Singapore User Group 10/2012


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Relaunch of Singapore User Group, Tour of the Community, Dreamforce 2012 Highlights & More.

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  • Why is the Cloud Community #AWESOME?Salesforce usersmeeting like-minded peopleexercising your professional networkhelping to shape your career progressionEmployersRecruit and retain key talentPartnersHighlighting solutions or services to a highly-qualified audienceUG Leaders attending? InvitesRegional GroupsHelping
  • In Florida….we have an annual I know in the mid-west, there is a similar event, but your user group is crafted by you , for you. If you have a great idea, let your leader know if you haven’t joined….Boston has a HUGE users group with hundreds of attendees. OTHER Ugs have just a few people. Remember. I found my best hire ever in a UG meeting with less than 15 people. It was a life changer and gave my team the momentum it needed to succeed.
  • These meetings are a great way to: connect with other users, hone your chops, meet your next employee, find your next gig, ask that question you have about that feature or tactic you're dying to use....Pretty powerful stuff!
  • Good afternoon and welcome to our session Getting to Know the Community
  • Can’t say enough about how AWESOME this resource is…transparency, content, training, ideas, answers, community, and user groups all. In. one. Place. #AMAZING
  • For the communtiy, by the community
  • To join or find a user group near you, follow the link – thanks for hearing me out!
  • Person with most friends in attendanceTwo Random Winners
  • Recap the Keynote Message and Highlights of the EventSalesforce Touch – YESChatter for Communities and Partner Portal - DEMOChatterbox
  • What an incredible story and a great example of connecting employees, connecting customers, partners and products in incredible new ways.Personally, I love flying Virgin. They do an amazing job to make sure I have an incredible experience. And one of the ways they do that is that they're leveraging Chatter. They're leveraging Chatter to collaborate amongst those employees, to figure out how to create that fun experience that you saw in the video.
  • Singapore User Group 10/2012

    1. 1. Singapore Salesforce User GroupThursday, October 11th, 2012Welcome! We’re glad you could make it, please register, pickup your name badgeand fell free to mingle and enjoy refreshments provided by Salesforce before webegin.
    2. 2. WelcomeGary Luton, VP Customers for LifeKevin Wee, Principal Customer Success ManagerJoshua Hoskins, Organizer
    3. 3. Introductions• First Name• # of years using Salesforce• Favorite Feature• Most Recent Challenge with Salesforce
    4. 4. Joshua Hoskins (@jhoskins) Community Advocate for SUCCESS! Active in Salesforce Ecosystem since 2006  Blog Process Engineering Implementation/Solution Delivery Data & Integrations Architect  Cast Iron, Jitterbit, Dataloader User Group Leader since 2009 (Orlando, Florida)  Produced “Dreamforce To You!” 3 Years in a Row! Contributed Salesforce Expertise to several Non-Profits Organizations4
    5. 5. I’m here, now what? -- Agenda • User Group Overview • Community Tour • SWAG Winners • #DF12 Highlights by • Housekeeping • What’s Next?
    6. 6. User Groups Vision Build an enthusiastic local community group that enables members to be more successful with Objectives  Success – provide a forum for members to exchange ideas, best practices, and lessons learned using  Flexibility – develop a meeting structure that allows for flexibility, changing member needs, and maturity level  Quality - ensure that the content being delivered reflects the needs of a majority of the members based on registration feedback For the Community, by the Community!
    7. 7. The Big Picture • 120+ User Groups • >32K Active Members • 300+ Meetings • For Community, by WE. Community • Users, Administrators, Developers, Non-Profits, Dreamers • Cost = ZERO! (#Like) #askforce
    8. 8. Why? – 3 years leaves something to be desired…
    9. 9. Salesforce User Groups: Get Creative!• Dreamforce to YOU – Florida ( • Annual State-Wide User Group Meeting • Full day of content, community • Surveys build the sessions • Orlando, Tampa, Jacksonville, Miami• Guest #RockStar Community speakers• Winning Moments: Tickets to #DF12!• For YOU, by YOU = YOUR vision.
    10. 10. We hear you!Most Wanted Topics 1. User Adoption 2. Sales Cloud 3. Service Cloud 4. Reporting & Dashboards
    11. 11. We hear you!• 75% New Members• Diverse Job Levels• Diverse Company Sizes• Large IT Population
    12. 12. Salesforce User Groups: What’s in it for YOU?Great way to: • Connect with other users • Grow your skills • Stay „In The Know‟ • Meet your next employee • Land your next gig • Ask about the feature or tactic you‟re dying to use • Explore solutions and services within the eco system.
    13. 13. Getting to Know the Community aka #GTKTC
    14. 14. It All Starts With Success.
    15. 15. It All Starts With Success• Learning Center • Answers • New Release & • Rockstars available! Feature Training • Don‟t have to go it • Best Practices alone • Tip Sheets • Thousands of answers!
    16. 16. It All Starts With Success• Ideas • Salesforce Blogs • You Ask for It, You • Company (May) Get It! • Product • Monitored By • Strategy Salesforce [#T3C] • Community • Your Votes Count • Developer • See “Coming Soon” & • Mobile! Delivered Ideas
    17. 17. What About Facebook? And Twitter?• Facebook [] • Features, Tips by Cloud / Product • News, Events, Feedback• Twitter [] • • Community Hashtags: • #askforce • #df12 • #GTKTC
    18. 18. About #askforce Over 1,100 Posts in 30 days world-wide
    19. 19. Community Matters
    20. 20. Demand for Skilled Volunteering = UNMETNONee d 79% of nonprofits have an unmet Need skilled volunteers (but don’t have enough demand for help) skilled volunteers ENOUGH skilled volunteers
    21. 21. Salesforce User Groups CAN Give Back!GoalGather Prospect & Experienced, Developers,Administrators and/or Creative, Open Minded Community ParticipantsIndividuals willing to assist in accelerating the adoption • New Developersof local organizations facing challenges getting the most • Business Academy Studentsout of Salesforce technology and tools extended to them • Experienced Usersby the Salesforce Foundation. • Non Profit OrganizationsPurposeThe initial steps to on-boarding new processes can be daunting to anyone who has very Idea In Incubation….little experience with SFDC or process in general. So howdo we leverage the local Singapore community to enable Who’s Interestedless experienced individuals and organizations to besuccessful in a short amount of time. Simple - Agile ?Planning, Thought Partnership and Agile Execution.
    22. 22. With “Community”…Connect. Collaborate. Grow.Bring Good Karma.
    23. 23. SWAG Giveaway = #Like!
    24. 24. Dreamforce ‘12 HighlightsKevin Wee, Principal Customer Success MangerMicah Joel, Principal Sales Engineer
    25. 25. Dreamforce „12 – Simply Amazing! Over 92,000 registrations – 100% YOY growth 14 keynotes 800+ breakout sessions The Red Hot Chili Peppers Dreamforce Plaza In 1975 famed rock producer, John Hammond, watched an act in a small NYC night club and professed. "Ive seen the future of Rock-n-Roll, and its name is Bruce Springsteen." Last week, I went to Dreamforce, for my first time, and profess, "I have seen the present and the future of business excellence, and its name is Salesforce". --- Dale Tompkins, President Code3
    26. 26. Three days packed with powerful keynotes! Marc Benioff and special 9 product keynotes, Fireside chat featuring guests – Business is Social featuring speakers from Virgin founder Sir Nissan, Wells Fargo, Richard Branson Unilever, GE, and more!Leadership keynote with 2 health keynotes The Power to BreakthroughGeneral Colin Powell & featuring Dr. Larry Brilliant keynote with Tony RobbinsGE CEO Jeff Immelt and Dr. Dean Ornish
    27. 27. Business is Social Your Customer
    28. 28. Have You Transformed the Way You Sell? Sell: Your Customer Access Everything on Mobile Devices Collaborate on Deals Create Social Customer Profiles Grow Sales
    29. 29. Have You Transformed the Way You Service? Your Customer Service: Connect to Customers on Twitter, Facebook - Every Channel Respond Immediately to Customers Connect Service Experiences Across Channels Delight Your Customers
    30. 30. Have You Transformed the Way You Market? Your Customer Market: Listen and Engage Customers on Social Media Publish and Advertise with Social Campaigns Grow Campaign ROI
    31. 31. Have You Transformed the Way You Collaborate? Collaborate: Collaborate With Customers, Partners, & Employees Create Branded Communities Share Posts, Files, & Feeds Less Email, Fewer Meetings Your Customer
    32. 32. Have You Transformed the Way You Work? Your Customer Work: Align with Social Objectives Motivate with Social Rewards Improve Employee Performance
    33. 33. Have You Transformed the Way You Innovate? Your Customer Innovate: Build Social & Mobile Apps Make Your Products Social Engage Customers in New Ways
    34. 34. Success Across Every Major Metric Your Customer +32% +29% Sales Productivity Innovation +34% +34% Customer Employee Satisfaction Satisfaction +37% +31% Campaign Employee Effectiveness Productivity Source: 2012 Third-party survey of 5,500 customers
    35. 35. Virgin America Makes Travel More Social Best Domestic Airline for 5 Consecutive . animate. Years in Travel and Leisure $1 Billion Airline Launched in 2007 2,500+ Employees
    36. 36. Virgin America is Social Social Guest Profile Employee Social Recognition Media Social & Mobile Collaboration IFE Apps Activate 2.0 Marketing & Loyalty Social Social Call Teammates Center Corporate Reservations Guest Sales Chat Service
    37. 37. Product Announcements
    38. 38. Touch
    39. 39. Chatterbox
    40. 40. Marketing Cloud
    41. 41. Service Cloud
    42. 42. Communities
    43. 43.
    44. 44. Canvas
    45. 45. Dreamforce content now available Content includes Marc keynote, Product Keynotes, Sir Richard Branson, General Colin Powell & Jeff Immelt, Dr. Dean Ornish, Dr. Larry Brilliant, and hundreds of breakout sessions
    46. 46. Dreamforce „13 Website: