Lesson 4 Introduction to Amadeus


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Brief intro to Amadeus company and its IT business solutions

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  • (1)  Malta Pension Investments is an independent and unrelated company  to Deutsche Lufthansa AG and its group of companies.  It forms part of a group of companies owned by  "Lufthansa Pension Trust e.V." and it is the entity to which  Deutsche Lufthansa AG makes contributions to finance future retirement benefits of its employees in Germany and abroad.Deutsche Lufthansa AG and Malta Pension Investments entered into an Agreement of 7 December 2012 (registration number with the CNMV 178604) by which Deutsche Lufthansa AG  reserves the faculty to exercise the contractual rights of the signatory shareholders of the Relationship Agreement of Amadeus IT Holding, S.A. of 29 April 2010  (registration number with the CNMV 124400), mainly, the appointment of a Director at the Board of Amadeus IT Holding, S.A., within the terms and conditions of the Relationship Agreement.(2) Political and economical rights of these shares are suspended to the extent they form part of the treasury stock.(3) Within the company’s Free Float, in accordance with the information showed by the official registries of the CNMV (the Spanish Securities Market Regulator), as of  July 11, 2013, the entities Goverment of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd (4.925% of direct voting rights), MFS Investment Management (5.017% of direct voting rights), Fidelity International Ltd. (2.11% of indirect voting rights) and Blackrock Inc. (4.969% of indirect voting rights).Likewise, Iberia has carried out a financial derivative transaction ("collar") over its total participation in Amadeus IT Holding S.A. (33,562,331 shares representing 7.5% of the share capital). As a guarantee of its obligations under the financial derivative, Iberia has granted a financial security over the total number of shares providing a disposal right over the shares in the benefit of the chargee ("acreedorpignoraticio") which has been exercised over  33,562,331 shares of Amadeus IT Holding S.A., representing 7.5% of the share capital, although Iberia is entitled to exercise or direct the exercise of the voting rights attached to such shares by way of a right to recall that can be exercised at any time  (relevant facts with registered numbers 172247 and 172254 of 7 and 8 of August 2012, respectively). 
  • Lesson 4 Introduction to Amadeus

    2. 2. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus Shareholder Structure • Formed in 1987 by an alliance between: – Air France – Lufthansa – Iberia Airlines – Scandinavian Airlines System in order to speed up booking and selling of airline tickets Shareholder structure on July 11, 2013
    3. 3. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus locations  Headquarters in Madrid, Spain  The central database is located at Erding, Germany  The development center is located at Sophia Antipolis (southwest of Nice), France. Madrid Erding Nice
    5. 5. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES What is Amadeus?  IT company that develop business solutions for the travel and tourism industry  Operates globally in the travel and technology market Common / overlapping platforms & applications Common data centre Common customers Common sales & marketing infrastructure DISTRIBUTION BUSINESS Provision of indirect distribution services 711 airlines (over 420 bookable) 24Insurance companies 50+cruise and ferry lines 207tour operators 110,000+ hotel properties 30car rental companies 95railways Travel providers Consumers/ General public Corporate travel departments Travel buyers Travel agencies Travel Management companies Business travel agencies Leisure travel agencies Online travel agencies Consolidators Single-site agency Travel search companies Airline sale offices and airline websites connected to Amadeus direct sell technology IT SOLUTIONS Including direct distribution technology
    6. 6. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES History of Amadeus  A GDS focused player  Initial investments into airline IT  Implementation of first web-based solutions  In 1989 Amadeus Yugoslavia was founded  Airlines increasingly investing in direct channel  Risk of disintermediation mitigated through further expansion into adjacent IT solutions market  Expansion of IT solutions into travel agencies point of sale and Hotels  Global and growing leadership position in both distribution and IT solutions to airlines 1987–1999 2000–2004 2005–2012 Key themes
    7. 7. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus GDS and PSS Market Share Global Distribution System (GDS) estimated Air Travel Agency 2011 market share Passenger Service System (PSS) estimated market share by passenger traffic in 2011 Amadeus 38% Others 62% Others 70% Amadeus 30%
    8. 8. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus distribution solutions  Direct e-commerce/web and mobile technology  Call centre and airline ticket office technology  Travel agency leisure e-commerce technology  Travel agency leisure retail and call centre shops  Corporate travel agency desktop technology  Travel agency mid and back-office solutions  Travel agency IT consulting services  Corporate self booking tool technology  Technology to link airlines PSS to other GDS/sales channels  A strategy of equal functionality across channels at the airlines choice
    9. 9. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Community-based platform Single data source Customer centric Automated and flexible Modular designed for change Reservation Inventory Departure control e-Commerce A unique vision, from booking to boarding, designed around 5 core concepts Amadeus Airline IT solutions (Altéa)
    10. 10. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Amadeus IT solutions for hotels  Hotel Platform – next generation above property solution integrating CRS, PMS, RMS  Revenue Management System (RMS)  Amadeus employs over 170 dedicated hotel experts covering every aspects of development, delivery and support and offers a rich portfolio of solutions to hotel companies
    11. 11. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES ©2011AmadeusITGroupSA Rail IT  Internet distribution  Reservation  Pricing & fares  Schedule & Inventory  Kiosk  On-board  Revenue Management System
    12. 12. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus technologies across the entire journey Traveller checks-in and receives boarding pass Traveller receives notification via mobile that return flight schedule has changed Action Travel agency / Traveller searches for best air fare and hotel content Traveller needs to change their travel date after ticket has been issued Travel agency/ Traveller makes air and hotel bookings and issues air e-ticket/hotel voucher paying with credit card Altéa Inventory Altéa Departure Control System Solutions for mobile applications Amadeus’ technology  Availability & Shopping Technology  TA Front Office  Altéa Reservation  Revenue maximisation (dynamic availability, journey data)  Self-booking tool for corporations Ticket ChangerGDS booking Altéa e-commerce E-ticketing & voucher Credit card authorisation Sales management solution Revenue Integrity Journey Trip planning & pricing Booking & ticketing On the move Check-in & boarding Change ticketing Post-trip Traveller completes travel expense report Travel agency issues invoice and reconcile travel to invoiced data Travel provider / Travel agency conducts revenue management and accounting activities
    13. 13. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus Functionalities Hands-on labs
    14. 14. AUSTRIAN SERBIAN TOURISM PROGRAMMES Amadeus Functionalities Objectives  Run Amadeus Platforms  Display Amadeus Information Pages  Encode and Decode  Display airline’s availability, schedule and timetable  Create a basic PNR  Add optional elements to the PNR  Retrieve and modify PNR