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Madrid reading 4


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Madrid reading 4

  1. 1. Escuelas Oficiales de Idiomas CONSEJERÍA DE EDUCACIÓN Comunidad de Madrid CERTIFICADO DE NIVEL INTERMEDIO INGLÉS COMPRENSIÓN DE LECTURA TAREA 4 - 1 - MARKTASK 4 (6 x 1 mark = 6 marks) This task is divided into 2 parts. There is a time limit for this task. The total time is 15 minutes. You do not need to read the text in detail but find the information required to answer each question. Write the answers in the spaces provided. Question 0 in section 1 has been completed as an example. You are in the following situation: You are going to do a course at Lancaster University. You are having a look at different brochures because you are interested in the free time activities the university organizes and you are also considering your transport options around the city. Atención: no comience esta tarea hasta que se le indique. Please, do not start doing this task until you are told to do so.
  2. 2. - 2 - PART 1: UNIVERSITY INFORMATION 0 How can you attend the summer programme? On a daily basis or as RESIDENTS______________________________________________ 20 Closing time for the activities organised for a 9-year-old child: _____________ 21 How do you pay for the social events? ________________________________ 22 Places for children’s activities: Local attractions and _____________________ SUMMER PROGRAMME WELCOME Welcome to the Summer Programme 2009 Come and join us for one or two weeks of relaxation and activity, learning and creativity, enjoyment and friendship – a holiday with a real difference. While many people attend as residents, staying in our superior student residences, you are equally welcome to attend on a daily basis. Wide choice of courses The wide choice of courses includes arts, crafts, writing, music, walking, history, literature, sports, hobbies, languages and much more. There are many exciting new activities this year including North West Gourmet Tour, Parapsychology and Haunted Houses, Botanic Illustration, Walking the Wainwrights, Indian textiles – and more besides! Many of our courses, such as architecture, archaeology, ecology and the environment, and discovering the churches, will take you out and about in the area around Lancaster and the Lake District. Summer Evenings It is not only your days which are filled with interest and activity on the Summer Programme – each evening a free programme of social activities is open to you. There will be plenty to do and plenty of choice. All social events are included in your course fee. All course participants are welcome to attend these events, whether or not you are staying on campus. Evening events include: Salsa dancing, wine tasting, African drumming workshop, country drive, debate, slideshow, concert, film, play reading, guided walks around historic Lancaster and amazing Morecambe, as well as along the canal to a nearby traditional pub. Fun for children and young people too! Activities for children and young people combine action-packed days on campus with trips to local attractions. There is also a separately organised and supervised social programme for children and young people, so that you and your children can each enjoy your own interests during the evenings. We run it till 8.30pm for the under 11s and 10pm for those up to 14 years. The Lancaster Experience Here at Lancaster we are renowned for the warmth of our welcome, the quality of the courses and the enthusiasm of the tutors. The welcome starts as soon as you arrive (including being transported from the railway station on Sunday or having your bags carried from your car). Summer Programme staff are always available to help, advise or deal with requests and problems. Nothing is too much trouble and each year customers commend the staff for their efficiency, courtesy and friendliness.
  3. 3. - 3 - PART 2: TRANSPORT INFORMATION (on pages 9 and 10) 23 People in charge of the lunchtime walks: ______________________________ 24 Place to go if you haven’t cycled for some time and want to start now: _______________________________________________________________ 25 Name of the programme that offers cheap bike rental: _______________________________________________________________ Get it more often By using all the methods of transport available to us in a sensible manner we can help to reduce the congestion on our roads. We all know how easy it is to fall into the trap of using the car for every journey. The concept of it has been developed by Lancashire County Council to reinforce the TravelWise message. it is a programme that encourages people to make better use of cars and promotes the use of public transport, cycling and walking. Why not think before you use your car? For some journeys it may be essential to use a car. However for others, you might be able to use public transport, cycle or walk. Look out for advertising on the sides of local buses and on posters at bus shelters – ‘Take it more often!’ So keep your eyes open! walk it Walking has many health benefits, and can also generate an overall feeling of well being, relax you and stimulate your thinking. In heavy traffic jams, the air quality inside a car can be poorer than outside. Car users suffer up to 3 times more pollution than pedestrians. Walking reduces traffic congestion. 25% of car trips are less than 2 miles and the majority of trips under one mile are on foot, but the proportion is gradually decreasing as more people take to their cars for short trips. The consequence is ever more local congestion, and ever more challenging conditions for walking. Join in with one of the lunchtime walks led by rangers from Lancaster County Council’s Countryside Service which will be happening every Tuesday. So why not take a break, take part and keep fit? See Be Part of It for further details. share it “Lift sharing” “ride sharing” “car sharing” or “car pooling” – all come down to the same thing – two or more people sharing a car to get them from A to B rather than driving alone. The benefits are numerous both for yourself, your family, your community and the environment. Many companies in the area already encourage workers to car share – if everyone who drives on their own to work every day was to share a lift with someone just once a week, the commuting car journeys would be reduced by 25%. If you would like Business TravelWise advice why not contact our Business Travelplan Co-ordinator on 017720532451, or visit our website.
  4. 4. - 4 - bike it Staying healthy whilst leading a busy lifestyle helps you to maintain a healthy heart. On average an adult needs to do 30 minutes of moderate exercise 5 days per week, and less than 30% of us in the UK achieve this. Cycling to work or the shops is an excellent way to do this, as only a 15-minute journey (approx 3 miles or less) twice a day is enough. Cycling at about 10mph burns about 400 to 500 calories and will save you money that you would spend on petrol getting about or keeping fit at the gym. Lancaster makes an ideal base for a day’s cycling. Cycling helps you to keep fit, can save time by cutting through congested traffic, and is fun! If you haven’t cycled for a while, and want to get back on your bike, pay a visit to Cycle Point and hire a bike. Based in central Lancaster, at the heart of a network of off-road and on-road cycling routes, Cycle Point can provide support for the more experienced enthusiast. There are some great cycle ways from Lancaster to Morecambe, to the university and alongside the River Lune. Also, look out for Cycle Point “Budgie Bikes” scheme offering low cost cycle hire from selected outlets across the area. You can pick up a bike at one outlet and leave it at another. For further information about cycling contact one of Lancashire County Council’s cycling offices on 01772 534609. For bike hire, contact Cycle Point, Lancashire Station, Meeting House Lane, Lancaster. or ring 01524 389410 Adapted from © Lancaster University and © GetIt Lancashire brochure