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Computer Reservation System (CRS) & Global Distribution System (GDS)


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Computer Reservation System (CRS) & Global Distribution System (GDS)

  1. 1. Prepared by Jasna Thilayil
  2. 2. CRS- Computer Reservation System & GDS- Global Distribution System
  3. 3. Computer Reservation System (CRS)  Also known as central reservation system. It is a computerized system to store and retrieve information. It conduct transactions related to air travel, hotel, car rental, or activities. It is originally designed and operated by airline. A CRS is the backend office system of the booking engine.
  4. 4.  And it enables you to administrate rates and availabilities comfortably and easily as well as evolution of all incoming booking.  Get an overview of the complete booking performance of e-distribution.
  5. 5. Global Distribution System (GDS)  Also called Automated Reservation System (ARS)  A world wide computerized reservation network.  It used as a single point of access.  For reserving airline seats, hotels, rental cars, other travel related items by travel agents, online reservation sites and large corporation.
  6. 6.  The premier global distribution systems are: o Amadens o Abacus o GDS Sabre o Galileo GDS Booking o World span  They are owned and operated as joint venture by major airline, car rentals companies and hotel groups.  Main fact that it costs airlines money to go through a GDS process.
  7. 7. GDS
  8. 8. HISTORY Origins  In 1946 America Airlines installed the first automated booking system.  The experimental electro mechanical reservisor, a newer machine with temporary storage.  It based on a magnetic drum, the magnetic reservisor soon followed.  The system proved successful.  It is used several airlines, including Sheraton Hotel.
  9. 9.  It create local human operators to do the actual lookups.  Such as ticketing agents would have to call a booking office, whose operator would direct small team operating the reservisor. Remote access  1953 Trans-Canada Airline (TCA) started investigating a computer based system with remote terminals.  It testing one design on the university of Toronto’s Manchester mark1  It was successful.
  10. 10. Travel Agent Access  1976 United began offering its Appolo system to travel agent.  It would not allow the agents to book tickets.  In 1978 travel agents released.
  11. 11. Global Distribution System (GDS) Amadens:  It is made up of vision, values, business strategy, to support the purpose as a company.  The company work with customers.  It offering a technology company dedicated exclusively global travel industry.  Is the largest GDS provides serving the world wide travel & tourism industry.  It gives access to book able contant from 435 airlines.
  12. 12.  Semi Automatic Business Research Environment (SABRE)  It is used by more than 55,000 travel agencies around the world.  With more than 400 airlines, 88,000 hotels, 24 car rental brands and 13 cruise liners.  The Sabre GDS enables companies such as:- American Airlines, American Express, BCD Travel, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Hogg Robinson Group (HRG).
  13. 13.  Galileo  It is part of travel port group of companies.  In 2006 had world wide market share of 22% for airline booking.  The Galileo can used to book train, cruises, car rental and hotel rooms.  Travel port is a global broad based business service provides.  It serves in every segment of the travel industry.
  14. 14.  World Span  Majority of travel agents used in this system.  Travel port is predominantly a global distribution system business which operates approximately 170 countries.  Include internationally recognized world span & Galileo GDS platform.  World span introduced in 1990.  Delta Airline & N.W Airline are major airlines.
  15. 15. Difference between CRS & GDS  It has same functions but  The CRS only provide information about airlines.  By using GDS can reserve a ticket , a room in a hotel and also a rental car.  Basically GDS use to reserve everything.  CRS operates that book & sell tickets for multiple airlines are known as global distribution system.  GDS also provide access also provide access to railway reservation and bus reservation.
  16. 16.  CRS is used to store & retrieve information related air travel, hotel, etc..
  17. 17. Prepared by Jasna Thilayil