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James Howard - The Little Red Menace


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This presentation reviews cartoons from the New Yorker with a Cold War theme and particularly those that touched on the Red Menace. This presentation was given on May 3, 2001, at the University of Maryland.

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James Howard - The Little Red Menace

  1. 1. James Howard -- May 3, 2001 1 The Little Red Menace The New YorkerThe New Yorker looks at the Red Scarelooks at the Red Scare James HowardJames Howard
  2. 2. James Howard -- May 3, 20012 Introduction  New YorkerNew Yorker cartoonscartoons  Upper classUpper class  Politically powerfulPolitically powerful  The Red ScareThe Red Scare  1945-19611945-1961
  3. 3. James Howard -- May 3, 20013 Cartoon Themes  American lifeAmerican life  Soviet lifeSoviet life  Military lifeMilitary life  Political and government lifePolitical and government life  ScienceScience  The Red ScareThe Red Scare
  4. 4. James Howard -- May 3, 20014 Topic Areas  PoliticsPolitics  GovernmentGovernment  Home lifeHome life  ChildrenChildren
  5. 5. James Howard -- May 3, 20015 October 6, 1956 ““I have never stooped, my friends,I have never stooped, my friends, nor will I now stoop, to thenor will I now stoop, to the kind of vicious falsehoods, mudkind of vicious falsehoods, mud slinging, and personalslinging, and personal vilification indulged in by myvilification indulged in by my opponent and his Commieopponent and his Commie pals.”pals.”
  6. 6. James Howard -- May 3, 20016 June 18, 1949 ““We haven’t anything right now,We haven’t anything right now, but you might try again in abut you might try again in a week or so. There’s a rumorweek or so. There’s a rumor that the gentleman in 8-A maythat the gentleman in 8-A may not pass his loyalty test.”not pass his loyalty test.”
  7. 7. James Howard -- May 3, 20017 August 30, 1947 ““Here’s the record, Chief. He’s aHere’s the record, Chief. He’s a member of the Sons of Democracy,member of the Sons of Democracy, the American Friends ofthe American Friends of Worldwide Democracy, theWorldwide Democracy, the Guardians of the AmericanGuardians of the American Heritage, the People’s League forHeritage, the People’s League for Good citizenship, the Friends ofGood citizenship, the Friends of Freedom, the Conference for theFreedom, the Conference for the Furtherance of ConstitutionalFurtherance of Constitutional Government, the League for theGovernment, the League for the Preservation of American Freedom,Preservation of American Freedom, the Sentinels of Democracy, thethe Sentinels of Democracy, the Golden Rule Association, theGolden Rule Association, the Society for the Support of theSociety for the Support of the Constitution of the United States,Constitution of the United States, the International Congress for thethe International Congress for the Furtherance of Democracy, theFurtherance of Democracy, the Conference for the Observance ofConference for the Observance of the Ten Commandments, and thethe Ten Commandments, and the Society for the Preservation ofSociety for the Preservation of North American Wild Life. WeNorth American Wild Life. We think he’s a Commie.”think he’s a Commie.”
  8. 8. James Howard -- May 3, 20018 July 17, 1950 ““It’s true, sir, that the StateIt’s true, sir, that the State Department let me go, but thatDepartment let me go, but that was solely because ofwas solely because of incompetence.”incompetence.”
  9. 9. James Howard -- May 3, 20019 December 13, 1947 ““And do you, Rodney, aver thatAnd do you, Rodney, aver that you are not and never haveyou are not and never have been a member of thebeen a member of the Communist Party?”Communist Party?”
  10. 10. James Howard -- May 3, 200110 October 14, 1950 ““With this one, we ask our patronsWith this one, we ask our patrons to submit to a loyalty test. Itto submit to a loyalty test. It could be very dangerous in thecould be very dangerous in the hands of a spy.”hands of a spy.”
  11. 11. James Howard -- May 3, 200111 July 8, 1950
  12. 12. James Howard -- May 3, 200112 December 13, 1947 ““Are you now, or have you everAre you now, or have you ever been, a naughty boy?”been, a naughty boy?”
  13. 13. James Howard -- May 3, 200113 Other Points  No parallel in Soviet lifeNo parallel in Soviet life  Minimal comparison to childrenMinimal comparison to children  Following the Hollywood Ten scandalFollowing the Hollywood Ten scandal
  14. 14. James Howard -- May 3, 200114 Closing  The Red Scare was pervasiveThe Red Scare was pervasive  Children were not immune to its affectsChildren were not immune to its affects  The upper class, because of its specialThe upper class, because of its special political power, was affected morepolitical power, was affected more