adhoc and sensor networks clinical sciences nursing networking cardiovascular medicine and haematology neurosciences manet immunology dentistry wireless mesh networks and cognitive networks wireless networks and mobile computing computer networks & communications mobile ad hoc networks sensor networks complimentary and alternative medicine adhoc networks computer science vehicular networks and protocols nutrition and dietetics medical physiology networks security wireless medical microbiology algorithms vanet qos oncology and carcinogensis mimo wireless networks protocols clustering ofdm iot routing wireless computing mobile ad-hoc network (manet internet of things trust software systems and technologies grid computing algorithms and applications dynamic load balancing routing protocols wireless network pts cardiovascular medicine and ha aeromonas species bandwidth siso ieee 802.11n paediatrics and reproductive medicine information technology network network performance cluster head vulnerable ad-hoc wireless local and personal area networks home networks cloud computing graph theory manets vpn bonding mobile internet access multiple ran cellular bonding pso ber network protocols papr optometry and opthamology mobile adhoc network bcast random way point model ns-3 simulator. algorithm neighboring access-point association resource management and wireless qos provisioning novel architectures for ad hoc and sensor networks multi-channel block chain medical biochemistry and metabolomics human movement and sports science ground water wireless sensor networks energy efficiency big data information security network simulator key management theory of parallel / distributed computing optical computing networking and architectures cyber trust and security bioinformatics fidelity black hole attacks mobile transport layer protocols wireless mesh networks satellite communications architectures steerable directional antenna smart hot spotting black hole attack aodv application specific threshold ad hoc network ev smart charger low cost ev supercharger electric vehicle snr computational complexity ccdf ns-3 simulator ieee 802.11ax ieee 802.11ac wlans ieee 802.11 fault tolerance ad hoc routing broadcast trust models internet of thing bandwidth improvement rectangular microstrip patch a mobile network fake news lte slm 4g 5g • medical microbiology adhoc • medical physiology • nursing • immunology public health and health services important dates handover wireless sensor network depression operating systems and middle-ware support diarrheal patients prevalence deep learning cst fr-4 substrate wlan circular patch antenna predictive garch arma world health organization amazon web service zf mmse mc-cdma v-blast performance analysis and simulation of protocols mobile networks & wirelesslan multi-radio and mimo technologies electronics and signal processing for iot iot connectivity and networking blockchain new design blockchain foundations blockchain attacks on existing systems block chain issues and trends communication kohgilooye &boerahmad artificial recharge modflow pmwin iiot rpl web semantic software development social network mobile computing ad hoc networks of autonomous intelligent systems mobility management cross layer design and optimization algorithms to cope with mobile & wireless networks error control schemes distributed computing performance of mobile network security high speed networks heterogeneous wireless networks computer quality-of-service issues vehicular networks intelligent systems • routing protocols network management cryptography wireless ad hoc networks • sensor networks asynchronous power saving uwb-mac 802.15.4 vehicular ad hoc networks (vanets) dtn anycast java aco service discovery shamir’s secret sharing randomized multipath routing mtpr ad-hoc networks path durationleast remaining d path duration false alert crwmn multipath routing protocol ieee 802.16 wormhole attack denial of service android web carpooling ridesharing medium access control energy saving power control neighbour discovery mac protocol directional antenna multiple connections atm handoff channel borrowing dynamic guard channel wireless communication mutated character code encryption session key multilayer perceptron tcp secure routing authentication group abed pki maturity based cluster based constraints ddos attacks byzantine blackhole attacks wormhole attacks security breaches throughput delay epd greedy forwarding position based routing next-hop forwarding medium access control protocol wma spinning tree rpc ad-hoc wireless network mdsr sms smr multipath routing wfq red priority drop-tail queuing schedule ad hoc networks qualnet dcf mac clustering routing protocol clusterheads checkpointing cell probability isolated node neighbour node geocast qos parameters eolsr-ec eolsr-re olsr ism frequency hoping scatter net pico net bluetooth channel diversity multi-radio channel assignment ieee 802.11s sno2 mq-6 adhoc protocol network environment fmadm fuzzy fr4 sensor signal processing reconfigurable dynamic process ramp studio rnn artificial intelligence clipping and filtering peak-to-average power ratio wireless ne artificial intellig peak-to-average pow hybrid adhoc networking systems ehicular communication data dissemination adaptive arrays smart antennas ubiquitous networks quality of service optical networks networks and communications • neurosciences chylolymphatic cyst messenteric cyst paediatrics and reproductive m • clinical sciences • cardiovascular medicine and protocals sensor • error controlschemes • transport layerprotocols • homenetworks • sensornetworks β-naphthol test. trauma-induced coagulopathy diabetes cmos-based rf vlsi design fpga architecture dsp speech processing signal processing kohgilooye &boerahmad. etwork applications blockchain owerri owerri. diarrheal patient wormhole attacks. imperforate hymen acute urinary retention radiological evaluation. cloud economics and reliability scalability cloud performance cloud management and operations trust establishment in wireless networks hypertension. patient health questionnaire- 9 public health and health services electronic commerce certification and accreditation biometric security learning in knowledge-intensive systems addressing and location management slot return loss message queuing telemetry transpor networking system adhoc networking multichannel scheduling cost control channel connectivity bandwidth utilization smart hot spotting. scalability issues cross-layer interactions ofdm and mimd techniques experimental and prototype and test beds mac layer design for ad-hoc networks and wsns iot security and privacy iot applications and services iot experimental results and deployment scenarios blockchain-based security for the iot blockchain scalability blockchain privacy blockchain consensus algorithms image processing & understanding image-based model image and video retrieval illumination and reflectance modeling higher order spectral analysis hardware implementation for signal processing internet signal processing communication and networks constraint processing computer computer vision & vr 3d and stereo imaging 3-d and surface reconstruction face recognition image segmentation face recognition and super-resolution imaging image coding and compression visualization pattern recognition and analysis image acquisition & medical image processing self-organizing networks and networkedsystems switching and addressingtechniques recent trends & developments in computernetworks qos and resourcemanagement peer to peer and overlay networks optical networks andsystems next generation webarchitectures next generationinternet networked systems applications andservices networksecurity network protocols & wirelessnetworks network operations &management network basedapplications networkarchitectures multimedianetworking mobile & broadband wirelessinternet measurement & performanceanalysis internet and webapplications location tracking and location-based services mobility-tolerant communication protocols privacy and fault-tolerance issues and mesh networks dtns privacy issues in vehicular wireless mesh networks and cognitive network network protocols & wireless networks • ubiquitousnetworks • wireless multimediasystems • wirelesscommunications • networkarchitectures • multimedianetworking • mobile & broadband wirelessinternet • measurement & performanceanalysis • internet and webapplications • high speednetworks • adhoc and sensornetworks • heterogeneous wirelessnetworks semantic web secure routing algorithms and protocols based on g evacuation routing algorithms and protocols for ve algorithms for scheduling and resource allocation algorithms for topology control and power assignme connectivity analysis under different mobility mod applications of random graph theory in ad hoc netw data gathering algorithms and protocols for sensor distributed extensions of centralized graph theore data minimization. event detection spatial and temporal correlation redundancy data fusion cyptography natural language processing marketing and advertising networking systems computing computer engineering nerworks computer graphics social networking networks and communication software low-power and energy-efficient designs architectures and protocols design and optimization ad-hoc networks and wsns communications database mobile internetworking intelligent network signaling os and middleware support for mobile computing and communication primitives in ad hoc and sensor netw distributed algorithms of mobile computing data management and databases for mobile environme security and privacy of mobile synchronization and scheduling issues routing and transport protocols media access control techniques self-organizing network architectures and protocol theory of parallel wireless networks and systems mobile ad hoc and sensor networks privacy of mobile & wireless networks algorithms and modeling for tracking and locating network protocols and wireless networks next generation internet network based applications network architectures mobile networks & wireless lan next generation web architectures mobile & broadband wireless internet measurement & performance analysis internet and web applications network simulator. mobile ad hoc network security and privacy • media access control • quality-of-service • mobility • sensor • algorithms • mobility management • ad hoc networks • mac protocols broadband access networks security and privacy of mobile & wireless networks wireless and ad-hoc networks resource management in mobile multi-radio and mimo technologies • cross layer de uwb) • multi-channel • mobile ad hoc networks • sensor networks • mac l • wireless local and personal area networks • wireless mesh networks and cognitive networks • home networks mesh networks power saving asynchronous multi-radio and mimo technologies cross layer desi uwb) multi-channel wireless mesh networks and cognitive networks vehi ieee 802.11p. dsss fhss cross-layer rss radio propagation model dsr anddsdv protocols dodv ad-hocwireless network threshold network life energy conservation wireless sensor network etc. data reduction mob ile node. cross-checking bandwidth utilization; connectivity; control chann routing protocols. normal routing. privacy vanets attacks. broadcasting; control channel; data structures; mu aodv+ mobile ad-hoc network (manet) rssi energy-distance factor handover. load balancing caching secured routing adhoc network path maintained power
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