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Travel agency and tour operations


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Travel agency and tour operations

  2. 2. The Travel Agency Concept • Born after the industrial revolution • Travel became merchandised and in easy reach of an emerging working class • Cox and Kings and Thomas Cook were the pioneers of mass travel * Mass Travel – travel involving large number of people
  3. 3. Cox and Kings
  4. 4. Cox and Kings• Considered the oldest travel company in history• Richard Cox – founder of the agency, Cox & Co. worked for Gen. Lord Ligonier in 1740• He was rewarded the title of Military Agent• Has successfully established business connections and went into partnership with Mr. Drummond (London Bank)
  5. 5. Cox and Kings• By late 19th century : Cox & Co. merged with Henry S. King & Co. after the first world war and later on became Cox and Kings• The company is now privately owned and has extended its expertise to cover the Indian Subcontinent, Latin America, Africa, the Middle East, the Far East, Europe and Australasia.
  6. 6. Thomas Cook
  7. 7. Thomas Cook• Founded the agency by his name in November 1841• Cooks idea to offer excursions came to him while waiting for the stagecoach on the London Road at Kibworth.• On 5 July 1841, Thomas Cook arranged for the rail company to charge one shilling per person that included rail tickets and food for this train journey.
  8. 8. Thomas Cook• In 1844 the Midland Counties Railway Company agreed to make a permanent arrangement with him provided he found the passengers• In 1846, he took 350 people from Leicester on a tour of Scotland, however his lack of commercial ability led him to bankruptcy.• found success when he claimed that he arranged for over 165,000 people to attend the Great Exhibition in London.
  9. 9. Thomas Cook• Cook established inclusive independent travel‘• With John A Mason Cook, he formed a partnership and renamed the travel agency asThomas Cook and Son.• Their business model was refined by the introduction of the hotel coupon in 1866.• In 1865, the agency organised tours of the United States, picking up passengers from several departure points.
  10. 10. Thomas Cook• Thomas Cook introduced circular notes, a product that later became better known by American Expresss brand, travellers cheques• The firms growth was consolidated by John Mason Cook and his two sons
  11. 11. Top Travel Agencies in the Philippines• WOW Philippines travel Agency• Rajah Travel and Tours• Blue Horizons Travel and Tours• Scorpio Travel and Tours