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Meditep. Corporate Dossier

  1. 1. “Meditep: A bridge between scientificresearch, clinical practice and society”
  2. 2. Welcome to Medical MarketingMeditep integrates commercial and scientific initiatives with a goal to creativity and the presentation ofinnovative and differentiated solutions. Mediteps unique focus is based on professionals with manyyears of experience in different areas and levels, both in the pharmaceutical industry and throughoutthe health sector. With the efficient complete management provided by Meditep, you will be at easeknowing that professional experts are devoted to help you in your activity and that of your company.For us in Meditep your project is our project. Our way of work places us on our customers side. Only inthis way we can reach the emotional implication that fosters creativity and innovation. And only in thisway we can support our customers by contributing a differential added value to all the initiatives wecarry out together. In Meditep we add: scientific value to your commercial activity, and commercial value to your scientific activity.
  3. 3. Who we areMeditep was created to contribute a differential value to professionals and companies of thepharmaceutical industry and the rest of the health sector. Our goal is to provide our customerswith better results and greater project yield. To reach this goal, we work with expert professionalswith years of experience in several fields that, with a global and encompassing vision, providethe innovation and differentiation we aim in all our activities. We focus our efforts on MedicalMarketing: we believe that only through the combination of diverse elements and perspectiveswe can provide innovative solutions that guarantee success. ““More innovation, more differentiation, more results”
  4. 4. Who we are … + advantages? Meditep aims at bridging together scientific and clinical research with health careIn Meditep, we offer inclusive and complete practice. This is obtained through anmanagement for every project in order to improved communication and the inclusionimprove efficiency and contribute tranquillity of research in clinical practice. In thisto our customers. We believe that only way, clinical research can better focus onthrough a direct and personal relationship relevant aspects of medical practice while atwith a professional dedicated to your the same time, health care improvesprojects, our customers can obtain the through the continuous training of itsconfidence and reassurance that we work for professionals.his results, to reach his goals.Additionally, we also want to improve the relation between clinical practice with patients, theirrelational circles and the wider public. Through marketing with firms from the industry, yourproducts potential beneficiaries can have access to a truthful and educational information. At thesame time, through Clinical Marketing we favour accessibility and availability of clinical servicesand professional research to potential beneficiaries among the public.
  5. 5. Who we are Meditep is a privately owned company, based in Malaga. The firm was created to provide services that would add value to research, clinical practice and the activities of health related companies. Meditep works with professionals from the research, clinical, marketing and business intelligence areas. Within the scientific research field, Meditep specialises in the health sector. The preparation and experience of Mediteps professionals allow us to work in different fields and specialisms. Nevertheless, we offer a special value in the field of neuroscience, given our professionals considerable experience in this area.Considering the preparation and experience of our professionals in diverse fields, Meditepcan offer a wide portfolio of services. We aim at offering an inclusive service that favourscommunication with customers while securing a clear orientation towards specific goals.
  6. 6. Services3.1 Research Services: In Meditep we are expertsin research. We offer qualification and experience inevery step of your project. We manage projects inan inclusive way to obtain the best results, adaptedto your needs, and with the peace of mind thatcomes from having specialised professionals. Also,we add more innovation by contributing our ownclinical experience and that from the bestprofessionals3.2 Marketing Services: In Meditep we specialise inmedical marketing. We work with professionals withlong experience in different fields of thepharmaceutical industry and throughout the healthsector. For this reason, we can offer a more inclusivevision and a greater differential value to your projects.We implement comprehensive management so ourcustomers do not have to worry about anything whilewe work for them and their companies.
  7. 7. Services3.3 Business Intelligence: Mediteps prestigiousspecialists work on improving your businessefficiency, helping your company to successfullyface the future, increasing marketingefficiency, optimising sales, and improving marketaccess for your products. We develop well definedstrategies, adapted to your needs, always focusingon rendering the best results for your business.3.4 Clinical Marketing: In Meditep we want yourscientific and clinical activity to become widelyknown and valued. For this reason, we offer you andyour firm a team of scientists and clinical andmarketing professionals, working under an inclusiveconcept that we at Meditep describe as ClinicalMarketing. Our objective is to improve your activitiesperformance in your relation with your customers
  8. 8. Services3.5 Events: In Meditep we specialise inemotional marketing and the organisation ofevents. Our teams experience and ourinclusive vision, centred on results, allow us tocontribute creativity, innovation and differentialvalue to all our initiatives. Additionally, weprovide our customers a creative space tohelp them reach their objectives at meetingsand events.
