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Anim30261 assign winter2013

  1. 1. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 1Assignment #1: Story/Content Experiments 30%(half per experiment)Project Brief:Experiment with two (2) story concepts that could be your 4th year thesis project. The story mustbe able to be told in 1 minute. (This is the maximum currently allowed for the 4th year project.) Ifyou feel this limits your creativity, please prepare a 1-minute section of a longer piece.Please use these ideas to express your personal vision while trying different types of story.Like with life drawing, you generate a number of drawings and select from the best of them.Story ideas are developed in the same way. Try different approaches to tell a story visually. Thebest way to have a great idea is to have lots of ideas.Consider these ways/styles to tell stories: PSAs: (public service announcement,) documentaries,personal stories, storybook apps, title sequences/ motion graphics, mobile apps, casual games,console games, etc. Please feel free to add to any of these types of stories.Keep a sketchbook or journal to archive your development of ideas. Many artists develop ideasover a number of years. Give yourself a place to reference and retrieve your work.Think hard about what story you want to tell and who your audience is. Is it personal? Do thevisuals tell the story without the written?Written: 10% (1 page maximum)Prepare a logline (one sentence) and a synopsis (2 paragraph maximum) and include any webresearch sites you’d like to cite. Is there a beginning, middle, and end? What’s the point of view?Is there a theme?Visual: 10%Use whatever you’d like to communicate your idea clearly. Concept sketches, rough boards, etc.Include any visual reference (photos, clips, web reference, etc.) you are considering.Presentation: 10% (5 minutes maximum)Present your concept during the lab period. Please be prepared to give feedback in lab to yourpeers on their presentations.Project Goal:This is to practice your storytelling, visual development, and presentation skills.Deliverables:DUE IN LAB Period WEEK 4 (#1) and 7 (#2)1 hard copy (written only.)1 digital PDF in hand in folder. (Separate PDF for reference and presentation.) Presentation package (hard copy) must be presented prior to your presentation.  
  2. 2. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 2Assignment ##2: Team Research Project 30%Project Brief:Self organize into four (4) groups within your class. Select a project -something the entire groupis interested in -and research it. Find projects that you can easily access information on. (Noproject older than 5 years.) For example: (Angry Birds, Rio, Archer.) Points will be awarded forinnovative project selection.In Lab Week 2: Identify your groups and the project you plan to investigate.THERE WILL BE NO DUPLICATION OF PROJECTS AMONG GROUPS.A random selection process will be implemented.Brainstorm all aspects of the project. Ask these and other questions: What’s the timeline: How long did it take to be developed, to be “greenlit,” executed, and distributed? What is the development process? Are there transmedia aspects? Is there merchandizing? What’s the business model? How is it funded? Who pays for development? How many animators, layout, storyboard artists, compositors to complete the project? What’s the workflow (software used?) Is/was it successful? Place it in time: What was going on technically? What’s/who’s the competition?Fire up and build your network. Interview someone working or who had worked on the project.Get a sense of what their work life is like? Ask a 4th Year about their coop to gather names andintelligence.Written: Research Report 15%Two (2) pages (500 words) with citations, quotes and web references.(Add a page as to who did what on the project. i.e. written: ___, research:___, presentationformat:___, etc.)Visual: Research Presentation 15%Twenty (20) slides and ten (10) minutes (including time for plus questions.) To be presentedduring the second half of semester labs. Use as many pages in the report of visual reference youfeel will tell the story.Please be prepared to give feedback in lab to your peers on their presentations.Project Goal:It is critical to understand how the industry you are going into works, how to research for jobsearches, and how to work quickly and collaboratively.Deliverables:DUE IN LECTURE Period WEEK 91 hard copy (written only.)1 digital PDF in hand in folder. (Separate PDF for reference and presentation.) Presentation package (hard copy) must be presented prior to your presentation.  
  3. 3. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 3Assignment #3: 4th Year Project Development 30%Project Brief:Produce a concept package or pitch bible for your 4th year thesis project.Please design your package professionally: headings, subheading, page numbers, etc.Format as a portfolio submission.The package should include:Written: (maximum 5 pages.) 10%A logline (one sentence) and a synopsis (2 paragraph max.)A brief outline of a script.Character descriptions.World descriptions: setting, locations.Audience Research: state clearly the intended audience and support it with examples of similarprojects for this audience.Theme: (artist’s statement) What story are you telling? What’s the point of view?Also include a proposed style, workflow and techniques you plan to use.Visual: (maximum: 10 pages) 15%Tell your story visually. Include in your bible: story sketches, preliminary character designs,concept work, location designs, technique explorations, etc. Include any research material youdeem necessary. A timed rough board is required. (lecia if you’d like but it will change.)The visual and written should be integrated into one package: formatted and designed forclear presentation and readability.Presentation: 5 minutes (maximum: 10 slides) 5%Presentation in lab weeks 11 and 12.Please be prepared to give feedback to give feedback in lab to your peers on their presentations.Project Goals:This project is the culmination of your two semesters in 3rd year Story. You are required to applyall of the information you’ve learned in 3rd year. You will need a storyboard in the 2nd week ofthe 4th year in this program. The concept of the program is that every semester leads to the next.This project leads directly into your 4th year final thesis project.Deliverables:DUE IN LAB Period WEEK 111 hard copy (professional portfolio style)1 digital PDF in hand in folder. (Separate PDF for bible and presentation.) Presentation package (hard copy) must be presented prior to your presentation.  
  4. 4. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 4Assignment #4 “What’s Your Story So Far?” Portfolio Assessment 10%Project Brief:Gather, format and present your work this term and self assess your progress in story. Pleaseinclude your concept experiments, rough boards, beat boards, sketch journal, personalexperiences, written work, etc. from your work in Anim 30261. Include any work you believetells your story. Format and design your portfolio presentation professionally.This will be a personal interview with the instructor to review and assess your contribution andprogress in the course. The concept is to simulate a 5 min. portfolio review with a prospectiveclient. Dress and appropriate professional demeanor will be a factor in this grade.Project Goal:This is to allow you the opportunity to honestly assess of your progress and effort in Anim 30261this term and to simulate an interview process.Deliverables:DUE IN LAB Period WEEK 13 &14 (Schedule to be posted)1 hard copy (professional portfolio style)1 digital PDF in hand in folder.