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Module 7


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Module 7

  1. 1. Elements and Principals of Art By Adria Asher, Ambra Whitehurst, & Kristin Rosario
  2. 2. Elements of Art• Line• Color• Shape• Value• Form• Space• Texture
  3. 3. Line• Is a mark that moves between two points.
  4. 4. Color• Is the use of a hue in a piece of artwork.
  5. 5. Value• Is the tone of a color.
  6. 6. Shape• Is the area of two dimensional that is defined by an edge or a line.
  7. 7. Form• Is created when you form two or more shapes into a three dimensional shape.
  8. 8. Space• Is the area between two objects.
  9. 9. Texture• Is the way a surface feels or looks on a piece of artwork.
  10. 10. Principles of Art• Movement• Unity• Harmony• Variety• Balance• Contrast• Proportions• Pattern/Rhythm
  11. 11. Movement• Shows actions and allows your eye to follow through out the piece of artwork.
  12. 12. Unity• Is the concept behind the artwork.
  13. 13. Harmony• Is achieved by using the same elements repeatedly through out a piece of artwork.
  14. 14. Balance• Is the arrangement of elements in the artwork so that one does not over power the other.
  15. 15. Contrast• Is used by using the elements of the artwork in a ways in which they do not conflict with each other.
  16. 16. Proportion• Is the measurement and size of the elements used in a piece of artwork.
  17. 17. Pattern/Rhythm• Is the use of repeated elements in a piece of artwork.