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Primtings - A Museum of 3d "Primmed Paintings": An Overview


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Overview presentation debuting at SLCC 2009 of Primtings Museum. Covers idea and inspiration behind Primtings, its origins, mission and infrastructure, venues overview with ample photography, and contributing artist listing as of August 2009. With some early floorplans c/o Dekka Raymaker

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Primtings - A Museum of 3d "Primmed Paintings": An Overview

  1. 1. A Museum of 3d “Primmed” Paintings An Overview
  2. 2.  Primtings Museum is a “primmed paintings” gallery.  “We are a museum dedicated to the interactive exploration of famous paintings and artwork brought to virtual life via 3d prims and other techniques.”  Origins  Founded & Created by Ina Centaur in 2008  Exhibits contributed by dozens of SL artists. (Some of whom you’d meet @ the Q&A)  Presentation Outline  Architecture & Infrastructure  Functional Aesthetics of a Virtual Museum  Mission & Purpose  Tour  Outreach  Q&A with Virtually Present Artists!
  3. 3.  Virtual World Functional Efficiency  <500 prims including interior & all signage  Strategic usage of Megaprims to create foundation  Sculpted Prims add additional prim-saving detail  Style  Elegance with flair.  Conveyance of institute, yet low-key.  Varied structure for different sculptures.  Realism with a hint of perpetual sunny days. (Hey, we’re in SL!) >>
  4. 4.  To explore how famous pieces in traditional art can take on a virtual form, in the most direct way—by direct adaption and interpretation, from a number of different SL artists.  To utilize the 3d/interactive element of a virtual world in the creation of an art gallery of old and famous artwork in a new form.  “The role of art is to make a world which can be inhabited.” —William Saroyan  Ultimately, to create worlds “composed” of paintings, so that you might be able to “live” inside one. Or, at least to walk into one…
  5. 5.  Designed to “feel” like an RL museum, where visitors can explore and “stumble upon” an exhibit—but, also with some SL perks:  Each primting has a direct TP LM, with identifying picture.  Some primtings are listed in Search.  Primtings Maps allow for instant TP to location.  Primtings TP Wall has a directory of all primtings, organized by Movement.  Signage Accompanying Each Exhibit:  Guide Sign summarizes details  SL Artist Name  RL Artist Name  Painting Name  Movement (Color-Coded)  Primtings Serial Number  Portrait of 2D/RL “painting”  Artist’s Statement expounds on SL interpretation  has a web directory of all primtings, with photo previews and further contextual information.
  6. 6.  Location Segmented into “Venues” (Alphabetical)  Primtings Alcove  Primtings Anteroom  Primtings Atrium  Primtings Campus  Primtings Corridor  Primtings Mezzanine  Primtings Microcosm  Primtings Observatory  Primtings Stacks  Entrances  Primtings North Entrance  Primtings South Entrance >>
  7. 7.  Galleries (Named by Movement, Non-Locational)  Bauhaus  Post-Modernism  Contemporary  Neoclassicism  Cubist  Op-Art  Dada  Pop Art  Impressionism  Realism  Post-Impressionism  Suprematism  Modernism  Surrealism  @ Primtings Mezzanine or
  8. 8.  Primtings is a sim-sized museum.  Primtings is staffed by volunteers, but mostly just IC.  Primtings is one of Ina Centaur’s (secretly) favorite pet projects. Like all of her endeavors on SL, it receives no external funding, other than from herself.  Funding/support, however, is always welcome!
  9. 9.  Open Submission  Primtings has a permanent “Call for Artists” bulletin available to prospective prim’ed paintings artists.  25% Acceptance Rate – but Primtings II might come, soon. Funding?  Word of Mouth  We don’t press artists to help publicize, though they’re welcome to.  No active attempts of publicity other than word of mouth!  If you like us, tell a friend (or two, or twenty)!
  10. 10.  AM Radio  Paula Dix  Blue Tsuki  Shellina Winkler  Bryn Oh  Solkide Auer  Cel Edman  Tezcatlipoca Bisiani  Dekka Raymaker  Ub Yifu  Eshi Otawara  Voodoo Shilton  Gatz Morang  Wizard Gynoid  Ina Centaur  Wyatt Wellman  Kacy Despres  Zephyru Zapedzki