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Manchester Solicitors offering cost effective legal advice on employment, business law, personal injury, property matters, and payment protection insurance. For more information you can visit at

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Residential Conveyancing Solicitor Manchester

  1. 1. Business Bites legal e–newsletter Edition One October 2010 Welcome to the first edition of Robert Meaton & Co Solicitors legal newsletter. This month we are going to focus on employment law as significant changes came into force on 1st October. We hope that you will find Business Bites useful. If you need any further information about how any of the topics may affect your business contact: or telephone 0845 634 9955Changes to Employment Law • The definition of “victimisation” is amended so thatIncreases in the national minimum wage claimants only need to show that they have sufferedNew hourly rates take effect from 1st October 2010: a detrimentStandard Adult Rate: £5.93 (from £5.80) • Extending the concept of positive action, soDevelopment Rate : £4.92 (from £4.83) employers may recruit based on the selection of a job(workers aged 18-20) candidate with a “protected characteristic” if theYoung Workers Rate: £3.64 (from £3.57) candidates are equally suitable(under 18 years): • Employers cannot ask job applicants any questionsApprentices: £2.50 (new rate) about disability or health (except in specifiedThe new apprentice rate applies to all apprentices under 19 circumstances)or those aged 19 or over in their first year. • The definition of ‘disability’ is amended so that claimants are no longer restricted to a set list of day-Equality Act 2010 to-day activities that they must show they are unableThe primary aim of this hugely important legislation is to to doharmonise existing discrimination law. The “protected • Making employers liable, in certain circumstances,characteristics” under the Act are age; disability; gender for harassment by third parties in the workplacereassignment; marriage and civil partnership; pregnancy • The definition of “gender reassignment” is amended,and maternity; race; religion and belief (or lack of religion thereby removing the requirement for medicalor belief); sex; and sexual orientation. assessmentHowever there are also important new provisions that • The definition of “direct discrimination” is amendedemployers in particular need to take careful note of to so that people are protected if they sufferprotect themselves from possible discrimination claims by discrimination because they are perceived to have, oremployees – for example it is now possible that they can be are associated with someone who has, a protectedmade liable for harassment by others. As damages in characteristic. This will give, for example, newdiscrimination claims in Employment Tribunals are un- protection to carerscapped it is vital to comply with the new law. • Employment tribunals are able to make recommendations to benefit the whole workforce, notSome of the important changes include: just the claimant 1
  2. 2. Most elements of the new legislation come into force on 1st Employment AgenciesOctober 2010 however ministers are also considering how toimplement remaining provisions in the best way for businessand for others with rights and responsibilities under the Act. New regulations were introduced for employmentThese include:- businesses in The Conduct of Employment Agencies and● The socio–economic duty of public bodies Employment Businesses (Amendment) Regulations 2010. For full● Gender pay gap information details visit● Provisions relating to auxiliary aids in school● Diversity reporting by political parties For more information about employment law contact:● Positive action in recruitment and promotion Andrew Davies on 0845 634 9955• Provisions about taxi accessibility• Prohibition on age discrimination in services and public functions. Robert Meaton & Co Solicitors launches a legal protection package for employersAs you can see from the details of the latest Employment Act • a telephone advice line – manned by experienced and qualified solicitorskeeping up with all the changes can be problematic foremployers – no area of EU or UK law changes more frequently • an initial review of all your employment policies to ensurethan employment law! complianceEmployers have never been more at risk of business • an annual review of all relevant documentation such asinterruption, employee absence or litigation as a result of staff contracts, handbooks, holiday and sickness recordsclaims by employees. In the last financial year there were over etc.236,000 claims lodged in Employment • (optional) insurance to cover legal costs, court costs &Tribunals in England and Wales and this figure is likely to in- compensation awarded by Employment Tribunalscrease with the new Equality Act coming into force. Last yearthe average damages in discrimination claims were: The insurance policy is backed by a leading specialist insurance company and provides• disability discrimination £52087 indemnity in the unlikely event that litigation• age discrimination £10931 or a Tribunal became necessary.• sex discrimination £1949 Even the smallest firm can afford our employment lawWe can offer as simple solution to employment law package – prices range from £45.00 per monthworries, giving you the chance to get on with running your depending upon the size of the To find out more about Employer Assist or to obtain aFor an affordable monthly fee our new Employer Assist quote please contact Andrew Daviesscheme provides a number of benefits: or telephone 0845 634 9955. Robert Meaton & Co Solicitors Telephone: 0845 634 9955 1 Princess Street Fax: 0161 833 4251 Albert Square Email: Manchester M2 4DF Web: information in this newsletter is for general guidance only and does not constitute legal advice © Copyright Robert Meaton & Co 2