Build a Better Business


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Build a better business by hiring Kathy Herrmann to meet your project management or business consulting needs.

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Build a Better Business

  1. 1. Build a Better Business.
  2. 2. Are you trying to build a better mouse trap? Then you need the right people on board to help you…
  3. 3. …surge ahead of the crowd.
  4. 4. I’m passionate about helping companies build a better business by energizing transformation.
  5. 5. My super power? I solve complex problems using original and innovative solutions.
  6. 6. Companies hire me because they need a T- shaped pro... …to solve complex problems using innovative solutions. They hire me for my ingenuity.
  7. 7. 7 Centers of Excellence • Project Management: • Collaborative leadership. • Budgeting and forecasting. • Risk management. • Resource planning. • Scheduling. • Quality management. • Vendor management, including offshore developers. • Waterfall and agile. • Enterprise solutions. • Business Consulting: • Business strategy. • Needs analysis. • Business requirements. • Functional spec documentation.
  8. 8. As an information explorationist, I’m passionate about collecting, analyzing, and synthesizing quantitative and qualitative information to find the story behind the data. Translate business activities into business results. Arm yourself with actionable intelligence.
  9. 9. I’m a visionary who sees what’s possible. Get to “There” from “Here” using my inventive strategies. Gain inspired yet practical strategies.
  10. 10. Fix old problems or find new pathways with my trailblazing solutions. Propel your innovation.
  11. 11. I’m a collaborative bridge between them, defining business requirements or leading software implementations. Ensure the solution meets your needs. Connect user groups and IT pros.
  12. 12. Empower your team. I’m an collaborative leader who awakens and empowers others.
  13. 13. A selection of my achievements…. Devised groundbreaking social ROI methodologies. E.g., showed one client $11.1m in retained customer revenues with 701% ROI. Automated online customer reservation system for small RV rental company. Defined business requirements. Grew recurring services revenues by over $550k w/in 1st yr of designing multi- tiered software maintenance program and pricing model. Spearheaded an $300k accelerated software implementation for an association with $15m in revenues and implemented the solution in 1/2 time. Aligned clients' business strategy with automated workflow processes & technology (incl Defined business requirements. Integrated across marketing, sales, order fulfillment, and customer service. Increased flagship software sales by 20% & customer satisfaction through expert re-branding (product definition, positioning, and pricing). Led $1m project to develop Responsive Design .NET controls for a consortium of the 4 top YMCAs.
  14. 14. Wrap up
  15. 15. I provide extraordinary value as an an insightful problem solver who embraces results-focused business performance. And you gain an inventive visionary & collaborative change agent.
  16. 16. Kathy Herrmann 571-236-7929