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Business Conference


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Business Conference

  1. 1. 1 Managers Conference For thisproject,I’mresponsible forgatheringandputtingtogetherinformationtofind youthe cheapest wayto travel to and stayin Londonfor a conference. Thisistakingplace onthe lastThursdayand Fridayof April inthe Excel centre inLondon.For myresearch,I have to find youthree differenthotelsandprices,as well asfindinformationtodeterminewhetherit’scheaper foryou totravel bycar, busor train. Travel Survey: Transport: Bus: Wednesday 22nd April Departs 11:15 Swansea, Quadrant Bus Station Arrives 16:05 London, Victoria Coach Station £5.00 Saturday 25th April Departs 10:00 London, Victoria Coach Station Arrives 14:35 Swansea, Quadrant Bus Station £6.00 0 1 2 3 4 5 Survey Result Car Coach Train Motorbike
  2. 2. 2 Train: Wednesday 22nd April Swansea – London Paddington. Departing 13:28 - £19.50 Friday 24th April London Paddington – Swansea. Departing 21:15 - £24.00 Car Thisimage showspricesof petrol intendifferentpetrolstationsthroughout Swansea.
  3. 3. 3 Thisimage showshandworkingsIusedto workout the average petrol price,meanpetrol price andthe range of petrol prices.There wasnomiddle numberandno1 numberappearedmore oftensothere wasnomedian or mode. Thisimage showsworkingsoutIdid towork outwhichcar wouldbe cheapertouse to get to London.The twocars chosenwere a5 door FordMondeo (regMarch 2014) and a 5 door 1.6 Peugeot407 saloon(reg March 2014). I had to findthe LPG of bothcars, and thenusingthe average price of petrol Ihad to workout whichcar could doa 390 mile roundtripusingthe leastfuel.Goingbymyworkings,Iworkedoutthat the cheapercar to run wouldbe the Peugeot.
  4. 4. 4 Thismap whichistakenfrom Google mapsshows the distance neededtotravel togetto the conference.The map showsthatthe Excel Centre is195 milesfromSwansea.Thismeansthatthe overall journeywill be a390 mile roundtripbycar. Hotels: Prince Regent Hotel Excel London: Price for 3 nights - £667.80 Thismap has beentakenfromGoogle mapsandshowsthe distance fromthe hotel to the Excel centre.This showsthe route that can be takenbycar, althoughittakesaround 10 minutestowalk.
  5. 5. 5 Glorydale Inn: Price for 3 nights - £194.85 Thismap showsthe distance betweenthe hotel andthe Excel centre.Thishotel ischeaperbutisabit further away.It takesaround17 minutestodrive to the Centre fromthe hotel. Premier Inn London Docklands: Price for 3 nights - £477.00 Thismap showsthat thisisthe closesthotel tothe centre.The Excel centre iswithina 5 minute walking distance of the hotel.
  6. 6. 6 London Underground: Thischart showsthe differentpricesandzonesforthe Londonunderground.The pricesIhave highlighted are forzones1-3. Ticketsfor thiszone are able to get youfromLondonPaddingtontothe excel centre.The ticketsare able to be usedthroughoutthe dayof purchase and will cost£6.40 a day. Expenses: Companypolicyallowsfor£100 of expensesperday.At the most,youwill be there for2 full daysand 2 half days.Thiswill equate to£300 worthof expenses.Expenseswouldcover4days worthof Undergroundfares comingto £25.60. Foodand drinkswill alsobe included. Summary: For your journey to London, I recommend that it is better to drive as it will be easier for you to get around. The best company car for this journey would be the 5 door1.6 Peugeot407 saloon(regMarch 2014). This car is a better choice than a FordMondeo as petrol costsare £6 cheaper. The hotel youwill be stayingatwill be the PremierInnLondonDocklands. Thisisaconvenienthotel asitis onlya 5 minute walktothe Centre meaningyouwill notneedtospendanymore ontravel costs. You will notneedtoworryabout usingthe LondonUnderground.Thisisdue to the hotel beingonlya5 minute walkfromthe Centre.If forwhateverreasonyouneedtogosomewhere abitfurther,youwill be able to drive asyou will have acar. You will be travellingtoLondononWednesdayafternoon (23RD April) whichisthe daybefore the conference. Due to the timingof the conference,itwillbe easierforyouto travel backon Saturdaymorning (26th April) as opposedtoFridaynight.Thismeansthatyou will be spendingtwofull daysandtwohalf daysat the conference. The company policy indicates thatyouare allowed£100-a-daywhichmeansthatyouroverall allowance for thistripwill be £300. The total breakdownof spendingforthistripcan be foundina table below.Below the table isapie chart showingthe breakdownof costsinpercentages.
  7. 7. 7 Travel - car Hotel Underground Expenses Total £28.62 £477.00 £0 £300 £865.62 Sources: te=22%2f04%2f2015&inboundDepartureDate=25%2f04%2f2015&passengerCount=1&transportType=1&co ncessionCount=0&nusCount=0&outboundWheelchairSeated=0&outboundOtherDisabilityCount=0&inboun dWheelchairSeated=0&inboundOtherDisabilityCount=0&outboundPcaCount=0&inboundPcaCount=0&pro motionCode=&withReturn=1 Manual-5-speed london.html?sid=680f6314c0adeafcbb43d3f9439b8204;dcid=4;checkin=2015-04-22;checkout=2015-04- 25;ucfs=1;srfid=bf4ce4de9c96223f83e2e94962394ae883da7be2X4;highlight_room=35653107,4.418478&spn=0.013741,0.020256&t=m&z=16&i wloc=A&dg=feature inn.html?sid=f77b6df96e0caa9cf2c0c93cc6b37361;dcid=4;checkin_monthday=22;checkin_year_month=20 15-4;checkout_monthday=25;checkout_year_month=2015-4;no_rooms=1;req_adults=1;req_children=0& 3.6% 59.2% 0.0% 37.2% Total Costs Travel - Car Hotel Underground Expenses