 1-chspot video output. Ability to access live streams, request stored content, or access the Internet. 23 22
  24. 24. The Arcadia Suite provides cutting-edge softwareand state-of-the-art audio-video technology for immersive and simulation-based learning.
  25. 25. EMS ProductCatalog cover1-11.ind3 3 1/6/11 9:54:58 AM
  26. 26. ” Arcadia provides a comprehensive, highly customizable, and intuitive ” system to manage and retrieve data. – Celeste G. Villanueva, CRNA, MS Director, Program of Nurse Anesthesia, Director, Health Sciences Simulation Center Samuel Merritt University EMS is the leading provider of user-friendly and integrated clinical skills assessment software, training center management solutions, and custom-designed digital audio-video systems. Our breakthrough technology has revolutionized training at medical and nursing schools and allied health institutions around the world. Patient Safety is Our Focus. Education Management Solutions Education Management Solutions, Inc Oaklands Corporate Center 440 Creamery Way, Suite 100 Exton, PA 19341 Phone: 1-877-367-5050 Email: www.EMS-works.comEMS ProductCatalog cover1-11.ind4 4 1/6/11 9:55:21 AM