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Freelance Business Talk


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A brief talk on doing ronin in the animation business.

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Freelance Business Talk

  1. 1. Animation Business Basics orNotes from The Freelance Life
  2. 2. Animation Business Basics orNotes from The (Independant Contractor) Life paladin free agent condottiere ronin solo act mercenary
  3. 3. “No one’s job is secure. Some freelancers contend theyre safer working for themselves rather than depending on one employer.  If one client disappears, freelancers can fall back on several others.” Qtd. Daniel Pink, Welcome to the Age of the Freelancer Gary M. Stern November 27, 2012
  4. 4. read/think about business
  5. 5. It’s not that hard, but it’s constant.
  6. 6. It’s Show BUSINESS not Show ART
  7. 7. Think of yourself as a business person not just as an artist.PROFESSIONAL / Entrepreneur / SBO
  8. 8. Business Structure Taxes Contracts Finding Work Rembrandt
  9. 9. Business Structure Sole Proprietor Partnership Incorporation
  10. 10. Business Structure Sole Proprietor
  11. 11. Business Structure Partnership
  12. 12. Business Structure Partnership
  13. 13. Business Structure Partnership
  14. 14. Business Structure Incorporation
  15. 15. Business Structure Sole Proprietor **DISCLAIMER**
  16. 16. Business Structure Sole Proprietor Register a name Current Account HST # CAVCO#
  17. 17. TAXES
  18. 18. TAXES Pre Payor save to pay at least 20%
  19. 19. TAXES
  20. 20. TAXES CCRA Audit
  21. 21. TAXES Paperwork READ tax prep articles Listen to the budgets Get an accountant
  22. 22. TAXESDeductions or Write offs self-employment expenses must be documented
  23. 23. TAXESDeductions or Write offs Not Free Money You have spend it to write a portion off of next yearʼs taxes Why I bought an iPad on December 31
  24. 24. Business Expenses 100% Supplies Website creation Business stationary Computer softwareConvention expenses (2 per year) Travel for work Entertainment (%) Student loan interest
  25. 25. Business Expenses Capital Assets CCA capital cost allowance 30% per year(Hardware, monitors, Cintiqs, tablets, scanners, printers, cars, etc.)
  26. 26. Home Based Business Expenses % Rent Mortgage Mortgage interest Home/Apartment Insurance Power/Hydro Bills Gas Bills Property Tax Assessment Water/Sewer Bills
  27. 27. lossagainstincome
  28. 28. Financial LiteracyYou need a plan todeal with your debt.
  29. 29. CONTRACTS aka: Deal memo Purchase Order/POProduction Agreement etc.
  30. 30. CONTRACTSThe Going Rate:20 bucksan hourbenefits after 6 months.
  31. 31. CONTRACTS For production companies, little negotiation in price.Where did you pay last yearʼs taxes?
  32. 32. CONTRACTS Uneducated clientsYour job is to educate them through your deal memo.
  33. 33. CONTRACTS Know thy timeHow long will it take to do the work? What’s their deadline? Is it enough?
  34. 34. CONTRACTS Know thy time Build deadlines into the schedule Link payments to these stagese.g.: 1/3 to start, 1/3 roughs,1/3 final DUE ON DELIVERY
  35. 35. CONTRACTS Know thy timeYour monthly expenses X 3 = your price
  36. 36. CONTRACTSKnow thy RIGHTSDefine these in your deal memo. Further use of your workshould mean more money for you.BARTER/get something else if moneyʼs tight
  37. 37. CONTRACTS Know thy RIGHTS “Copyright protection is at the heart of our sustanance as graphic artists. Keeping current and informed on copyright issues enables artists to sell and clients to purchase, only the rights necessary for their specificneeds. Copyright knowledge makes for better contracts, fewer misunderstandings, and better business experiences for all.” Hayden S. Adams, President Graphic Artists Guild.
  38. 38. CONTRACTSAfter you finish the job,INVOICE for it. Put terms on it.
  39. 39. CONTRACTS “Ya gotta be ready to die.” You have to be able to walk away if the client wants more than you are willing to give.Know when to hold ‘em and when to fold ‘em.
  40. 40. CONTRACTS Look at examples fromgraphic design or illustration business sites and adapt them.
  41. 41. Finding WorkCONNECTIONS Animation is a team sport
  42. 42. Finding WorkLearn from your peers Share information
  43. 43. Finding Work
  44. 44. Finding Work Don’t look for a JOB Find Clients strategic vs. tacticallong term vs. short term
  45. 45. Finding Work Forget the blog Build a websitepresentation is everything.
  46. 46. Finding Work Find your niche then market the hell out of itNEVER compete on price alone
  47. 47. Finding WorkKnow How Business Runs how accounting departments work how shows are bought and sold who selects freelancers
  48. 48. Finding Work“Luck affects everything.Let your hook always be cast.In the stream where you least expect it,there will be fish.” Ovid
  49. 49. Finding WorkGOOD work vs. good work
  50. 50. Finding WorkHow to get a job at Pixar?
  51. 51. Finding WorkHow to get a job at Pixar? Have them call you.
  52. 52. read/think about business
  53. 53. Read Emerson’s“Self Reliance”
  54. 54. “The reward of a thing welldone, is to have done it.”“Skill to do comes of doing.”
  55. 55. It’s not that hardbut it’s constant.
  56. 56. Faith will be rewarded perseverance
  57. 57. “Courage is being scared to death,but saddling up anyway.” John Wayne
  58. 58.
  59. 59. zen
  60. 60. ?