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Challenge yourself and others

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  • Hello, my name is Ilia and these are Ivan and Emil6 Years ago we established Completit – a company providing software development, consultation and training services. We are also founders of a technical community web site with about 200k monthly visitors.The reason to be here is our latest project Deed. So, what is Deed indeed?
  • Here are two storiesEmil wants to walk 800 km on footandAcme corporation wants engage better with their communityDo you know what do they have in common?They both are facing a challenge!They both aredoing something new.
  • But what choices do we have when we face a challenge?We can take it or leave it. Right?We do not know which is the right choice. The only think we now is that when we take a challenge we are ready to act!And action leads to change…That’s why we created Deed!
  • What problem Deed solves?
  • To encourage action, form community of people that support each other and thus make the challenges much more fun.
  • What are our core values?In Deed you shape any activity as a challenge – contests, adventures, even routine tasks become much more tempting.But our focus is on real life actions.Challenges are easy to take and share thus may go viral.Deed is where you are: on your mobile, Facebook or your web site.
  • Ok, let’s see how deed works
  • In Deed in you can either Challenge or BE ChallengedTo challenge someone you pick a challenge or create a new oneSend it to a friendThen follow how he is doing and give him supportIf YOU are challenged, you eventually accept it, post your progressand complete it when you are ready by either commenting, posting a photo or video- While transitioning – let’s see two examples
  • I created this challenge to walk 800km for 33days and inspired others to take it
  • And one DID IT with me
  • ACME corporation offers $500 and challenges the community to find a solution to a technical problem
  • And that’s what happens – people win, Acme have a well working product and more fans
  • Advanced business features – statistics, analyticsSponsored challengesPromoted/Featured challengesDedicated FB appsContext advertisement
  • What we have now is a web site and a mobile appWe successfully validated our concept with two casesStaff motivation for CompletIT with professional coachCommunity engagement for technical conference in Belgium - 41 completions out of 500 attendees (8.2%) conversation rate
  • What’s next?This month we are going to prove our concept with 3 more companies:Telerik, Nemetshcek and MelonThey already liked the product and are ready to give it a try.
  • Here are some of the competitorsWhat makes us different is thatwe build Deed as a platformand advanced business features – privacy control, channels, ScvngrGameMakiMeYouHeatlhKlash
  • Ok, Why Deed?Because it’s a way to engage active and creative people.Has broad personal and business usage – self improvement, marketing, crowd sourcing, fun, adventure, etc.We are a professional team with more than 10 years experience
  • Thank you guys, are you ready for challenges now?
  • Deed

    1. 1. deed challenge yourself and others
    2. 2. DEEDstories Emil walk 800km on footCHALLENGE Acme Corp. engage their community
    3. 3. DEEDnew challenge Take or Leave (Yes) (No)Action leads to change
    4. 4. DEEDproblem to solve Convert passive people to active people Convert people that to people that do
    5. 5. DEEDmotivation Encourage action Form a community that gives and gets supportMake challenges fun
    6. 6. DEEDvalue propositions Personal and business challenges Real life impact Complete challenges from anywhere
    7. 7. how it works sample usage
    8. 8. HOW DEED WORKS
    9. 9. HOW DEED WORKSwalk 800km on footEl Caminode Santiago
    10. 10. HOW DEED WORKSfix a bug and winHelp ussolve theissue andwin $500
    11. 11. DEEDmonetization Advanced business features Sponsored challenges Contextual advertisement
    12. 12. DEEDpresent Web site, mobile app and APICompletIT coaching – staff motivationBelgium community day – 41 completions outof 500 attendees (8.2%)
    13. 13. DEEDwhat’s nextProof of concept with community engagement 800K members staff motivation, coaching 130+ employees staff motivation, coaching 100+ employees
    14. 14. DEEDcompetitors
    15. 15. why deed Engage Self improvement, Marketing, Fun Experienced team
    16. 16. are you ready forchallenges? thank you!
    17. 17. Q&AWWW.IDEEDIT.COM
    18. 18. What if FB makes challenges?- People prefer dedicated solutions- More flexible and targeted functionality- Integration with all social networks, not just one