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Branding For A Cause - The Creation of the Ina Centaur SL Shakespeare Company


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Ina Centaur presents the motive behind the art and creation of the SL Shakespeare Company, the premier professional virtual theatre production troupe.

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Branding For A Cause - The Creation of the Ina Centaur SL Shakespeare Company

  1. 1. BRIEFLY, ON THE BRAND (FOR THE INITIATES…)  Ina Centaur SL Shakespeare Company (SLSC)  A look that brings RL standards to SL graphics  Historical Architecture sets the scene…  Technologically innovating  (More @ Saturday @ 10 AM EdTrack presentation “Shakespeare’s Virtual Theatre” [along with Primtings, sLiterary])  Quality, the magical dazzling experience, above all.  “Cost no matter.” (Or Phil Henslowe’s £50,000 coat)  “What Second Life Can Be.” Working motto of sLiterary, Inc. fiscal sponsor  The amazing thing is that despite all that we have done, the SLSC has received no external funding at all.  SLSC’s secret crutch is… Ina Centaur
  2. 2. WHO IS INA CENTAUR?  RL  Creatively: Independent artist and scholar – with a tendency towards seclusion…  Affiliation: Executive director of sLiterary, Inc. – NPO dedicated to furthering the arts in virtual worlds  SL (Limiting to just 3 things, though the list can go on for a bit!)  Artistic Director, Ina Centaur SL Shakespeare Company  Curator & Autocrat, Primtings Museum  CEO & Designer, “Ina Centaur”  Ina Centaur Architecture (IC-Arc)  IC-Skins/  (_AR Another Realism, _SR Splendid Realism, Movie Skins, Mei, .:RIO:.)  IC-Fashions/iCouture  IC-Gadgets/IC Labs  IC-Hair/Baskin Bobbins
  3. 3. Background: “Before” Ina Centaur  Founded an int’l web design company and .com as a teenager.  Early exposure to enterprise infrastructure design  Early exposure to working with creatives and clients long-distance, across international borders  Fluent knowledge of various web, virtual world, and graphics development tools and languages.  Legacy  Learned how to program in QBASIC @ age 12  Subsequently, learned VB, C++, etc.  Web dev – PHP/MySQL, Perl, *nix server, etc.  Learned Photoshop, 3ds, and other graphics software @ age 13  Beyond management—ability to create  Working understanding of perspective of the creator  Academic background:  Bioengineering, Physics & Philosophy @ UCSD 2002-2006  Also, course affiliations with UC Berkeley & Stanford University  Adjunct Prof @ various online universities
  4. 4. Image – RL/SL Duality  Started her SL career as “Ina Centaur” looking like “herself” in RL  Ina Centaur, the “Legend”  “Naturally” creates enterprises. (Likely retired.)  Tends towards a cultural poise associated with someone old.  Has a passion for Shakespeare and the arts. (Likely WASP.)  Entertained the belief of others, unwittingly accepted legend, and then became the venerable and WASP avatar now known as Ina Centaur.
  5. 5. Funding Her Baby – SL Shakespeare Co.  SL Shakespeare Company – Resident-funded/supported endeavor.  We believe in establishing a new field of virtual theatre, by presenting memorable shows of unprecedented quality.  >L$1,000,000 endowment from Ina Centaur per production  4-sim theatre  Funding from Creative Enterprises  Monetary:  Ina Centaur Architecture and IC-Skins contributed the ~US$10,000 (L$3,500,000) required to purchase 4 island sims from Linden Lab in Feb 2008.  All Ina Centaur Enterprises endeavors go towards funding the SL Shakespeare Company and its four island sims.  Creatively:  Ina Centaur Architecture created the theatres and buildings of virtual Shakespeare  IC-Skins/ create photorealistic actor skins and some costumes, and for sale exclusively at SL Globe Theatre Gift Shop
  6. 6. Notable “Brand-Worthy” Fundraisers  Autumn 2007: sLiterary/FFRC Ball & Date Auction  L$74,564 (50% of fundraiser total) raised to help fund sLiterary NPO fees.  Three hours, Halloween Ball with SL Celebrity date auction.  Winter 2007: Winter 2008 Campaign (On-Going)  L$319,500 (as of Aug 10, 2009) raised in our SL analogue of RL professional theatre sponsorship booklet with various funding tiers and benefits   Summer 2008: HOSTAGE! (a.k.a. Viva Shakespeare, Ongoing)  On July 20, 2008 - Caged SL Shakespeare actors and the SL Globe Theatre were put on hostage in a special post-modern setting to launch the Viva Shakespeare 14-Pillars Campaign  L$258,379 (as of Aug 10, 2009 – L$234,199 @ event)  Winter 2008: SOS Campaign – Ongoing  Galvanized significant SL public support for the public sims (the 4-sims of the SL Globe Theatre, Primtings, Shakespeare, and sLiterary) in the arts.  L$1,472,737 (as of Aug 10, 2009), funds 2009 tier for 3 sims   Spring 2009: Inachi’s Nyotaimori I  March 21, 2009 - Raised L$70,930 by selling prim sushi by-the-piece off SL Celebrity Codie’s avatar body 
  7. 7. Why So Much Effort for Something So Temporal?  Theatre, by nature is temporal, like SL.  A play shows change on stage; SL is all about change.  Tier; the necessity of redesigning; the evolving platform itself  Philosophically, the ultimate artform to represent the metaverse.  So,let’s make our implementation dazzling and unprecedented.  Obviously, I really believe in it!
  8. 8. Why Virtual Theatre on SL?  Family vs Career in Theatre  A Harrowing Personal Story—my smalltown actress friend who lost herself trying to make it in the big city.  Lesser extreme—others who are forced to leave their families for theatre.  Live entertainment without boundaries  Got Internet? No geographical boundaries.  Got Voice? No physical discrimination.  Revive the Bard!  Not just puppetry—but in an immersive and interactive virtual world  Environmental Reasons!  Because I believe in creating worlds whose aesthetics and ontology I can control and effect, and if RL theatre is considered a microcosm, then SL theatre is the ultimate microcosm.