Green Flag Award 2012 - Brynhyfryd Infants School


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Green Flag Award 2012 - Brynhyfryd Infants School

  1. 1. BRYNHYFRYD INFANT SCHOOLGreen Flag Presentation
  2. 2. Brynhyfryd Infant School 1 Litter 5 Water 2 School Grounds 6 Global Citizenship 3 Energy 7 Waste Minimisation 4 Healthy Living 8 Transport2
  3. 3. BRYNHYFRYD INFANTECO-CODE1. We will only switch lights on when we need them.2. We will close doors to keep heat in.3. We will turn off taps after use.4. We will turn off water heaters at the end of each day.5. We will save sandwich waste for our compost bin.6. We will keep our playground litter free.3
  4. 4. Eco- Promise We promise to look after our beautiful world, family, friends, animals, plants and all creatures great and small. RRS Article 64
  5. 5. Eco Statement We look after our environment to make a better future RRS Article 245
  6. 6. Eco Rangers 2010-20116
  7. 7. Eco- Committee 2011-2012 RRS Article 127
  8. 8. Eco-ElvesEco-elves are the nurseryeco team. They all taketurns at looking after thenursery grounds. Theyalso put out their ownrecycling bags both pinkand green for collectionby the kerbside team.They also recycle all theirfruit waste. RRS Article 12-248
  9. 9. Eco-AssemblyThe new eco-committeeintroduce themselves tothe school9
  10. 10. Eco MeetingMeeting held September 2011The new Eco Committee met forthe first this month.The eco code and promise werediscussed and they asked if theappearance could be changed. A new design was put to thecommittee and agreed RRS10 Article 15
  11. 11. Eco MeetingMeeting March 2012Attended by :- Eco Committee, Mr Jones and Miss L MorganChildren expressed a wish for more benches.Replacement flower planters.It was suggested that we combine these ideas and have planters with build in benches.One idea was to copy the Junior school and have a Rag Bag bin.Follow up to meetingMr Jones spoke to senior management and in response several companies were invited into the school and their ideas were put together and now work has began on the new school yard.11
  12. 12. Recycling12
  13. 13. RecyclingThe infant school share a cardboard recycling bin with the Junior school.The Junior school in turn share a plastic recycling bin with the Infant school.The local community are also invited to use these bins. RRS Article 6-2413
  14. 14. Recycling 25 20 15 cardboard 10 Plastic 5 0 2004 2006 2006 2008 2010 2012 In 2004 there were no or very few plastic or cardboard collections. Compared with this year the council now collected the bins on alternative weeks.14
  15. 15. Recycling Monitoring4540353025 Spring Term20 Summer term15 Autumn10 5 0 Cartridges Paper Plastic Cardboard Food waste Item Unit Cartridge Box Paper Bag Plastic Large Bin Cardboard Large bin Food waste Small Bin 15
  16. 16. RecyclingNew for 2012 the Rag Bagbin this will allow thecommunity to recycle its oldclothes and at the same timemake money fore theschool. 16
  17. 17. Litter Eco elves hard at work litter picking RRS Article 2417
  18. 18. Litter MonitoringChildren have found that when the weather is windy, that iswhen litter mostly appears in the yard areas in the graphon the next slide While monitoring the yard the children found that the hedge is where the most litter is found. This problem is caused by passerbys pushing litter into the hedge 18
  19. 19. Litter 32.5 Spring 2 Summer1.5 Autumn 1 Winter0.5 0 Top Yard Gate Main Yard Shelter Hedge Area Litter collected in bags 19
  20. 20. School Grounds RRS Article 24-29-3120
  21. 21. School Grounds School grounds todaySchool grounds in 200521
  22. 22. School GroundsDuring the last Eco-committee meeting the members together with the school council made some suggestions towards the redevelopment of the school yard.More benches and flower bed were asked for so after a staff meeting with the senior management team designs were collected and a final design was picked and this is the work that is being carried out in the school yard at the present time.22
  23. 23. School GroundsNew for 2012flowerbeds with built inbenches. Timber comesfrom managed forests.23
  24. 24. School Grounds24
  25. 25. School Grounds Nursery25
  26. 26. Waste Minimisation 70There has been a steadydecrease in the amount of 60 1996-2002paper and ink cartridges 50 2002-2004used at the school. 40 2004-2006 30 2006-2008 2008-2010 20 2010-2012 10 0 Paper Cardrigdes26
