Social sales enablement with jive


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Business Value with Deal Rooms

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Social sales enablement with jive

  1. 1. Sales EnablementviaJive’s Enterprise SocialNetworking
  2. 2. Proven in CEMEX Industry© Jive confidential2"Jive has helped Hanley Wood break down silosacross audience groups and geographies to build a morecollaborative team," said Bob Benz, president of content at Hanley Wood."The new features in Jive Spring cloud release will make iteven easier for our employees across the country to work together."
  3. 3. Challenges in Deal ManagementMisused Resources• Re-use same people• Can’t find resources• Experts don’t use CRMRecreating the Wheel• Recreate content• Poor Doc Collaboration• Answering same ?’sNo Central Deal Hub• Notes everywhere• Repeating conversations• Buyer FrustrationDisconnected Access• Can’t prep for meetings• Ineffective sales calls• Lost dealsTransform Deal Collaboration across roles, applications, and geographiesExecutivesMarketingProductClientSellerStaticDirectoryMeetingsBest PracticesIdeas / AnswersOutcomesBUSINESS IMPACT = × # Meetings × # Accounts × # Sellers
  4. 4. How Jive addresses sales team challengesAfter JiveChallenge area▪ Sales tools developed collaboratively faster with more cross-team input▪ Content creators can easily see in-line feedback, ratings, popularityContent created in silosDifficult getting input▪ Sales and marketing collateral is in an open team network where it isconstantly revised and commented on▪ Ratings systems ensure that the best content rises to the top▪ Online or offline - reps have everything they need, on their iPad or laptopLatest sales tools stuckin an intranet & inboxesEnabling Sales▪ The entire deal cycle is captured in a conversations for future referenceDeal stories andlearns never shared▪ All members of the quote team can quickly and easily participate andcollaborate on documents in-line and asynchronously▪ New team members can read conversations around deals to get contextProposals are too oftendone in silos▪ All relevant experience and expertise brought to life with rich profilesvisible of every person in the company▪ Native mobile apps brings every expert to the sales reps fingertipsIt’s impossible to findexperts▪ All the latest tools and resources are easily searchable within Jive, withviews/ratings to direct sales people to the best / most appropriate documentsPreparing quotes is anightmareManaging Deals
  5. 5. Business Value with Deal RoomsDeal Sizes: 5%• Quarterback the best experts to solution / cross sell• Enhanced business case justification / negotiationWin Rates: 12%• Higher quality presentations and proposals• JIT competitive sharing and differentiationDeals / Year: 8%• Immediate access to knowledge and experts• Less duplication of effort across dealsSupport Costs: 14%• Visibility across deals, regions, risk, need.• Governed self service model for requestsDeal Cycle Time: 22%• Streamlined deal coordination and process• Less bottlenecks greater and agility to respond$5.5-$10.5 Million33%  in Wins Rate30%  Sales Cycle29%  in Support CostSource: Jive customer survey performed by Top 3 Global Consulting Firm
  6. 6. Purposeful PlacesExample – “The Deal Desk”• Optimized for the goal.Close a deal, work with a client, plana campaign, enablement…• 1-stop-shop for all the criticalpeople, data, and work, fromacross systems.• Choose the template,customize the experience.• Quick-create integration APIswith rich interactive displays.Salesforce, Chatter, Social Web,Email, Producteev, LinkedIn…
  7. 7. Other StreamsDeal Info.Probability
  8. 8. Jive Find – Intelligent Search
  9. 9. Impact & Insight – Know What’s Working
  10. 10. Mobile
  11. 11. Jive adds value to other applicationsEmail / Productivity ECM / DMSCRM / ERPPURPOSEFULPLACEAny Website• 21% decrease in email• 16% decrease in meetings• 27% decrease in duplicated tasks
  12. 12. Other StreamsDeal Info.Probability
  13. 13. “Jive has moved into avery dominant marketposition and now looks toaccelerate rapidly.”Forrester Research“Jive is in the Leadersquadrant. It continues togain enterprise-scalecustomers thanks to itsbroad productcapabilities andsubstantial visibility.”GartnerJive X4.Gartner Magic Quadrantfor Externally Facing SocialSoftware August 2011Gartner Magic Quadrantfor Social Software in theWorkplace September 2012Forrester Wavefor Enterprise Social PlatformsAugust 2011Gartner Magic Quadrantfor Social CRMSeptember 2012Jive - The market leading platform . . .