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Meditep. Events


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Published in: Health & Medicine
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Meditep. Events

  1. 1. EVENTS
  2. 2. EventsMeditep has a team specialised in medical marketing, offering differential solutions. With ourprofessionals, that have a long and varied experience, your events and initiatives will have theimpact you expect on your customers, with the added value of differentiation and efficiency. InMeditep we look for innovation through creativity and emotional marketing, integrating newtechnologies and audiovisual resources. We manage all events in an inclusive andcomprehensive way, giving you tranquillity while reaching your objectives.
  3. 3. “Meditep: más innovación y más creatividad” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?Meditep has one of the most exclusivemeeting and event space, with all the Mediteps goal is that all our customersnecessary resources to fulfil your goals. We reach their objectives. Let us know whatoffer a large multi-purpose room in Madrid you intend with your events andcity centre, clear and well lit, prepared to initiatives and we will offer youimprove the results of all your meetings and innovative and differential
  4. 4. Mediteps services portfolio includes the organisation, management and cooperation in different typesof events. We have our own meeting space, designed by professionals to obtain a better performanceand efficiency in meetings and seminars.1. ORGANISATION OF CONGRESSES AND SEMINARSIn Meditep we are very experienced in the organisation of congresses of different types and reach: local,regional, national and international. We specialise in the scientific and medical field, and present aninnovative approach.1.1. Design and planning of congress and communication conferences1.2. Dissemination and publicising of events among groups of interest and targeted customers1.3. Creation and management of websites, as well as a mailing strategy development1.4. Fundraising and management of financial resources and sponsors1.5. Selection and preparation of venues and audiovisual resources1.6. Comprehensive management: administration, suppliers, customers, logistics, finances…1.7. Scientific secretariat, including support and communication with speakers1.8. Assessment and evaluation of communication proposals, presentations and posters1.9. Reception and management of inscriptions1.10. Preparation and review of the presentations scientific materials
  5. 5. 1.11. Management of travel, accommodation and transportation for speakers and attendants 1.12. Assistance and support personnel during the event 1.13. Written, audiovisual and multimedia materials about the event and its contents 1.14. Dissemination of the congress results and its scientific contents2. MEETINGS WITH WORK GROUPS AND PRESENTATIONSIf your event aims at obtaining the best results with the greatest efficiency for your work group, or ifyou plan to carry out a presentation to your customers, we can offer the following specific services:2.1. Our own and exclusive space, prepared to render the best meeting efficiency. We have alarge and clear space adaptable to your needs, that can even change its disposition and resourcesduring your meeting2.2. Design and planning of spaces and schedules according to your needs and objectives2.3. Preparation of support materials for workshops and presentations2.4. Adaptation of resources for press conferences and media presentation2.5. Management of transportation, accommodation, meals…2.6. Support of TeamBuilding activities
  6. 6. 3. TRAINNING ACTIVITIESTraining requires a specifically designed and dedicated preparation to obtain a most effective andhigher performance of the sessions. For this reason, in Meditep we adapt some specific services:3.1. Event design and planning according to its goals and attendance3.2. Choice and management of spaces, audiovisual resources and support materials3.3. Organisation of the transport and support of speakers and trainers3.4. Preparation of specific materials before, during and after the sessions3.5. Audiovisual and multimedia production for the training sessions3.6. Online communication platform for activities before the session3.7. Post-event follow up with e-Learning resources
  8. 8. Meditep, Medical & Clinical Marketing Services ContactoS.L.Parque Comercial Málaga Nostrum. C/Jaén 9Edificio Galia, oficina 212.29004. Málaga (España)CIF/ VAT number: B93165975Tel: +34 951 21 05 01Móvil: + 34 663 36 20 80Fax: +34 951 21 06 56Email:info@meditep.comWeb: www.meditep.comYou can also follow us through social networks:Facebook: Inglés: @meditep_esTwitter Inglés: @meditep_enGoogle+: Inglés: