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New Age Cleaning Solutions, Kolkata, Cleaning Machine and Garden Equipment


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We bring to our clients a range of super grade Cleaning Machines and Gardening Equipment which eases the task of clean the garden and therefore we have been involved in the manufacturing, supplying, trading and wholesaling of these products. Our product range comprises of Professional Vacuum Cleaner, Single Disc Machine and Auto Scrubber Drier Floor Cleaners. Being used widely in hotels, hospitals, club and other places, we are capable of meeting the demand.

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New Age Cleaning Solutions, Kolkata, Cleaning Machine and Garden Equipment

  1. 1. n s A One Stop Place For All Cleaning Equipments MAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING New Age Cleaning Solutions Importers & Suppliers Professional Cleaning Machines & Tools OUR PRODUCTS • Floor Cleaning & Polishing Machines • Car Exterior & Interior Cleaning Machines • Floor & Road Sweeping Machines • Sofa & Carpet Cleaning Machines • Professional & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners • Water Tank Cleaning Machines • High Pressure Washers • Plastic Dustbin & Crates • Housekeeping Tools & Chemicals • Lawn Mowers • PVC Floor Mats • Brush Cutters, Grass Cutters www. newage c IeaningsoI u ti ons. in Product Catalog
  2. 2. Auto Scrubber Dryer Floor Cleaning Machines Tilting Transmission Mechanism Design Sensor circuit board provided, to protect the motor, which stops the machine, when dirty water tank becomes full The water streak increases the small wheel which can adjust the height 0 0 N T"' 18Inch Brush NASD-SOC Pad Holder Anti Collision Wheel Compact design, integrated shell and handle, firm structure. Operation panel at a glance, convenient control simple operation. Sewage pump with sensor to protect motor. Clear and dirty water tanks large, so long hour working. With curved water squeezee, water absorption is more effective. Brush Plate equipped with preventive cover to prevent the sewage from overflowing. Technical Specifications: � iltDesign Model: NASD-1200 NASD-50-C Voltage & Frequency 220Volt/50HZ 220Volt/50HZ Water Sucker 755mm 755mm Brush Diameter 455mm 510mm Rolling Brush Motor 750Watt 750Watt Water Sucking Motor 1000Watt 1000Watt Brush Rotation Speed 148rpm 160rpm Cleaning Width 455mm 510mm Cleaning Rate 1660Sq m/hr 2750sq m/hr Brush Pressure 30Kg 30Kg Clean water Tank capacity 28L 40L Dirty Water Tank Capacity 31.3L 50L Cable Length 18m 18m Net Weight 75.6Kg 78Kg Gross Weight 98.5 Kg 103 Kg Size 965X 615X 1020mm 950X 625X 1240mm Ametek Motor
  3. 3. Ride On Auto Scrubber and Dryer NRASD- 55 B -- ,,-, . .. - , •• �h ,� ! -,- ; I 7 Humanized design, driving comfort, nimble high cleaning efficiency. Machines can be set up in automatic and manual modes of operation. High efficiency to clean thoroughly. Technical Specifications: Model: NRASD - 55B Voltage 24Volt DC Washing Brush Motor 550Watt Running Motor Power 300Watt Suction Motor Power 400Watt Working Widh 550mm Width of suction head 830mm Brush Dia 22inches (550mm) Washing Brush Speed 155rpm Washing Brush Pressure 30Kg Maximum Working Efficency 2750sq meter/hr Clean Water Tank 80Litre Dirty Water Tank 70Litre Working Time 4to 5hours Charge Time 8hours Net Weight 212Kg Speed 0 - 5Kmph Gradability 10degree The strong suction motor can synchronously pump the water. Super lower noise design. Can clean large areas per hour. NRASD-85 B NRASD - 85 B 36Volt DC 550Watt X 2 900Watt 560Watt 850mm 1150mm 17X 2 34inches 850mm 150rpm 60Kg 5100sq meter/hr 130Litre 125Litre 4to 5hours 8hours 590Kg 0-6Kmph 10degree
  4. 4. nacsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Multi-Functional Single Disc Floor Scrubber Polisher Designed with Super Double Capacitor and High Power. More Safer Operation and more power output provided. It has multiple functions such as carpet and floor cleaning, wax removing, low speed polishing, and crystalisation. .; , Technical Specifications: Model NSD 1154 Voltage & Frequency 220 Volt/SO HZ Power 1100 Watt Speed 154 RPM Brush Plate Diameter 17 inch Water Tank 8Litre Grass Weight 48 Kg Accessories CCL -::1:'.....-N I :::::IE • CL :g"-·C u, Cl) - z NSD 1175 220 Volt/SO HZ 1100 Watt 175 RPM 17 inch 8Litre 54 Kg Hard Brush Soft Carpet Brush Pad Holder NSD 13-13 Inch 1 HP 175 RPM J NSD 1554 NSD 13 220 Volt/SO HZ 220 Volt/SO HZ 1500 Watt 750 Watt 154 RPM 175 RPM 17 inch 13 inch 8L 8L 74 Kg 24.5 kKg Scrub Pads Diamond Pad
  5. 5. Professional & Industrial Vacuum Cleaners NAVC30 The stainless steel tank is strong and durable. With a powerful lower noise motor, the vacuum cleaner has a special strong suction. New style large wheel plate is stable and beautiful. A Complete set of accessories are supplied with the vacuum cleaner. Technical Specifications: Model NVAC-30 NVAC-60X2 NVAC-80X3 nacsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING NVAC60><2 & NVAC80X3 Voltage & Frequency 220Volt/SO HZ 220Volt/SO HZ 220Volt/SO HZ Powered by Heavy Duty Italian Motor with Copper Winding Function Wet & Dry Wet & Dry Wet & Dry Capacity 30Litre 60 Litre 80 Litre Power 1000Watt 2000Watt 3000Watt No. of Motors One Two Three Height 76Cm 90Cm 100Cm Tank Diameter 34.50Cm 44Cm 44Cm Mode of Cooling All Circulating Air Cooling Air Flow Rate 53L/S 106L/S 160L/s Vacuum Suction 230mbar 250mbar 250mbar Length of the cable 7m 8m 8m Hose Diameter 40mm 40mm 40mm Net Weight 12.8Kg 24.5Kg 27Kg
  6. 6. nacsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Professional Vacuum Cleaners Cleon the <Dr Hong on the wall @ ·: · b •·.V �yonback �] operate Cleon the roof & corner NVAC-BP-5 NVAC-15 5 L Backpack Vacuum Heavy Duty 15 L Wet & Dry Vacuum With Blower Professional & CommercialTechnical Specifications: Model Voltage & Frequency Function Capacity Power Mode of Cooling Air Flow Rate Vacuum Suction Length of the cable Cleon Congested Areas NVAC-BP-5 NVAC-BP-12 220Volt/SO HZ 220Volt/SO HZ Dry Dry 5Litre 12Litre 1000Watt 250Watt All Circulating Air Circulating >53L/S >53L/S >230mbar >160mbar 20m 20m Accessory Storage 00 NVAC-15 Professional Vocuum with Blower Cleon lniloors and Outdoors Optional Accessories Standard Accessories NVAC-15 220Volt/SO HZ Wet & Dry 15Litre 1000Watt Air Circulating >53L/S >230mbar 7m NVAC-BP-12 12 L Backpack Vacuum Medium Duty