  27. 27. Waste Minimisation MonitoringSwitch-off FortnightDear Teachers, Without anyone knowing we have monitored your classrooms and the job of your dailyenergy monitors.At three different times throughout each day this week, we have recorded your progress. Theclass who have made the best effort to save energy will be awarded with a recycled Switch-offFortnight pencil by us in a special assembly next week. Every child will be given a sticker for theirhelp and to encourage them to do more at school and at home to continue to save energy.Please let us know if your energy monitor badges are broken or lost and we will give you anotherone.Year Two Eco-rangers 27
  28. 28. Waste MinimisationThink before you printEco ranger puts up newcomputer signs RRS Article 28 28
  29. 29. Waste MinimisationSome ART/DT work doneby the whole school usingrecycled materials 29
  30. 30. Waste MinimisationYear two children monitoring rubbishfor materials that should have beenrecycled.ActionThe class was identified and ecocommittee members spoke to theclass30
  31. 31. Global Citizenship First Comenius - 2007-2009 ~ Wales, Poland, Czech Republic, Greece, Finland and Sweden Second Comenius - 2009-2011 ~ Wales, Poland, Hungary, Italy, Turkey and Estonia English partners ~ Earlswood Primary, Surrey New Comenius for 2012 applied for from British Council in partnership with Brynhyfryd Junior School RRS Article 7-14-3031
  32. 32. Global CitizenshipEvery year our Year Twochildren visit the co-op toresearch how fair-tradeworks. They try out fair-trade products. They buy inthese products and sell themin our Christmas an summerFetes.32
  33. 33. Fair-tradeYear two childrenlooking for fair-tradeproducts at our localCo-op33
  34. 34. Global Citizenship An International evening at the school. With friends from Hungry, Italy, Turkey Poland and Estonia34
  35. 35. Water Hippo bags have been placed in all toilet cisterns. All new toilets will be bought with water management systems installed.35
  36. 36. WaterAll the school gardensare watered from watercollected in the gardenwater butt.36
  37. 37. EnergyThe school has nowbeen fitted with newlight sensors which willturn off lights after eightminutes of nomovement.37
  38. 38. EnergyThe school heatingsystem has been turneddown by one degree.No one seemed tonotice.38
  39. 39. Healthy LivingThe children grow alltheir produceorganically and areencouraged to sampletheir produce. RRS Article 639
  40. 40. Healthy Living The children have football club every Tuesday after school. They also have visited the new leisure centre. Year one have a gardening club every Wednesday after school. RRS Article 6-1540
  41. 41. Healthy LivingNursery childrenplanting fruit trees intheir grounds41
  42. 42. Transport42
  43. 43. TransportThis has been a difficult subject to make an impression on. We have tried a walking bus but due to the location of the school we had very little uptake.As a school we have tired to encourage walk to school days but again due to the fact that we have a large number of children outside catchment then parents will still drive to school.Also because we are a infant school parents tend to bring younger siblings with them in the car. 43
  44. 44. TransportYear one children haveroad safety trainingevery Mondayafternoon. Theselessons are given by atrained group from thelocal community. RRS Article 3644
  45. 45. Curriculum Links Eco-Schools Maths Literacy Science They will useThe children use The children use Oracy skills are How do things grow? numbers when counting when independent improved while talking What do we monitoring planting seeds. writing. in eco assemblies. need to eat? their recycling. RRS Article 2845
  46. 46. Curriculum Links Eco-Schools History ICT Geography DT The children will make They have learned The children have helped to We learned how European models out of recycled the history produce graphs to show their children learn from our materials. behind Fair trade monitoring Comenius partners46
  47. 47. Purchasing When the school is looking to purchase products we look at companies with good environment practices.47
  48. 48. Rights Respecting School UNICEF is the world’s leading organisation working for children and their rights. In 1989, governments worldwide promised all children the same rights by adopting the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. These rights are based on what a child needs to survive, grow, participate and fulfil their potential. Here at Brynhyfryd Infants we are committed to ensuring that all children have their rights and empower them in becoming active citizens and learners.48
  49. 49. Thank you for visiting our school.Diolch Yn Fawr.49