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Automatic nozzle cleaner


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We can provide the automatic nozzle cleaner .

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Automatic nozzle cleaner

  1. 1. Automatic Nozzle cleaner
  2. 2. To customize various types of nozzle tray to meet the cleaning of different types of machine nozzle Specially backlight, adjustable backlight brightness, these corresponds to different nozzle unique design of mechanical positioning clamping seat , each rotation corresponds to each nozzle’s position, which makes it convenient to position it while checking the nozzle and reduce numerous position by manual operation Confirming the nozzle status after cleaning it is a very important work. The microscope from our company can clearly observe the blocking status inside the internal nozzle by opening the backlight from the rear part of the nozzle. Through directly mounting the tray for cleaning, it can easily be inspected. Optical zoom + physical zoom can achieve an enlargement of 320 times. Tray Base light source Microscope
  3. 3. Tiny water mist particle Press it continuously to fragment water in order to p r o d u c e w a t e r m i s t particle approximately 3-10um , which can clean the dirt in the aperture wall o f a s m a l l n o z z l e . High Pressure Water Jet Technology Pulse kinetic energy field A s t r o n g p u l s e k i n e t i c energy formed at sonic velocity (V=360m/s) is sprayed on the suction nozzle so that a continuous energy field comes into being above the suction nozzle to be cleaned and smash the surface and internal dirt to achieve the c l e a n o u t p u r p o s e .
  4. 4. Equipmen t size L× W×H (mm) 505 ×570 ×500 Equipmen t weight quality 70KG Cleaning liquor Cleaning liquor type Industrial purify water consumption ≤400CC/H Liquid used Air source Compressed air Pressure range 0.5 -0.6Mpa(While cleaning) Jet pressure ≤0.4Mpa Air consumption 280NL/min.or less Power Voltage AC200-240V Rated power consumption Max. 200W Suction nozzle tray Specification Default 24 positions Object to be cleaned Mounting nozzle 01005-2125 S-U24 Ultra- sonic cleaning Inject liquor+air blowing Fine needle poke Cleaning result ◎ △ △ △ Cleaning liquid Industrial purify water Chemical liquor Chemical liquor No Smell No Yes Yes No Operational environment ◎ X X X Environmental countermeasu re ◎ X X ◎ Tiny Suction Nozzle ◎ X X X Black Coating layer protected W/O △ △ Reflection plate protected W/O △ △ Two- dimension code protected W/O △ △ Cleaning Quality With guarantee w/o guarantee w/o guarantee w/o guarantee
  5. 5. Before cleaning A B C D After cleaning Suction nozzle cleaning machine Cleaning before and after comparison
  6. 6. A B C D Suction nozzle cleaning machine Cleaning before and after comparison After cleaning Before cleaning
  7. 7. In the process of SMT, the suction nozzle is quite easily adhered with solder paste or dirt etc. If maintenance has not been done for a long time or the cleaning i s n o t t h o r o u g h e n o u g h w h i l e maintaining it, the paste and dirt will be hardened so as to increase the difficulty of cleaning, even it will result in blockage and scraps after long-time accumulation. It practically proves that the S- U 2 4 c l e a n i n g m a c h i n e c a n effectively deal with inflexible solder paste and thoroughly clean the suction nozzle with complex structure.
  8. 8. Increase SMT quality reduce labor cost reduce parts cost increase productivity •Increase the mounter's adsorption force and mount rate and realizes the improvements of mount quality. •reduce the clibration times of PCBs 。 •It can use much shorter time to clean suction nozzle compared to the previous one. •Reduce the falling-off chips •Full auto cleaning,which guarantees the cleaning degree and reduce the scraps of suction nozzle. •Can shorten the maintenace time of production line •Can reduce the abnormal standby time due to suction nozzle。 •Can make more products Solve problems Create more profits for customers •After using cleaning machine, the discarded material rate of the current customers decreases 20-30%( each company has some difference due to company equipments, feeders,workers, maintenace status of suction nozzles. •L e t ' s t a k e 9 6 p c s s u c t i o n n o z z l e s a s e x a m p l e : m a n u a l cleaning needs 1 hour, suction nozzle machine just needs 20 minutes. After using the suction nozzle machine, it can reduce 1-2 workers, which can save a cost of 36-80 thousand. •The discarded materials or bumping scraps due to the abnormality of suction nozzle, if calculated by 1% as the scraps rate, the cost for purchasing suction nozzles within one year is also quite considerable. •Single line's online maintenance takes 1 hour as example, after using suction nozzle cleaning machine, it can be shortened to 30 minutes. If it is maintained once a week or two weeks, each single line can save 12-24 hours of maintnance each year used for production.
  9. 9. Approx. 460pcs/H Approx. 70pcs/H Approx. 160-250pcs/H Approx. 90-102pcs/H Manual cleaning efficiency: It can only clean one nozzle, firstly manually inject alcohol, then blow, after that , rub the reflective plate, all these procedures needs around 35-40 (seconds). Thus with 1 hour, we may clean 3600 ÷35=102pcs/3600 ÷40=90pcs,one person within one hour can clean approximately 90-102pcs nozzles. Ultra-sonic cleaning efficiency: Each cleaning can put multiple nozzles ( depends on the size of ultra-sonic wave ) , after cleaning 3 minutes, manually hold the nozzle to blow dry, then rub the reflective plate. If calculated according to 24pcs of nozzle for each cleaning, then the cleaning time of each nozzle is : 7.5seconds, blowing and rubbing need 10-15 seconds, then with 1 hour, we may clean 3600 ÷(7.5+10)=205pcs/ 3600 ÷(7.5+15)=160pcs, thus one within one hour can clean approximately 160-205pcs nozzles. S-U24 Traditional manual cleaning Normal suction nozzle cleaning machine Ultra-sonic cleaning S-U24 cleaning efficiency:each cleaning can clean 24pcs nozzles, total cleaning time is 3 minutes, the average cleaning time of each nozzle is: 7.5 seconds. Thus each one hour(3600S) can clean 20 times, minus the approximate time of 15 seconds for changing trays , one person within 1 hour can clean(3600-20×7.5)÷7.5= 460pcs of nozzles. If 1pc SMT mounting machine is maintained for 96pcs of nozzles , then the maintenance of suction nozzles can be shortened to be finished within 15 minutes, futher more the cleaning degree of suction nozzles can not be guaranteed.
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