  7. 7. nacsProfessional Upholstery Cleaners MAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING For Sofa, Carpet, Upholstery, Bed Mattresses & Car Interiors NUC-40 Spray Injection Suction Shampoo Vacuums High Suction Best Cleaning Model Function Capacity Voltage Power of Vacuum Motor Power of Water Pump Hand Scrubber Power/RPM Hand Scrubber Dia Shampoo Water Tank Dirty Water Tank Air Flow Suction Pressure NUC-20H NUC-20 NUC-20H, 40 & 20 Spray Injection Suction Shampoo Vacuum that sprays shampoo on upholstery, cleans it and sucks the dirty water by strong vacuuming NUC-3inl All in One Upholstery Cleaner • Foam Generator+ Scrubber+ Vacuum • It generates foam from shampoo • It has mini hand scrubber which cleans the upholstery with foam • It has strong Vacuum that sucks the dirty water, dry cleaning the upholstery. Technical Specifications: NUC-20-H NUC-40 NUC 3 in l NUC-20 All Machines for Sofa Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning 20Litre 40Litre 12Litre 7 Litre 220Volt 220Volt 220Volt 220Volt 1000watt 1000Watt 1045Watt 1000watt 34Watt 34Watt 45watt 34Watt NA NA 12Volt DC/200rpm NA NA NA 125mm NA l 0Litre 10Litre 16 Litre 4Litre 20Litre 40Litre 12Litre 6 Litre 53LPS 53LPS 53LPS 53LPS 230mbar 230mbar 230mbar 180mbar
  8. 8. nccsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Professional High Pressure Washers NPW11 -130 NPW11 -170 Protections: Thermal Protection from over heating. Voltage Protection from fluctuations. Auto Stop Function - Stops the machine when gun is released. Technical Specifications: • • Model: NPWll-170 Voltage & Frequency 220 Volt Power (KW/HP) 3 KW/4.5 HP RPM 1400 RPM Operating Pressure 170 BAR Max Pressure 200 BAR Water Flow 11 LPM Pressue Hose l0m Nozzles 0/15/25/40 noes NPW10-120 • NPWll-130 220 Volt 1.8 KW/2.5 HP 2800 RPM 100 BAR 130 BAR 11 LPM lOm 0/15/25/40 fl I Features: Brass Triplex Plunger Pump Ceramic Coated Pistons NSK Japan Bearings Italian Seals Auto Suck Function NPW9 -100 NPWl0-120 NPW9-100 220 Volt 220 Volt 1.8 KW/2.5 HP 1.8 KW/2.5 HP 2800 RPM 2800 RPM 100 BAR 70 BAR -IP.... 120 BAR 100 BAR 10 LPM 9 LPM 8m 8m 0/15/25/40 Vario
  9. 9. Ride On Sweepers It) N 'II"" I Cl) a: z The bilateral brushes and the main roller brush are under the control of an independent motor The cleaning filteration system with the dust proof automatic vibration mode. Traction motor is powerful With its three wheel chassis design and small turning radius, it can operate smoothly even in the small area. Technical Specifications: Model: NRSW2006 Weight 360kg Voltage 24Volt DC Running Speed 0-4.5 Kmph Gradability 10Degree Side Brush Motor 95Watt X2 Roll Brush Motor 600Watt Driving Motor 460W Brush Shaking Motor NA Power of Vacuum Motor 200Watt Clean Water Tank NA Dustbin capacity 38L Filter Surface 3m2 Battery 6Volt/250AHX4 Working Width 1000mm Side Brush Diameter 2X450mm Central Brush Diameter 500mm Maximum Working Efficiency 4500sq meter/hr NRSW-2006 NRSW-96 NRSW125 NRSW96 410Kg 380Kg 24Volt DC 24Volt DC 0-5 Kmph 0-5Kmph 10Degree 10Degree 90Watt x2 90Watt X2 600Watt 600Watt 400Watt 400Watt 80Watt 80Watt 400Watt 400Watt 12 L NA 90 L 85L 5m2 3m2 6Volt/250AHX4 6Volt/250AHX4 1250mm 1000mm 2 X 450mm 2 X 450mm 700mm 575mm 6250sq meter/hr 5000sq meter/hr
  10. 10. nccsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Walk Behind Sweepers • Beautiful Design with high strength • polythene crushed, it is safe durable and effective. • No petrol or electricity required, just push and it starts sweeping. • Works equal to ten men. • It is suitable for sweeping dust, cigarette butts, stone, screw, spikes and so on. NSWV-112 Manual Mechanical Sweeper Model: Voltage Roller Brush Width Side Brush Diameter Dustbin Capacity Roll Collection Machine Side Brush Motor Power of dust shaking motor Working Width NSWV-66 24Volt DC 500mm 350mm 40L 98Watt 400Watt 80Watt 700mm NSWV-66 Walk Behind Vacuum Sweeper • Battery operated. low noise, no emissions sweeping machine • Hand push & self-propelled machine which is convenient and labour saving • Strong vacuum sucks all the dust • It is suitable for sweeping dust, cigarette buts, stone, screw, spikes and so on • Super capacity and long use life Technical Specifications: NSWM-112 NA 650mm 350mm 30L NA NA NA 650mm Maximum Working Efficiency 2450sq meter/hr 2275sq meter/hr Battery 12 Volt - 85AH X 2 NA Charge Time 8Hours NA Working Time 3.5Hours NA
  11. 11. Washing & Cleaning Accessories • Tornado Gun Mini Hand Scrubber 1200 Watt, 300 - 1200 rpm Foam Gun Snow Foam Lance Car Under Chassis Cleaner nccsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Slurry Sucker UV Lamp 60 Watt 254 nm
  12. 12. nccsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Plastic Dustbins & Crates Industrial bin 1100/660 L ...J '00 Q) &t) - C:Q) ·- Q) .c .c: - 3: �C C: ai 'O Q) -C: :::, 0 :!!: Q) 0 a. Plastic Crates Q) g> ...J .c 0 ... -.:I' CV N (!) -0 'O N Q) ... - C:Q) ·- Q) m.c: 3: •• ...J 0 &t) C: :c-"':::, C cu'O Q) a. ..: ::: 0 N-0 ...C: :c-"':::, C ...J 0 0 :'!: 0 CD C: II) ::, C C) C: � 'O 0 0 • :c ...J C: 0 Q) 0 0.""" oo C: co :c 0- &t) "':::, C • ...J C: 0 :c &t) --u, CV :::, -�C 'O - Q) CV :i!: 'O I l .2 m ••• •••• • Made of 100% Pure virgin HOPE/ PP material • DIN - EN - 840 International quality cirtification • Reinforced lid and wheel for long life • UV stablised • Crack and heat resistant • Ergonomic Design for comfortable use.
  13. 13. noesMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Wet Mop Litter Picker Mop Wringer /Trolley 20-L f r ... 'u 45 L Three Buckets - �.,.._.. v Mop Wringer Trolley House Keeping Floor Brush Janitor Cart 'ii > 0 .c Cl) Cl) 0) as.0 as C) Dry Mop Lobby Mop Plastic Squeegee Color Coded Sticks & Clips Mop Wringer Trolley 60 LDouble Bucket-SS Guest Room Trolley
  14. 14. nacsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Caddy Busket Spray Bottle Holding Clip .,,. ....,. ....�" � _.-,u:Ql.ii"'• ---- -- -- #--�-1 .:� - -glass-cleaning-kit 500x500 Glass Cleaner House Keeping Lt CAU710N i,er FLOOR Caution Cteaning in Progress Caution Board Cleaning Doosdles Cleaning Pads Microfiber Cloth Combi Glass Wiper Glass Cleaner Tescopic Pole Cob Web Brush
  15. 15. Cleaning Chemicals nacsMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Trends T1 Trends T6 Tc Trends Mirage-90 Trends HSC T2 Trends T7 All Purpose All purpose Car Cleaner Trends CSF Carpet Cleaner Trends T3 GC Trends T4 Trends T9 SLR SS Polish Trends TS Air Freshner Trends Mirage 91 Marble Floor Maintainer Car Cleaner Degreaser Car Shampoo Car Shiner Trends CSP Carpet Upholstery Stain Remover Trends Hand Wash
  16. 16. noesMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING Washroom Accessories I ,�j C Fold Dispensee .C) ..·ti!� Hair Dryer Manual Soap Dispenser Double ..G) enC G) Q. en Q. ca 0 u, Tissue Paper C M Fold Dispensee 0 £L.3 �o � Hand Dryer Manual Soap Dispenser Double • Soap Dispenser Tissue Paper QClCS u, = c @ 0 Q) a::: Q. 0 .!!? I .c 0 E a, ::II ::II -, u, u, noes ® SSJumbo Roll Dispenser Tissue Dispenser Tissue Paper
  17. 17. noesMAKE YOUR PLACE SPARKLING New Age Cleaning Solutions Importers Suppliers & Retailers Premium Quality - Economical Prices Contact Us P-10,Taratala Road (Near BOC) Kolkata - 700088 Phone:033-65001052,9230068081 Our Partners: liDlliiSINCE 1975 All India Home Delivery by Reliable Logistics, Roadways- Railways- By Air