  10. 10. 3.1 Research ServicesIn Meditep we are experts in the comprehensive management of research projects. We have a longexperience generating, developing, implementing and disseminating clinical studies. We have carriedout successfully differentiated and innovative research projects, from the first statement of doubt orhypothesis to the final publication in seminars and international journals. And we can add years ofclinical activity and a close relationship with a wide range of professionals. As a result, in Meditep weoffer all the necessary services that your project requires to reach its goals.
  11. 11. “Meditep adds commercial value to your scientific activity” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?In Meditep we understand the effortnecessary to carry out your research In Meditep we offer something else thanproject, and the different knowledge technical research knowledge, somethingareas that need to be covered for it to be else than the experience obtained bysuccessful. With Meditep, our working with a wide range ofcustomers projects gain better professionals. What else do you need?performance, a wider dissemination of We can get it!results, more resources and greaterefficient management.
  12. 12. The portfolio of services that Meditep offers to its customers include:1. SCIENTIFIC SERVICESThis area includes services related to the knowledge of the scientific method together with clinicalknowledge and health care practice. Among others, it encompasses the following services:1.1. Proposal for a Study Design Concept (SDC): objectives, resources and deadlines1.2. SDC assessment by experts, either individually or within a scientific committee1.3. Methodology adjusted to the objectives: design, statistics, publication plan…1.4. Design of a Case Report Form, with a definition of variables1.5. Scientific justification and assessment dossier based on present knowledge1.6. Definition of the researchers profile and advice on their selection1.7. Scientific preparation, on regulations and research processes1.8. Scientific incident management: changes, protocol deviations...1.9. Data review for analysis and preparation of statistical analysis1.10. Final results report, with clinical and scientific assessment1.11. Scientific communication in events: posters, presentation materials...1.12. Article preparation and management of publication in scientific journals1.13. Follow up and dossier of references and response to publications
  13. 13. 2. SERVICES FOR RESEARCHERS: SITE MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION (SMO)These services equip the research team with the necessary support, so they can focus on thepatients clinical evaluation and assessment, satisfying professionally the remainingrequirements of clinical research. Among these services, we highlight the following:2.1. Capture of studies adjusted to the researchers interests and resources2.2. Management of feasibilities and communication with promoters2.3. Training of the research team (classroom-based and online)2.4. Dissemination among the eligible population of information about clinical trials2.5. Preparation of support materials for professionals and patients2.6. Data management: collection, management and sending of data from the field2.7. Supervision and consultation of the research team (in person and remote)2.8. Communication tools for the research team and the promoter2.9. Technological support and advice: research materials, IT…2.10. Administrative support: collection management, documentation, databases…
  14. 14. 3. DEVELOPMENT AND MANAGEMENT OF RESEARCH PROJECTSWe cover from the statement of a doubt as a study objective to the dissemination of the results, with adirect and exclusive communication with the customer. Among others, we include the followingservices:3.1. Methodological and scientific assessment (as described in section 1)3.2. Biometrics: analysis plan, sample size, final analysis…3.3. Capture of material and financial resources3.4. Management of human, material and economic resources3.5. Administrative management and regulatory process3.6. Selection of researchers3.7. Implementation in centres that include research training3.8. Electronic CRF and clinical data management (described in section 4)3.9. Technological and IT support of research materials3.10. In-person and remote monitoring3.11. Communication platform for researchers (described in section 5)3.12. Medical writing: preparation of the study materials and publications3.13. Publication management in journals and at presentation in events
  15. 15. 4. ELECTRONIC CASE REPORT FORM (CRF)We have an online CRF for a safer, more reliable and more accurate data collection. It also allows usto monitor the data and detect incidents immediately. It can be personalized and adapted to the needsand resources of each customer. Some of its more outstanding characteristics are:4.1. Pre-coding and data entry validation through automatic filters4.2. Data quality control through random checks4.3. Data Coding: ATC, CIE-9, MedDRA...4.4. Graphic representation of analytical and clinical parameters4.5. Visualization and edition of images and complementary tests4.6. Individualized automatic alerts by mail4.7. Management and communication of adverse reactions4.8. Online monitoring of individuals, data and activity4.9. Automatic writing of clinical reports4.10. Sending of information through HTTPS, and SSL transactions4.11. Confidential information: encrypted through own algorithms4.12. Technical support for users through a personalised call centre
