ANIM30261       3rd Year Story Lab        Winter 2013                                                       1ANIM30261Stor...
ANIM30261       3rd Year Story Lab       Winter 2013                                               2       8. Synthesize m...
ANIM30261      3rd Year Story Lab     Winter 2013                3WEEK 3LABExperiment #1: Group 1 PresentationWEEK 4LABExp...
ANIM30261      3rd Year Story Lab   Winter 2013   4WEEK 11LABResearch Projects Continue4th Year Concept Work Period Refine...
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Anim30261 syllabus handout winter2013


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Anim30261 syllabus handout winter2013

  1. 1. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 1ANIM30261Storyboarding- Project DevelopmentWinter 2012 3rd Year Story LabInstructor: James R. Caswelljames.caswell1@sheridanc.on.caOffice hours: TBARoom A160.Meetings may be arranged outside office hours. Please email for appointment.Detailed Description This course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to establish a personal artistic vision that will direct their senior project in Year 4. Students are involved in conducting independent research for the story concepts that will be the basis of the Senior Film Project they develop in Year 4. Methodologies include a variety of location studies, interviews with subject matter experts, development and collection of photo and video to support their individual artistic voice. Products to be developed for their final portfolio submissions include a short essay, sketches, concept art illustrating story arcs, drawings and a summary. Other components might include set designs, story arc panels, character pages and short scripts. Students present a summary of their project work before submission of the portfolio. Through interactive lecture, discussion, independent research and portfolio development, students learn to generate a story from initial concept to full portfolio development in preparation for the senior film project in Year 4.Course Critical Performance By the end of this course, students will have demonstrated the ability to design a comprehensive portfolio that showcases a personal artistic expression, style, vision and effective problem-solving through extensive research and in-depth development of a story concept.Learning OutcomesTo achieve the critical performance, students will have demonstrated the ability to: 1. Evaluate a play, opera, ballet or cinematic film in terms of story and performance in the context of their artistic vision. 2. Create a sketch journal of diverse observations of reference material that supports a focused vision. 3. Generate an artist’s statement that incorporates research developed from a variety of documented sources. 4. Utilize various research approaches to create component pieces of their portfolio. 5. Interview an expert in the subject under research, to assist in the development of story concept. 6. Develop an outline of a potential script. 7. Summarize their story through the development of selected visual story beats.
  2. 2. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 2 8. Synthesize material researched and developed into specific components to create a working portfolio reflecting a focused vision. 9. Articulate their artistic vision clearly and succinctly in a presentation to peers. 10. Complete all deliverables in accordance with the deadlines provided. 11. Participate actively and constructively in critiques.Evaluation PlanStudents demonstrate their learning in the following ways: Assignment 1: Story Experiments 30% Assignment 2: Team Project Report 30% Assignment 3: 4thYear Concept/Storyboard 30% Assignment 4: “What’s Your Story So Far?” 10% Total: 100%No Textbook Required.Recommended Reading List:Levy, David B., Animation Development: From Pitch to Production, Allworth Press; 2009.Murray, Joe. Creating Animated Cartoons with Character: A Guide to Developing and Producing YourOwn Series for TV, the Web, and Short FilmSheridan, Sherri. Developing Digital Short Films. New Riders. 20043rd Year Story Lab: 1LABIntroduction Project Development:The Story Thus Far: Assignments, Procedures and Expectations.WEEK 2LABPresentation Techniques/ FlexibilityExperiment #1: Rough Idea/ Work period.Industry Research Group Selection.
  3. 3. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 3WEEK 3LABExperiment #1: Group 1 PresentationWEEK 4LABExperiment #1: Group 2 PresentationWEEK 5LABWork period.WEEK 6LABExperiment #2 Group 2 Presentation.WEEK 7LABExperiment #2: Group 1 Presentation______________________________________________________________READING WEEK_______________________________________WEEK 8LABPrep 4th year Concept/Work Period.WEEK 9LABResearch Projects Presentations Commence4th year Concept Work Presentation Group#1WEEK 10LABResearch Projects Continue4th year Concept Work Presentation Group#2
  4. 4. ANIM30261 3rd Year Story Lab Winter 2013 4WEEK 11LABResearch Projects Continue4th Year Concept Work Period Refinement Group#1WEEK 12LABResearch Projects Continue4th Year Concept Work Period Refinement Group#2WEEK 13LABPortfolio Review Self Assessment Group #1WEEK 14LABPortfolio Review Self Assessment Group #2