  16. 16. 5. ONLINE COMMUNICATION PLATFORMWe have developed an online platform to improve the communication, follow-up and informationmonitoring of each researching team and of every study or project. This platform can be included in awider research net (Meditenet) or be implemented specifically for a single group or project on demand.5.1. Creation of individual, group or project profiles5.2. File management, with reading and download control5.3. Forum, chat, video conference and virtual meetings for members5.4. Webminars and e-learning tools5.5. Task assignment and control5.6. Complete activity monitoring, producing reports5.7. Export option for all group and project elements5.8. Technical and users support by trained personnel5.9. Possibility of including the customers own applications5.10. Multi-platform: Windows, Mac, Android, IPad, IPhone, Windows Phone…
  18. 18. 3.2 Marketing ServicesIn Meditep we specialise in medical marketing. We understand marketing in an inclusiveway, integrating different disciplines and expertise. This is especially important in the competitiveand complex environment of the health sector, particularly in the pharmaceutical field. In Meditepwe add value to marketing strategies and initiatives. We provide the solid scientific knowledge thatequips communication with clear and robust arguments. Our experience allows our customersmessages and actions to successfully differentiate themselves from the competence. All of thiswith innovation and efficiency as our motto.
  19. 19. “In Meditep, we add scientific value to your commercial activity” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?In Meditep we know that we are living ina constantly changing To present innovativeenvironment, where better results with a solutions, Meditep has a wide andmore efficient management are experienced vision. We get involveddemanded. We help turning this demand with the customer to offer ainto a competitive advantage. To do personalised service. What do youso, we offer new approaches and need? We can get it!innovative perspectives, giving yourprojects an integral and professionalmanagement.
  20. 20. The marketing services portfolio has been specially designed for health care manufacturingcompanies: pharmaceutical, biotechnologies, para-pharmacy, medical devices… Meditep contributesto the added value in the orientation focused on medical marketing, integrating commercial, scientificand clinical aspects.1. STRATEGIC MARKETINGIncluding services related to the objective market study, positioning and health care product launching.1.1. Scientific analysis of own and competition products1.2. Strategic market research (see Business Intelligence)1.3. Approach and assessment of specific groups of interest1.4. Access to markets, pricing and reimbursements (see Business Intelligence)1.5. Preparation of support materials to negotiate with health authorities1.6. Competitive Intelligence (see Business Intelligence)1.7. Scientific and clinical support of the launch plan and positioning1.8. Training of the companys personnel in scientific and clinical aspects1.9. Scientific training from a commercial perspective (emotional intelligence, motivationalcycle…)1.10. Brand and product image development
  21. 21. 2. SCIENTIFIC-COMMERCIAL ACTIVITIESMeditep designs and adapts a series of high value activities, both scientific and clinical, to reachcommercial goals. A commercial activity can generate scientific value, and a scientific activity cancontribute commercial value, if emanating from an inclusive vision and when developed by experts.2.1. Study of the commercially relevant aspects of a pathology2.2. Clinical research to assess therapeutic attitudes and the resources employed2.3. Review of the scientific knowledge in key points relevant to strategic marketing2.4. Scientific and clinical assessment of similar products from the competence2.5. Post-authorisation and use product studies2.6. Publication plan and scientific dissemination in line with the commercial strategy2.7. Communication and dissemination of scientific material in population groups of interest2.8. Organisation and coordination of consensus and experts recommendations2.9. Educational programmes for patients, their relatives and social groups2.10. Audiovisual and multimedia materials for scientific dissemination
  22. 22. 3. MARKETING ACTIONSDesign, organisation, management or support of marketing actions. We integrate evidence andscientific knowledge with actions of great commercial value. Among the many possibleservices, we just mention the following:3.1. Organising groups of experts (advisory boards)3.2. Assessment of marketing strategies in the objective targeting of customers3.3. In-person or online training of commercial teams in pathology and products3.4. Organisation of events (see Events) for internal and external customers3.5. Emotional marketing strategies adapted to the scientific and health careenvironment3.6. Scientific and clinical support of marketing materials3.7. Marketing 2.0 addressed to objective customers or groups of interest3.8. Initiatives to raise social awareness about pathologies or specifically affectedgroups3.9. Audiovisual productions in different formats for groups of interest3.10. Online platforms for the communication and dissemination of scientific content.
  24. 24. 3.3 Business IntelligenceMediteps professionals work to improve your companys results. Through Competitive Intelligencestrategies our customers can manage successfully their future. We work optimising sales resultsand implementing successful marketing initiative, helping our customers to understand the marketand finding new business opportunities. We have experts in market access for yourproducts, helping to establish and implement pricing and reimbursement strategies through theactive management of patients, professionals, managers and public institutions.
  25. 25. “In Meditep we work to increase your sales” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?Meditep works so your company Meditep is a team experienced inincreases sales and improves results. different knowledge areas and with aTo do that, we have a multidisciplinary long history in the pharmaceuticalteam with great experience in and health care industry. Tells usCompetitive Intelligence, strategic how we can help you to obtain themarket research and market access, results that you are looking for.pricing and reimbursement.
  26. 26. Mediteps Business Intelligence service portfolio is directed to health care companies, mainly firms fromthe pharmaceutical and clinical services industry. The services we offer to our customers include:1. STRATEGIC MARKET RESEARCHWe work to optimise sales results and marketing efficiency. We aim at understanding the market, transmitmessage value, implement successful marketing actions and find market niches that increase thecompany sales.1.1 Online and personal interviews1.2 Product concept test1.3 Omnibus survey to pre-established targeted groups of patients1.4 Expert focus group1.5 Launch study1.6 Market assessment1.7 Business development of opportunities and unmet needs1.8 Design of new product profiles1.9 Brand tracking1.10 Identification of key clinical trial end points
  27. 27. 1.11 Assessment of a product competitive impact 1.12 Forecasting product performance 1.13 Customer tracking and results analysis2. MARKET ACCESS, PRICING AND REIMBURSEMENTS.We help in the market access of products by establishing price and reimbursement strategies throughthe active management of patients, health care professionals, managers of medical institutions andpublic health agencies, planning strategies and interventions, and helping in their implementation. Inall cases, with the help of experts in each field.2.1. Concept and positioning test, depending on the product development stage2.2. Assessment of future competitive scenarios2.3. Global pricing strategy2.4. Market price research2.5. Product positioning and launch2.6. Market access strategy2.7. Reimbursement strategies2.8. Price optimisation studies
  28. 28. 3. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE.We advise companies to manage their future successfully.3.1. Marketing activities3.2. Organisation of strategy meetings3.3. Regulatory strategy and management3.4. Product launch plan3.5. Industrial strategic management3.6. Branding (brand creation and image)3.7. Generic and biosimilar manufacturers3.8. Media management3.9. Management of the customers social networks
  30. 30. 3.4 Clinical MarketingMeditep has developed this new concept so your clinical and scientific activity yields a higherperformance. We have a team of professionals with long experience in research, clinical practice, andstrategic and operative marketing. Working with an inclusive concept, we offer efficient marketing thatallows the differentiation of your activities from those of the competence, when approaching yourtarget groups, being patients, doctors or the scientific community. We help you to develop yourposition in the market, creating a strategic plan and designing the necessary actions to securesuccess.
  31. 31. “In Meditep, you get more innovation and creativity” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?In Meditep we have professionals withexperience in clinical and research In Meditep we want that your clinical andactivities, marketing and Business scientific activity helps you to grow andIntelligence. Also, our partners specialise improve your results. Tells us what yourin research funding, digital objectives are and we will present you anmarketing, audiovisual production, etc. All individualised plan to reach them.our professionals are dedicated to yourproject, offering a personalised attentionand efficient management.
  32. 32. The services portfolio that Meditep defines as Clinical Marketing includes:1. STRATEGIC MARKETING FOR CLINICAL ACTIVITY AND RESEARCHThis area includes services dedicated to the establishment of a customer adapted strategy. This customercan be a professional, a group, a public body or a healthcare company. Starting from the customersgoals, and adapting to available resources, we offer, among other, the following services:1.1. Business Intelligence focused on the health care sector (see section 3)1.2. R+D+I strategy: 1.2.1. Competitive diagnosis 1.2.2. R+D+I strategic plan 1.2.3. R+D+I project conceptualisation1.3. Funding R+D+I 1.3.1. Public and private fundraising, national and international 1.3.2. Tax deductions by R+D+I, environmental or assignment of patents 1.3.3. Submission of proposals 1.3.4. Lobbying with funding organisations 1.3.5. Corrections and assessment tracking in competitive bidding1.4. R+D+I management 1.4.1. Support and coordination during proposal or project presentation 1.4.2. Resource and budget estimate
  33. 33. 1.4.3. Management of consortium and bilateral agreements between partners 1.4.4. Communication and negotiation with funding organisations 1.4.5. Partnership coordination 1.4.6. Communication with funding body 1.4.7. Report preparation and follow-up, reviews and financial accountability 1.4.8. Certification systems for R+D+I management2. ACTIVITY DISSEMINATION WITHIN THE HEALTH CARE FIELDThrough these services, our customers clinical, scientific and research activities are better known andvalued by the groups of interest. In turn, new cooperation and support opportunities are generated withother organisations, associations, colleagues…2.1. Presentation of the activity individually to CROs, pharmaceutical companies, scientificsocieties, research teams…2.2. Dissemination of the customers activity in specialised events2.3. Management and selection of collaborative projects adapted to the customer2.4. Organisation of meetings, seminars and events with groups of interest2.5. Brand creation or reinforcement (Branding) within the health care community2.6. Social media and professional network management (Research Gate, DocCheck…)2.7. Own network of clinical researchers and promoters (Meditenet)2.8. Profile inclusion and management as expert consultants2.9. Dissemination of the activity among colleagues according to areas ofinterest, geography…2.10. Communication of clinical trials to the health care community
  34. 34. 3. COMMUNICATION WITH SPECIFIC GROUPS OR THE GENERAL PUBLICThese services give to our customers clinical, scientific and research activity the appropriaterecognition and value among population groups (by pathology, geographical areas…) or by thegeneral public.3.1. Market studies on the general public or on specific population groups3.2. Creation of professional brands (Naming and Branding)3.3. Brand image development and corporate identity manuals3.4. Personalised and adapted 2.0 communication strategy3.5. Social media and professional profile management3.6. Specific eBusiness, eCommerce, eWork designs3.7. Preparation of audiovisual and multimedia marketing materials3.8. Dissemination and communication of clinical trials among social groups of interest
  35. 35. EVENTS
  36. 36. 3.5 EventsMeditep has a team specialised in medical marketing, offering differential solutions. With ourprofessionals, that have a long and varied experience, your events and initiatives will have theimpact you expect on your customers, with the added value of differentiation and efficiency. InMeditep we look for innovation through creativity and emotional marketing, integrating newtechnologies and audiovisual resources. We manage all events in an inclusive andcomprehensive way, giving you tranquillity while reaching your objectives.
  37. 37. “Meditep: más innovación y más creatividad” … + advantages? What else would you like to get from Meditep?Meditep has one of the most exclusivemeeting and event space, with all the Mediteps goal is that all our customersnecessary resources to fulfil your goals. We reach their objectives. Let us know whatoffer a large multi-purpose room in Madrid you intend with your events andcity centre, clear and well lit, prepared to initiatives and we will offer youimprove the results of all your meetings and innovative and differential
  38. 38. Mediteps services portfolio includes the organisation, management and cooperation in different typesof events. We have our own meeting space, designed by professionals to obtain a better performanceand efficiency in meetings and seminars.1. ORGANISATION OF CONGRESSES AND SEMINARSIn Meditep we are very experienced in the organisation of congresses of different types and reach:local, regional, national and international. We specialise in the scientific and medical field, and present aninnovative approach.1.1. Design and planning of congress and communication conferences1.2. Dissemination and publicising of events among groups of interest and targeted customers1.3. Creation and management of websites, as well as a mailing strategy development1.4. Fundraising and management of financial resources and sponsors1.5. Selection and preparation of venues and audiovisual resources1.6. Comprehensive management: administration, suppliers, customers, logistics, finances…1.7. Scientific secretariat, including support and communication with speakers1.8. Assessment and evaluation of communication proposals, presentations and posters1.9. Reception and management of inscriptions1.10. Preparation and review of the presentations scientific materials
  39. 39. 1.11. Management of travel, accommodation and transportation for speakers and attendants 1.12. Assistance and support personnel during the event 1.13. Written, audiovisual and multimedia materials about the event and its contents 1.14. Dissemination of the congress results and its scientific contents2. MEETINGS WITH WORK GROUPS AND PRESENTATIONSIf your event aims at obtaining the best results with the greatest efficiency for your work group, or ifyou plan to carry out a presentation to your customers, we can offer the following specific services:2.1. Our own and exclusive space, prepared to render the best meeting efficiency. We have alarge and clear space adaptable to your needs, that can even change its disposition and resourcesduring your meeting2.2. Design and planning of spaces and schedules according to your needs and objectives2.3. Preparation of support materials for workshops and presentations2.4. Adaptation of resources for press conferences and media presentation2.5. Management of transportation, accommodation, meals…2.6. Support of TeamBuilding activities
  40. 40. 3. TRAINNING ACTIVITIESTraining requires a specifically designed and dedicated preparation to obtain a most effective andhigher performance of the sessions. For this reason, in Meditep we adapt some specific services:3.1. Event design and planning according to its goals and attendance3.2. Choice and management of spaces, audiovisual resources and support materials3.3. Organisation of the transport and support of speakers and trainers3.4. Preparation of specific materials before, during and after the sessions3.5. Audiovisual and multimedia production for the training sessions3.6. Online communication platform for activities before the session3.7. Post-event follow up with e-Learning resources
  41. 41. MeditenetMeditenet is a network of researchers that aims to encourage research through the collaboration ofall involved parties. We have a clear vision: research must be integrated in the daily activities ofthose that can help to improve it, and that can also benefit from it. Our mission is to favourcollaboration between all parties taking part in research and equip them with the necessaryresources so they concentrate in their main activity.We group these resources in 4 basic areas:Information: managing and adapting available informationKnowledge: supporting training and access to expertsCommunication: offering a modern and specific platformSupport: providing specialised resources and is an online communication platform for researchers that includes the following tools:
  42. 42.  Publish information  Project dissemination  Inlcude own apps  Link to external resources Notice board Private Communicati Own apps on group communication  Cloud storage Information  Project sharing Meditenet management .com Online Resource training management  Webminar s Bidirectional communicatio  e-Learning n  Chat  Video conferences  Virtual meeting
  43. 43. PARTNERS
  44. 44. PartnersInvertium is a group of private investors dedicated tofind financial and social profitability by participating incorporate initiatives.Drivium helps organisations to speed up and maximisebusiness performance through innovative managementmodels and methods, and by implementing successfulR+D strategies.Tekium offers solutions to make business in thedigital world: corporate management systems, e-business & ecommerce and technologicalconsultancy.Focus On Gov is an international company offeringstrategic support and consultancy tocorporations, governments, politicalparties, candidates and organisations from civilsociety.
  45. 45. PartnersLubeck Científica specialises in Operative and EmotionalMarketing, and in the organisation of medical congressesand training courses. In Lubeck Científica innovation andcreativity are our strong points.Lubeck99 is a marketing company where innovation andcreativity are our strong points. We have one of the moreexclusive spaces for the celebration of meetings andevents.Pizzel Estudios studios specialised in animated 3 Dproductions, virtual recreation, interactive games andstories for multi-platform (TV, web, cell phones, tablet...)with publicity, corporative, educational or communicationalpurposes.Forma Animada is a producer of graphicdesign, audiovisual and digital products that specialises inpromotional and educational productions(audiovisual, web, apps, etc.). It is the firm responsible forMEDITEPs corporate image, logo and website.
  47. 47. Meditep, Medical & Clinical Marketing Services ContactoS.L.Parque Comercial Málaga Nostrum. C/Jaén 9Edificio Galia, oficina 212.29004. Málaga (España)CIF/ VAT number: B93165975Tel: +34 951 21 05 01Móvil: + 34 663 36 20 80Fax: +34 951 21 06 56Email:info@meditep.comWeb: www.meditep.comYou can also follow us through social networks:Facebook: Inglés: @meditep_esTwitter Inglés: @meditep_enGoogle+: Inglés: